Trying to get elite on Abe


The grenade part I got covered, head damage also… but what’s going up really slowly is marking the boss from 60 feet away. Any tips to get this done fast? Best I could think of was mark it, then use the distance on the marker to know the range. But there’s usually much more important things to do other than spam tags on the mob. Like slowing it down or trapping it or hell even shooting at it.


I suggest fighting Kraken on Dam; that map is pretty open and I found that having Cabot, so that he can dust tag a general area to find the monster and flush him out. I got at least 1-3 darts per game using this method; but, I chances are just playing the game regularly will get you that with time, no need to rush.


If you’re really having issues and are well overdue already for elite, with only this holding you up, always remember you can still get unlocks with custom games. AICactus has it correct for the best Monster to be up against when trying to get hits, he’s generally pretty slow, and Dam is a nice open level where you can see over a distance. Well, and if REALLY desperate and frustrated you could additionally make the balance in Hunters’ Favor so you could just get to range and do it. I had half of everything knocked out from the Companion App so I found my Trapper unlocks to stay pretty evenly on pace but like I said, if you’ve put in the time and done work and it just hasn’t clicked I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting it and moving on to something else. :slight_smile:


The fastest way seems to be Defend games on colonial water & power, all 3 sections have HUGE straightaways that make it very easy to see the monster coming. I went from 3/30 to getting his elite skin earlier today from this map, I got 9 shots off in one of the games during my best run.

I wouldn’t feel bad about going solo for this either, I think it encourages a pretty bad abe playstyle. It doesn’t add to it if the mark is already set which means it needs to be naked long ranged shots. Marking before shooting is a good strategy so you can make sure it’s far back enough.


I got mine already and its very crappy, best way to get is by creating a custom game and have an invited friend be the monster, have him stand on top of a rock or bulding and shoot him. Also once you hit it you have to wait until the target wears off, it wont count if you spam shoot.


oh that sucks, none of my friends play this, although I’m 9/30 thus far, guess I’m getting there… how does the skin look?