TRS you "forget" to patch ABE


ok first of all let me tell you that i like playing abe, i think his set of skills are really cool.
they only problem is that when i’m playing him i know im OP (not to mention when i’m up against him oh the frustration…),
now i get it TRS for some ridiculous reason you don’t want to reduce his timer to a reasonable time (my opinion is 30 sec is the magic number),
but i implore you to reduce the shot distance make his dart effective up to 60 meters as for right now i can just spam the dart from the other side of the map and i will hit the monster.

just think about it some of the maps are so open and smell that 45 sec run when he can shoot you from everywhere is ridiculous,and lets say that you do lose him then cabot /bucket/val use their tracking system to find you helf a secound later.

we arent noobs anymore we know how to play the hunters and we know the maps pretty good, so using abe now is way too easy.
TRS trust me on this one i’m an engineer.


Sorry didn’t read, Abe is one of the easiest trapper to counter and not op. sneak in the beginning and its a free stage 2.


Saying that Abe is overpowered because Val / Bucket / Cabot can help track is pretty silly. Abe has no real way of quickly finding the monster at the start of a game. The monster has to disturb / attract birds for Abe to find him before stage 2.

Lowering the accuracy / adding recoil to the weapon is warranted imo (it’s basically a sniper rifle) but the tracking time shouldn’t be touched.


Neither should the monsters be (noobs, that is). If the monster player is sitting in the open and unsure of the position of the hunters, a big part of it is his fault for not playing appropriately to the trapper he’s up against. It’s not OP, it’s that bad players refuse to adapt their playstyle, and after getting blown up they call balance problems instead of actually trying to employ counterplay.







any kind of ability that gets you around ignores stasis nades
tracking darts are eh, if ur fast enough who cares

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Apparently, telemetry data does not confirm your theory. His win ratio is right where it has to be, very close to 50%. Other trappers are not so balanced, which is why Maggie is getting a small nerf and Griffin a big buff.


sorry didnt read, thanks for supporting me.


Maggie is getting buff, not nerf 0_o her harpoon traps will set up one second faster


i can bet you those numbers are against wraith the most played and the only one that is able to run from him, as soon as the patch is out those number will go in favor of abe way up


No her traps will take one second LONGER. It’s a nerf.


Too bad this almost always happens to every monster. Yay, RNG carrion birds.


Of wow, then I red that wrong


Eh, by the time you get close, you’ll most likely know which quadrant of the map he is on, but he can still sneak or leg it somewhere else. As long as the monster can guess which animals have been darted he should be able to evade with a high success rate.


Carrion birds mean they know where you were. A great percentage of the time they’re easily over 100m away. Unless you’ve just killed a big herd of striders or something, you should be long-gone by the time the hunters make it to where you attracted the birds. It’s really not a death sentence, it just exists so you don’t get too complacent as monster.


The same can be said for a good tracker about guessing where the monster went once he was outed by the birds.


He’s not really OP. He’s only really better against kraken. I’d take griff inside the dome over abe against wraith or goliath and maggie is much better for chasing outside. He’s good and the easiest to play to a reasonable standard I guess and against bad monsters?


And thus we determined the game has nuance to it’s tracking. Who knew?


Even if you get Carrion Birds, more often then not you can juke the Hunters because Abe has no Daisy to find you sneaking and no Sound Spikes to track your movements. It’s not like Carrion Birds spawn, unhinge their mouths and fire bright neon pink quills into you, then follow you around screeching “THE MONSTER IS HERE!”. They’re inconvenient, sure, and getting them several times in a row at Stage One is definitely a bad string of luck, but there are ways around them, and Abe is the Trapper least capable of taking advantage of them. Knowing that the Monster is 250 meters away does almost nothing for him.

Abe is crap at actually finding the Monster, but good at hounding it. Take away how obnoxiously hard it is to get away from him, and you take away everything that he’s got.


Other than Wraith, most of the time that should be all you really need if you aren’t a tracker that dances the conga. (But Wraith usually gets a “free” pass to stage 2 or even 3 regardless of who your tracker is.)


Well then how come you don’t know where the monster is from the moment you land from the dropship smartypants? You know exactly where the monster was ~30 seconds ago.