TRS, you did it again :)


Thanks for this awesome update! The new monster and hunters are a BLAST to play, and it’s great how the new and existing content interacts perfectly, it’s really fun to play new hunters combined with the classic 12 :smile:
I’m really happy, I won a couple of games I played after testing stuff offline, which is also really fun. (I managed to win easily because I’m getting good but the guys mostly knew their stuff with the new hunters, it was fun)

Lots of new stuff in this patch too! I noticed that in solo play the hunter party is randomized, I thought that was a good idea, otherwise changing them manually is a bit of a chore.

The new skins are great, I bought the Savage ones right away because they look terrific. I hope you make more soon :smile:

I’m looking forward to see how this new content is embraced by people and used in creative ways.

This game is a BLAST, I get an adrenaline shot when playing it, like no other game makes me feel. Thanks for all your hard work, and all the things you do thinking of us the player base :slight_smile:


I’m having too much fun on Sunny, I shouldn’t be cheating on Crow/Maggie. ~sniffles~


I’m telling them.




Srry buddy. I’ve renounced my Daisy worshiping ways and have evolved (hehe) to the church of Gobi and Daisy. This makes me like,18 times more protective of them. This also includes their owners.


Next time you play they’re gonna judge you so hard. They’re just gonna stare at you with the angriest face you’ve ever seen.


They have weapons too >.>


Unless I’m playing them, and then I’ll stare at you.


I main them all,I have no secrets,I WILL SHARE EVERYTHING WITH THEM.


Daisy is just gonna keep leading you into chomp plants.


Is that an innuendo, for you know what?


You disgust me :scream:


You said everything… ^.^




It’s hard not to get a crush on Sunny too, she’s cute as a button and her voice is kinda sexy too :stuck_out_tongue:
I loved her select screen animation, how she shows her support mechanic arm, getting it on and off. She’s lovely and kicks butt.


Agreed! So happy with the update, now I have val buffed and I’m loving sunny and beh!


I haven’t had a chance to play evolve in a while! D: Glad to hear yall are having fun though and super excited in the new monsters/hunters!


I thought it was only me that found Sunny nice to look at. ^.-


She’s cute and feisty, what’s not to love ^^


Dammit, Now yall are making me wanna watch PS4 streams!!! Wish I could play right now. D: