Try not to be this guy:


Person joins a game, lands a few great domes, lands some good traps, or maybe heals and does great overall as a medic. No one says a word all game.

Guy makes one mistake later everyone starts saying “What an idiot” and “Yeah he sucks”.

Where was your mic when he was doing good? If you are only using your mic to call people down, don’t use it at all.


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I noticed that too, actually. I join a game, do my best, play (in my opinion) very well, then make one minuscule mistake and they’re onto me like white on rice. I’ve actually had a pub threaten me with violent physical harm over a narrowly missed dome…which was missed because he barraged me backwards…


Yea, people are quick to shift blame off themselves.

I usually give myself a talking to when i screw up

“Come on dude, wtf was that?! You’re better than that”


Still the best is to get thrown into a game with lowlevels. I tried to give advise one time and everythng what came back (from a level 8 to a level 34)
“Why don’t you just shut the fuck up. Learn the game youself you fuckshit”
I tried to talk to him and everything what came back was
“Fuck you :)”
“Bad gameplay, yeah”

Also it’s funny when you are actual german but write n english all the time and then other germans are starting to call you things and you just translate everything n english. Everyone starts the hate on that one guy. It’s funny.


Bah I remember ive been victim to this, hit every dome and every poon, then on stage 3 fight I forget to dome when he tries to run and they insulted me hardcore like quit trapper im a waste of space. Oddly enough it was a girl playing assault who said that. Its always the assaults that come down on me ._.


Had some one rip my buddy tonight for not healing people full strength with Laz <_<


What system are you guys playing on?

I suppose it all comes back to my experience on the PS4 where nobody says anything, either good or bad, so at least I haven’t had any of what you guys mention above.

I’ve started trying to drop in a “nice fight Kraken” or whatever in the lobby after a game, or we had a Hank one round drop a perfect orbital that took several bars of the stage 3s health just as the rest of us were dropping back into the game, that deserved a “Nice orbital there support”.

Have never understood the need to be hostile in a game, even when losing due to our own stupidity. Had a round once where all 4 hunters died to wildlife in about 20 seconds, someone got planted, I Then got megamouthed trying to get a line of sight, the assault got taken out by something else and I believe our Rambo medic got chomped by another plant a couple of hundred meters away. The monster was across the map and was probably as confused as we all were when it won. Even after that, don’t see the point in ranting across a mic.


That is why i don’t play with randoms…


Sometimes people play Assault to get rid of repressed anger- the stress melts away like a Monster’s health. And women with repressed anger…can be scary.


Yes, please! Appreciate your teammates, and don’t be asshats over their faults. Everyone is trying to do the momentary best thing he/she thinks of all the time, no point in being an asshat over that.


I mainly semi-rage when the monster hits stage 3 & the whole team runs to the relay, don’t give the monster time to build up his armour at stage 3, get out there & continue the fight, better off to go down in a fight than going down defending the impossible relays with a full armoured monster coming at you… sure if you’re a noob it’s forgiveable, by the time you reach level 25+ you should know better. I am always the hunter out there alone chasing the monster at stage 3, my last game I was hot on his tail taking up the fight & not letting him eat, I turn around & my whole team abandoned me & piss bolted to the relay. Don’t be that team.


Nothing beats the noob i played the other day. Game starts and 2 idiots leave(i assume didnt get the roles they want). So now its 2 bots on the hunters. We are chasing the monster, and it runs past a crowbill. The bots start instantly attacking the crowbill, because god forbid the bots were decent when on hunters with humans. Both bots die to the crowbill and the monster jumps in to finish the last 2 hunters.

Very large mouth in the voice chat after, yet didnt even notice that half the team he was fighting was retarded AI that for some reason starts attacking the most deadly wildlife while you are on the heels of the monster.


Another reason I don’t want a Kick system :stuck_out_tongue:


Shields go down fast. I agree only if the monster is at a low enough health. I’ve had games against Kraken and Wraith where we’ve hardly been able to track him down. If that’s the case, I’d rather let him come to us than spend 20 minutes trying to find him


I hate these little pricks. One time, I got put into a match that was pretty much over and I was Hank. I NEVER play support, it’s the only class I don’t play. So for the next two minutes I do my best but the game was pretty much over anyway. Back in the lobby, this guy starts talking shit about me saying I did nothing the whole game and that they should leave if I sucked again next game. Then I got to play medic, my fav class… Shut them up good… Lol.


yeah i always say things like nice orbital nice shielding etc. cuz yeah they played well and it actually boosts my teams mental state (thats rly big in a close fight or vs wraith)

but yeah i only play medic and iam damn good at it (cuz ive played 5 years heal in wow). and i fucking hate it when those rnds start screaming MEIDC MEDIC HEAL ME HEAL ME when they are on 95% life and running away from me


Don’t happen when I play really… I am vocal about team unity and would shit on anyone doing that. I am also a high LVL (max) and quite knowledgeable about the game (thanks to these awesome boards), which helps garner some respect, even in PUGS.

And I’ve always done that (keeping the peace)… even in other titles I play MP on. There is no place for it…


Wheaton’s Law


This topic reminds me I really want an option to disable audio communication entirely. Where do I suggest this option?