TRS, Why no skin on the mobile arena?


Hey TRS, I really love the game and I’m a part of the people why think that those weapons skins are really great, but i have just a question, why doesn’t the mobile arena have skin ? I mean, first, the little device you throw, it stays green !

You could say it’s because it’s a class ability, but the arena is the only one you cannot use while beeing down, and the only one you can see, so it’s a bit different from the shield, the cloak or the burst !

So I would really love to see the little green thing change color.

Second, the arena itself. Maybe this is a little bit crazy, but I would love to see different mobile arena colors, skin could have an influence on this no ? It would be amazing to throw a Red of a Yellow dome don’t you think :smiley: ?


I think it’s blue both because blue is the color of energy and because it’s a nice, neutral color. Screwing around with it’s color might be entirely too much because it’s a cosmetic that paints the entire skybox for a good portion of the game, basically.

Different colors on the little generator sounds okay, though. I’m a bit surprised that it doesn’t get skinned too, actually, considering it’s a physical object rather than a " field " of some sort.


Screw skins I want to customize my dome. Nailing skulls everywhere so the monster knows what’s up.


You can see the Heal Burst, the Dome, the Cloak, and the Shield are used.


I meant the device. (the device for the burst is the jetpack but you won’t change the jetpack color), you don’t see anything for the shield, exept the shield, and you cannot see the cloak, it’s an invisibility ^^


Well, you CAN see the Cloak if you look hard enough. It’s not like Wraith’s cloak, it has an outline. But yeah, I get what you’re saying now.


Seriously, people who get confused because the skin would make the dome appear red instead of blue are probably the kind of people who won’t recognize their own mother anymore either, every time she’s wearing different clothes.


I was pretty disappointed to discover the mobile arena device was missing the skin as well. I was also bummed the deployed harpoons for Maggie were missing the skin as well. I made a separate topic about it: