TRS, Your preference system hates me... [/tears]


Nobody took the monster slot, so why wouldn’t the system give it to me. :monster:

This is a bug, right?

I did play monster previously, in both cases. This is not some sort of balance, is it? To deny my Goliath from feasting on their flesh twice in a row?

Also, I don’t know what happened in that last picture. Didn’t load the background for some reason.


Maybe everyone wanted monster, so nobody gets monster. Trolled by system.


The system is a massive troll.

Whenever I start searching for a lobby, pubbing, I will ALWAYS get my last preference. Without fail. So I set my favorite role to fifth preference and SURPRISE…I get it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I set it back to normal afterwards and it works fine.


System doesn’t like bots? Surprises abound on this day.


Why you troll me, system! I sacrificed many of my goats to please you!

You telling me the system is racist?


It would seem so, it doesn’t like bots; now does it?


There’s your issue! Should’ve been sacrificing Mammoth Birds.

Goats are sooo last millenium. :stuck_out_tongue:


I always get medic or support no matter the preference I’m a MM-monster main
Its odd no one else seems to get this
But to be fair I’m now decent as hank and val
Silver lining and what not


Yeah, I hope that’s the reason. Better that than the system being racist towards bots.

@Jack_Ashcroft at least you get monster when it’s available, right?


More. Often then not some random joins is monster quits lobby then we have a.i lol
I try and just stick it out to get monster next time repeatedly quitting is for the weak of mind
The poor of thought
He who has no courage :smiley: no determination no will to survive

If I didn’t have these things id be a poor monster anyway


Aww yeah first game of the day I wanna melt some faces!
Loading in


IF, and only IF, you can run to, and or past one without dying… =P


System is racist?

What again?


Oh crap, you tagged it…Every time it gets tagged it goes on a crazy flagging spree…Sorry, lemme edit out the @ for you and then we can all pray to every deity ever that it works.


Too late.




Oh, didn’t knew that. I’ll avoid it next time.


It actually doesn’t, I just wanted to be dramatic and a troll.



Awww, I’m so sorry that I have not taken either of the baits.

Also, you really shouldn’t start again. Because I’m terribly bored, and might just put some thought into this one, unlike the original.