TRS's lost L4D campaign


Just finished putting the Dam campaign that we streamed a while back into a L4D addon. It’s gray box, and some code features are missing but it’s playable from beginning to end. It also includes two standalone survival maps that never shipped.


I so want to download… but test tonight idk… maybe with @MaddCow and @SledgePainter On the next L4D stream! :smiley:


@MaddCow you would not be interested? :wink:


Oh my god yes! Im about to sprint back to my dorm for this!


I would love to, but I unfortunately won’t have time until the weekend >_> This is super cool though! I just bought the series last weekend. I think I picked a good first time to pick Left 4 Dead up!


Hell yeah! :slight_smile: Already got you on steam too!


I’d love to, but really someone else ought to get the chance. Plus I’d have to pull myself out of this concrete mixer, and I think i’m having too much fun.


I’m interested :slight_smile: Lemme download it really quick.


[quote=“MacMan, post:1, topic:106720”]
Wanted to make sure everything worked before we go wider with it.


I don’t own the game on PC, but when i do get it i will give you a shout


I just realized I don’t see a download link, possibly through PM? :slight_smile:


Seems to be working so I’ll post it.


I REALLY wanted to be part of this opportunity, you don’t even know…I would LOVE to play alongside you MacMan since I haven’t yet had that exclusive honor! …but I don’t have the proper time to prepare…my body is not ready! Waaah! I have motion sickness issues with L4D and without at least 45 minutes of time from taking meds to playing I just can’t make it through even one chapter of a campaign. Added onto that I am sleep deprived from watching and celebrating the Cubs victory last night and it makes the sickness worse without proper sleep. I will slowly begin to wean back into L4D, however, because the motion sickness is something that I can build immunity towards. Please tell me you will play again another night, tomorrow perhaps? I just need the time, really, for meds to kick in and this came as a surprise tonight, and I really need sleep. I’d drink an energy drink if that’s all it took, and stay up all night to play with you guys but with my motion issues I’m dead in the water sadly.


@MaddCow please record gameplay for later YouTubing or Stream if permitted? I still want to watch the archive when I’m able.


You can watch my stream :slight_smile:


Download isn’t working for me but that’s OK. I’ll try it whenever its good to go! :slight_smile:


I can only watch in archive after meds…same issues watching the stream of gameplay as playing when it comes to the motion issues. Ironically, Evolve never gave me these issues. Usually it will take me about a week to build immunity and then I can play just fine for hours, as long as I play on meds a little longer each day.


I have two slots open if anyone wants to join.


Ok, downloaded it and ready with a lobby. It’s private friends only for now :slight_smile:


Aww… I don’t have L4D. I only have L4D2… ;;