TRS, you should feel ashamed


How could you forget daisy in the opening movie sequence? The most important T1 Hunter and you fail to give her the respect she deserves…

Your mothers should feel so ashamed right now!


What are you talking about? Daisy is in the opening cinematic:

What do you think the Monster’s eating :wink:


Then DOUBLE shame on them for mocking the most holiest of Trapjaws!


Were is the flipping dislike button? There needs to be one for things like this.


Poor daisy. :frowning:


Mmm… ribs.
Not going to lie, she do look delicious. Should probably be cooked first, considering she have a parasites in her intestines as suspected by Caira.


I never thought of that. It makes total sense! And now I’m going to sit in the corner of my room… and I’m not crying!


No wonder that Goliath is stage 3 already…He ate Daisy and Daisy is FAT. :stuck_out_tongue:


That is a sad day for Trapjaws everywhere…


Not really. They’re happy! Now Daisy’s gone. And Daisy kept eating all their food, because she’s fat, and starving them and their young.


Daisy is perfect the way she is. ^.^


Of course she is. She’s a wonderful little trapjaw, always bouncy and energetic. A little too bouncy and a little too energetic with all the fat to burn…


It would make since, they’re all dropping in because Daisy was the last one alive. Now I’m all sad. :cry:

I will never eat Daisy again!!! I’m so sorry Maggie!!!


And if Daisy was the last one up, and they’re all dropping in again, makes sense that Hank has a strike, which is why the rock instadowned him…It all makes sense. :open_mouth:


I feel very enlightened. :open_mouth:
I always find myself watching that intro video, it really seems symbolic. Like I always wondered, "why isn’t Hank shielding? Val healing? Hank landed that orbital, but that’s it. I feel like it’s supposed to be a not-so-good-or-coordinated team. And then the Goliath, who at the end just is SO frustrated, unable to focus anybody. I hope they drop a longer version, where he tried to leap off and the dome drops!!!
I’d like to see how that fight ends.


Well seeing they were noob Hunters and a noob Monster, but the Monster was already stage three and Hank had a strike- plus they handicapped themselves with the useless Markov- I’m giving it to the Monster. :stuck_out_tongue:


Has everyone already forgotten that griffin was the original tier 1 trapper?He was released with the rest of tier1 (not including maggie, she was released with tier2)


lolercoaster@ daisy…I have a I enjoy the opening scene but know I love it all the better knowing that they wiped and daisy became a snack…