Truth of attacks- Colonists hoarding beef jerky

Seems like @Matthew hasn’t been entirely honest with us. Abe revealed that the reason Monsters know to target key structures and supplies is because the Colonists have amassed a huge stockpile of beef jerky, which they foolishly took with them on the evacuation ship. After this stunning revelation came to light, I don’t even blame the Monsters anymore.

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I always knew those colonists weren’t to be trusted…hidin all the jerky…they disgust me >_>

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ikr? Abe, quote (approximately) “How do they know to target the ship? They got fucking beef jerky or something?”

Apparently I have to play Abe more, any reason I can find to hate the colonists more the better. Damn humans. L2Share

I heard they even stockpiled turkey jerky :open_mouth:

Don’t be jerks!


Scale of people I trust:
Myself>Butch (and the magnificent Popo) >Everyone else>That one convict that lies no matter what>Colonists

You left me out of the equation dude… Right in the feels

Nuh uh, you just need to read better, ya crazy ^.^

Nice save there…

I is teh ninjaest of ninjas ^.-

Shadap and get me jerky now ^.^

:bucket_salute: I’m on it
Brohemoth on Defend=I win button

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Good… Good…

It’s all so clear :astonished: How could the colonists do this? Next time I go into rescue :

Colonists: Sh**! I can’t get up! Help me up!
Me: Do you have any jerkey to give me?
Colonist: Well Uh… no…
Me: Then stay on that ground.



Someone have a video of this dialogue?