Trying to bring evolve back


I love this game. But in order to get people to want to play it again, YOU HAVE TO LOWER THE DLC PRICES. I want people to play this game but even I can’t pay that much for all of the DLC. Yes I know the DLC isn’t necessary I get that. However you also need to put more things as unlockables and challenges. People need a goal to reach for, not needing to have a bunch of money to get anything new. Please, I want this game to be a big deal!

How to bring back the game/Community

TRS isn’t incharge of DLC prices, 2K is.


We got community challenges and tournaments every week that allow the community to have fun and have goals to play to.


The prices already were lowered once, there have been numerous sales on all platforms and there’s the Ultimate Edition. I think it’s fine.


The game itself is only $10 so good shoppers can pick and choose which DLC to buy or just wait for the GOTY edition to drop down to like $30-$40.


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On topic, they already lowered prices from HS1 to HS2, and I think they’re at a good level now. Most people have no issues with paying $5.00 for a new character. At least, in my experience :smiley_cat:


And I see y’alls point. That’s understandable. However I do think there should still be more challenges or goals because that’s one thing games like COD do (for example weapon skins are goal based instead of buying…most of the time) and those games are thriving.


Don’t bother comparing most any game, especially CoD to Evolve. It doesn’t work.

Also, no, DLC prices won’t be lowered. For DLC prices to be lowered 2K must decide this. The DLC prices are already exceptionally cheap, $5 for Hunters and $10 for Monsters? I’ve seen CoD charge more on a map which segregates the playerbase than that.

The game is fine. TRS and 2K need some income AKA skins and characters. It people don’t want to get into the game for whatever reason that’s there choice. There’s no reason we should try to cater to them.

They give biweekly skins away for free, they’ve given 5 characters they could’ve charged for, for free, they’re giving more skins and characters away, for free.

Seriously, stop by the outdated thread and just see how absurd it is to request this of them:


I understand that. What I said was just looking at it from the outside. I apologize about that. I am on your side because I love this game. However maybe, instead of given them just out for free, what if they made them where they are free (when it comes to
price) but you still have to work to unlock them. Just a suggestion.


Well the game is gonna be dead in a couple years, so I doubt they will lower prices. They will most likely try to make as much money as possible before the game is gone for good. Their greatest downfall was the DLC, and turned so many people away. 12 hunters and 2 monsters or something at release, with a shit ton of DLC. No one was really looking to invest into a new game like this. It’s sad to see evolve leaving, but I’m putting my good memories in the storage and accepting it.


Do you know about the DLC fiasco at launch? It was all wrong, misinformed, plainly incorrect statements about the DLC that killed it. That and unlike CoD this requires a lot of skill. You can’t play it like a brain dead person and still succeed.


The reality is, people didn’t feel like this was a $60 game. Perception is reality bro, if someone thinks the game isn’t worth their money, then it’s not. It does not matter what the truth was. People thought the game was over priced and the DLC was ridiculous.


You can’t release a game with no campaign, no real variety, 12 hunters and 2 monsters and then ask for microtramsactions up the ass. (When the game was already $60!) it felt like an incomplete game. I bought this at launch, and felt like I was playing some free to play game that wanted money. If it was a free to play game, it would’ve been better and they probably would’ve made more money and people would’ve bought DLC.


Way before launch they said there would no campaign, dunno why yall still complaining about this.


The game was released with 5 base modes, 12 base maps, 12 Hunters, 3 Monsters, a solo mode, and a progression system. Saying there was: “no real variety” is a flat out lie, even if you tried proving me wrong, using basic math alone will prove that to be incorrect. There were no “microtransactions up the ass” as the only microtransactions there was, was all, 100% cosmetic DLC.

That’s all your opinions.

To be completely truthful, the marketing for the game was dead on, they never promised something that wasn’t delivered until two years later ***~cough~ GTA Heists ~cough~***, they don’t segregate the playerbase with new characters and maps ***~cough~ Call Of Dootie ~cough~***, nor did they cut any content from the main game and ship it off as DLC ***~cough~ Deus Ex ~cough~***.

They promised a base $60 game with two new tiers and two Monsters to come in the future. No more no less, what we got was all that and so much more.

Does that mean that the Moon and Sun are the same size and that Government just has a light bulb hanging in space keeping us alive?

When I look at the ocean and I see the world come to an abrupt end does that mean the world is flat?

When I see I’m three hours ahead of TRS in terms of time does that mean I’m a time traveler and they learn things three hours after me?

I mean, you did say perception is reality, and this is what I perceive.

This you’re right on, what the truth is does not matter to people who cannot formulate their own opinions and thus work off the opinions of others. The game got such a hate bandwagon going for it that everyone naturally gravitated towards the “Evolve is no good” mindset, regardless of whether they were proven wrong with facts or not.


Love this game and it’s worth every penny I’ve spent it may have issues but trs have done an amazing job with content and really the dlc isn’t that expensive I paid 60 for 8 hunters and 2 monsters with hunters that’s alot of options if you want the dlc but can’t afford it budget better maybe


The Ultimate Edition is like, less than $30 last time I checked, and it has all the DLC. Except maybe Behemoth.


The base game had 12 Hunters and 3 Monsters. Currently if you bought no DLC you have 16 hunters and 4 monsters as the T1 variants were free.


Or they could just swap to F2P and you pay for vanity items. Just like Dota 2, oh which happens to be one of the most played games on Steam. Then allow people to create vanity items which you vote for on the steam workshop.


I’ve easily spent more on Dota 2 then I have on Evolve. Which seems crazy, but over the long term it is way more profitable. I’m sure the staff at TRS have thought about this so there is going to be a reason that seems logical to them why they haven’t changed it thus far.

The side benefit of this is that it creates more interested parties as well. There are a lot of people that don’t play Dota 2 much at all, but because they can create and sell content they get involved, so their friends know about it and get involved etc.


I don’t think free to play is going to help anyone. The game isn’t really set up for that. Plus it would make all the dlc stuff way more expensive and no one would buy the new characters then.

Typically to get everything on a free to play you will end up spending way more money in the long run.