Try to guess what new skins are coming next


I guess night hunter[more like I hope nighthunter because NH weapon skins look so good]
Ofcourse first will be legacy skins but we talk about new skins :^)
Then i guess some clean looking angel-like skins [victory probably for healers because of the wings]

Maybe we will get chaika-parnell too

So what is your guess? :^)


Scarlet and Amethyst Gorgon

Calling it now with 40 Keys!


God i hope we get a panda skin for bob


Googly Eyes Renegade Abe



The Camel is a nice touch.



You might have a joy ride with this thread :joy:


Eat your vegatables and brush after every meal.


I want Santa Crow with Gobi having reindeer horns.


@Maximumlimit15 bruh you must sonic the hedgehog you liked my post so fast (._.)


I was looking at the end of the thread when you posted lol


What’s with the goose xD


Why did they put that there?!


I find it very funny tho,i love easter eggs and little hidden jokes.Like cupcake in the aircraft ine evolve.


Wheres the “DiscoBall Bob” pic again?


It will now be known as Hanky Holidays