TRS, Wildlife Buffs need to be tweaked ASAP before they become the new pre-nerf Wraith


As things are now the wildlife buffs are extremely OP on the monster and more and more players are realizing it by the day. The better monster players have already developed routes where they swing past as many potential albino spawns as they can. It is NOT possible to deny wildlife buffs from the monster. He has a head start and moves faster than the hunting team. Even if he gets unlucky on spawns a monster is practically guaranteed to get one of the big game ending buffs (Damage/Damage Reduction/CDR) before the hunters can deny him. Further, unlike the monster who fully consumes the corpse, the hunters CAN NOT truly deny the monster as he has 2.5 minutes to double back after the kill and consume the body.

To any TRS members that may read this, I implore you to weaken wildlife buffs as soon as possible. There is a reason that websites like Defend the Relay say,

Certain buffs like Armadon (damage reduction), Sloth (damage buff) must be dealt with on every map. If a stage 2 monster secures either of these buffs, they’ll be able to commit on the hunter teams so heavily you will most likely lose the game. It is always worth securing these buffs in the early game against good monster players over tracking them.

Wildlife buffs are literally becoming the meta and are so strong that top tier players are advocating completely ignoring hunting the monster (The intended design of the game) to secure buffs or it is likely game over. This meta is unbalanced and extremely unfun due to the RNG nature of albino spawns. There is nothing more demoralizing than to tag the monster stage one and see that he stumbled across move speed in his first thirty seconds of the match, or to have a Goliath come charging at you stage two with a damage buff he bee-lined for and stomp you into the ground. I personally see no reason for wildlife buffs to be stronger than perks. They should be useful but not game changing.

TRS, this is your chance, nip this before the average pub monsters learn how to abuse it and every monster becomes as frustrating to play against as Wraith was.


Couldn’t agree more. The biggest issue for me is the fact that there is pretty much no counter-play. As stated, buffs can be gained before the Hunters even drop. I just had a game where, while dropping from the ship on Orbital Drill, I could see a Wraith eating the damage resistance buff. That huge, game-changing buff was off the table for us Hunters before we even hit the ground.

With the current state of buffs, you have two choices. 1. Chase the Monster from the beginning, leaving him to get buffs when they matter even more (stage two/three). 2. Attempt to find and kill buffs, leaving the Monster free-time to eat and Evolve, and then hope he doesn’t circle around and grab them anyway. If you do find and decide to further camp any important buffs, that leaves even more time for the Monster to eat and evolve.

This is purely a lose/lose scenario, and that is not good for the game.

The two best suggestions are to make their numbers as low as current perks without making them stack, or heavily reduce the numbers but allow them to stack (ex. Damage buff as 10% but stack-able with your selected damage perk).


Even as a monster player I wish buffs were weaker. Sloth buff and mammoth bird buff are like auto dead hunters. Not even mentioning how stupid boring it is when a hank caira team has armaddon. You just run till the buff is out. Not fun for anyone. I love the buff concept, the damage related ones are just overstrong. I would rather the buffs be fun stuff like the poison buff, friendly birds, smell range, wildlife repellant. Make them utility not auto fight winners. Jump buff for example is ultra fun and no ones complaining they got two shot.


Either side getting these are completely game breaking and it’s frustrating. Wildlife perks should be toned down to be similar to, or slightly better than what you can attain with 3 star perks.


I agree. These buffs suck the fun out of the game. They should be less powerful than perks. For example I’d like damage bonus and resistance reduced to 5%.


They are working on the buffs right now, and might even disable them in ranked mode. Right now in ESL and other tournaments, we have elite buffs disabled to keep things on even and skill-based ground.


I like the idea of having them enabled in pubs and disabled in ranked matches, though I would like to see them more randomized even in pubs. For what are supposed to be risky to obtain, rare buffs, they’re abundantly common right now. I like the buffs as well, and don’t want to see them totally done away with. I’ve seen tons of good suggestions here on the forums like making them spawn after a couple of minutes into the match or giving the four-meat buffs a downside. TRS has got plenty of data about them as well I’m sure, and they’ve said that the buffs are on their radar, so I’ll be curious to see what sort of changes come down the road.


Ah, Casualization. If you die to it, it needs to be nerfed


Agreed that it is strong for Hunters but it is often more overwhelming on a Monster, especially since the “buff game” is in almost complete control from the Monster side.

I feel this should be changed even in the unranked side of things, especially since we have no idea how long it is until ranked will be implemented. Plus people who don’t want to play ranked shouldn’t be forced to, for lack of a better phrase, suffer through this.

Ah, trolling, always adding such meaningful things to conversation.


Most monsters at lv40 matches already abuse buff spawns.


This is an idea I mentioned on another thread which might might work for this thread as well even though I can tell they are slightly different.

I like the idea that Elite buffs don’t spawn until X amount of time or maybe certain buffs spawn when the monster is a X stage so only specific buffs spawn at stage 1 (begging of the game).
Buffs like elite sloth, elite armadon and elite tyrant wouldn’t spawn until stage three.


Because there is no reason at all that buffs are disabled in the tourny scene because they are imbalanced, random, and mostly one sided. Troll to be sure.


It’s funny hos game changing the 35% dmg increase buff is. I just got off a match playing kraken. Was stage 1 when I came across a sloth holding this golden goose of a buff. Literally my mind turned from the hunted to hunters the moment I consumed it. Won the match in under 5min after that.


There is nothing I have to do to discredit you when you have added nothing here to begin with.

Please, think about the claims we are making and what is wrong with them. Calling me a “casual” has even less legitimacy than me calling you a “troll” and says nothing about why buffs are not in a good spot right now. Try, if you can, to make an actual argument with points / counterpoints.

@MadArtillery made an excellent point that you should consider. There is irony in the fact that you think wanting to change buffs is casual, and yet in higher level play (from top tier streamers as well as tournaments) buffs are disabled. What does that tell you?


Abusing it? really?.
So when hunters jetpack straight up to avoid X ability, they are Abusing their jetpacks? :stuck_out_tongue: see how silly that was?.

Theres no abuse. right now monsters are playing by the rules that were set, theres no abuse in that.

It does need change tho, and the only really secure way to make it a fair 50/50 is to make buffs spawn 3-5minutes into the game rather than at start. and ofcourse, to tweak the buffs that are currently abit too strong.

But monsters who plan ahead and forces the upperhand when they can - Is Not Abuse


The buffs are disabled in competitive play for A reason.

So is Denial.


buffs in their current state IS a golden platter.

Can’t work for anything if a buff does everything for you.

[quote=“SArais, post:12, topic:49432”]
hollow, and meaningless
[/quote]Thats what a victory With the currently strong buffs are - Hollow and meaningless. This is most certainly the reason why it’s dissabled in competitive play.

TL;DR Grow up, and Git guud.


They don’t hunt the monster, they hunt the buffs. Stop derailing.


I call you out on something, and explain in detail both the current problem, its solution and my stance on it.

And im derailing? are you high?


^Totally agree, something needs to be done. It’s not fun to have your head bashed in by a S2 monster that should be on equal level but is dealing extreme damage because of a buff. Even worse, get the monsters health down to 2 bars and know that the only reason you lost was because he had some ridiculous advantage. We played a tourney this weekend that allowed both perks and buffs and it was pretty absurd. I also heard a nasty rumor that they may start allowing it in more tournament play, which I hope is not true.

I think the buffs are a fun addition to the game, but some of the more OP “game changing” ones --we all know which ones they are–should be decreased to the same strength as the perks you choose before game. That way when you found a buff, you would basically have two “perks” instead of just the one.


You made an example to an unrelated thing.