True Overpowered Map(Just for fun)


So just for fun the other day I was trying to come up with a true overpowered game-mode! Here are some of the buffs involved:

Infinite hunter jetpack
Infinite monster traversals
Instant monster ability cooldown
endless hunter weapon magazines.

What are some of your suggestions?

(Just for fun! Not trying to affect the actual overpowered map! Altho the more I think about this, the more I want it as an option for custom games.)


You may want to edit your title so people know exactly what you’re talking about. And goodness, infinite jetpack? The horror.


Sounds fun lol.Like unreal tournament but vs monsters

Infinite mortars yes please.1 click= 10 mins of mortars


I’d play goliath and infinite flame breath. :smiley:

Also, Unreal tournament 1999 ftw!


Monsters lose every match. No contest.


Then monsters need another buff…
400% movement speed perhaps?


Or unlimited stamina? :laughing:


Wraith with un-ending warp blast :smiley:


But nothing would balance infinite ammo and jetpack. They win automatically.


How about Zero Gravity monsters?


I was thinking of having a hack map…

If the hacks remain persistent, almost like OP, just give the hacks to everyone. But in this case its a lobby where players have 100 percent control over all the values and adjustments. (think project m adjusting)

That way people could play what ever they want, and hopefully they end up forming some sort of thieves honor and truly great balance might be born…who knows?


But who cares? It’s just for fun right? :stuck_out_tongue:


How could it be fun if there’s zero chance of winning.


Cause you can have fun without winning…? Anyway don’t forget to read the disclaimer at the end of the OP.


What I mean is winning and all that implies. You’d never be able to hit Hunters… anyways. Have fun with the idea though lol


Every player set the gamerules before the character selection start and then the game mix it. It could be good.