TRS what have you done to Evolve


Release new content that is OP was surely a cash crabbing move…

tha game is now

Slim, Sunny, Crow, Torvald vs Kraken

cos Kraken remains the only monster that wont will be taken down instant by Torvald
his damage output is so ridiculous wtf
this guy + cabot is such an easy win against every ground monster that youre forced to play kraken if you wont suffer from your own frustration

since im mad about torvald beeing op i do the following:
kraken, 3 on lightning strike, dmg buff or cooldown reduction and the game is DONE

i say you did this on full knowledge so that players go for the dlc and once you have made enough cash out of it you’ll nerf the new hunters into playable mode


they are not op they are purchased content…have u played other games with dlc? ppl paid for it so they want to play it. give it a month and combos will start to diversify.


OP is not meant to be open it’s a shortcut for Over Powered


oops i mispelled. u get what i mean. they are flavor of the month cuz its fresh. most ppl have 200 hours with the other 3 tiers so they are burnt out a bit.


that wont effect ther op’nes after all - it will even make it worse until torvald players will figure out how to place mortars more accurate


wait are u saying torvald is not op or he is? if u manage to ground the kraken and land 1,2 mortar barrages and kraken is armorless. 2 more of those and hes dead lol.


None of them are OP really. Torvald is strong, but that is in large part because he empties his clips instantly. But that also means if you miss, even with just one trigger pull, you are punished.

He has the largest learning curve of the Assaults.


Calm,calm. 10 chars


Dev do agree that Torvald is strong, but statistically showed that he is still (till now) not OP yet.
Damage almost same with parnell.

His shortgun good at bursting, u finish ur clip fast - and u missed lot as well.


I rather see new hunters then caira hank any of default trappers and Hyde to me as a monster t4 may do damage but they can’t take it too well.


Tier 4 is a little over the top. Mortars do too much damage too quickly and too easily, Sunny’s Mininuke is a bit too strong and Slim has to shoot you to heal so that’s more DPS. That being said, they’re nowhere near that powerful. I can stomp good Tier 4 teams with Goliath and Wraith.