TRS: What happened to your micropatch system?


I remember waiting an excruciatingly long time for patches at launch because they were trying to implement a micropatch system for consoles to allow them to make changes much more quickly. What is this BS I’m reading about them STILL making an excuse about consoles being hard to patch quickly.


dude…you are angry and therefore not thinking either rationally or logicaly. We know the issues getting game updates on consoles in a timely manner…stop stirring the pot so you can have a moan.

Only winding yourself up more fella


I am thinking completely rationally. I am mad about the misinformation telling me it would come out this summer. I am also wondering why they’re making a big deal about console patching when they made us suffer almost 2 months at launch without patches for their micropatch system to come into effect. There is nothing you can point out that isn’t logical in any of this.

I can understand waiting a month maybe before it gets launched on console. I can not understand misleading us and not making it crystal clear that consoles will get the update no matter what.


Please see

It’s understandable that you’re upset and feel misled, however the above thread should explain and clear some points up.


because on console even after they get the patch worked on for PC (which will always get the patch first) they have to submit the patch to Microsoft/Playstation QA team for testing and who knows how long that takes, and you take into consideration how they judge who’s data gets looked at first, it takes a while bud.


Remind me again when Summer ends… :slight_smile:


It’s hard to give a set date to the public about consoles, when at the time you aren’t even sure if Evolve: Stage 2 would be successful enough to make the push to consoles.

And @Seto is correct about how consoles have to go through certifications with Microsoft and Sony before they’re made public for you to download. That takes 2-4 weeks, for each patch. And lots of $$$$.



I think he means more along the lines of in a month that starts with J, second letter is U and is spelled with four letters.

So technically we have till the end of July, but if it’s not out by then, I’m worried more and more console players will come on here.

I won’t lie I’ve posted me feelings, but it seems all for nought, so as someone said to me, best to just go dark and wait and see.


In part they delivered on their promise. The game is literally going through a beta phase right now, which will make for a more stable release on consoles when they do release (beta’s aren’t feasible on consoles because of certification, QA, etc. etc.). Doing this via PC saves up on a lot of cash, manpower and effort; while still having the best possible outcome.

I can see how he might think he’s being f’ed over, but I’m pretty sure he’d rather have as little bugs as possible. PC had an issue with character select picking the wrong characters; it was fixed within a few days. Had this issue happened during a beta on a console, that fixing would’ve taken up significantly longer than just a few days. A lot of people thought this bug made the game virtually unplayable; you could consider yourself lucky for missing out on such bugs.


Okay, your first mistake here is being mad and lashing out at the Devs for literally no reason at all.

So just for your information, patches aren’t the most fantastic thing on consoles. For PC gaming the Devs can push out a patch whenever necessary and get a fix in ASAP; hence why the beta is focused on the PC right now rather than consoles because it’s not only to limit potential user distaste for the game it’s also to allow for the best possible experience for consoles when they do finally get their hands on it.

Furthermore, insulting TRS by stating their “excuses” are “bullshit” isn’t helping your case. If you want answers ask them in a respectful and calm manner rather than lashing out and being rude. Most if not all of TRS’ focus right now is on the PC Beta as that is the next step for Evolve. If you want fast patches and whatnot then play on a PC.

Additionally the countdown that everyone and their mothers were excited for? That gave no information and misled no-one. For all we knew that countdown was put there because no one at TRS had a kitchen timer for a currently baking batch of cupcakes but we all jumped the gun and made assumptions. Albeit the Devs strongly hinted at it being what we expected but nothing was confirmed as far as I know so any console players that felt misled were misled by their own hype and assumption. There was never a guarantee you’d get it the same time as the PC community.

Long story short; stop being mad and lashing out. TRS is very busy and currently has full focus on the PC Beta so calm down; they haven’t forgotten about consoles and by doing what they’re doing now they’re actually providing you the best experience further down the line.


How micropatching on console worked before:

With micropatches TRS could make little balance changes rather quickly. That worked for one specific reason: The damage numbers, reload times and other stuff was basically stored in a text file on the server (a bit over simplified, but that’s the idea). That way, TRS just had to change the file on their server and the consoles got the patch. Easy. And quick.
That’s also why you had to click on “Multiplayer” (i.e. connect to the server) at least once after the patch to get the update, even if you wanted to play offline.

It took them so long to implement such a system, because they had to rework a lot of links in their code to point at that file on the server, rather than on a file on the local system (ps4/xbox).

And why it doesn’t work now:

It’s called MICROpatch, because it is very limited. Just the values stored on the server can be changed and updated quickly. Every other change to the game, especially code changes, had to be put into a standard patch for the consoles.
This is what takes so long and has to go through several steps of QA and third-party certification.
This is why we don’t have Stage 2 for consoles now.

TRS now has to quickly fix bugs and change other elements in the game, which all requires code changes. That was never possible to do through micro patches on consoles.

I hope I cleared up some confusion here Happy Hunting! :) ######Or happy waiting, until Stage 2 comes to console ^^


Oh Shredder…Shredder Shredder Shredder

EVERYONE was giving the message that implied a June July TU9 update was coming, EVERYONE was told TU9 was going to shake up the EVOLVE Experience console and PC alike.

Whilst your points about speaking politely and calmly I fully agree on, to say console players misled themselves by believing the hype being generaterd by TRS everywhere is nonsense and you fully know it. Also, dont tell people to play on PC…that is part of the reason why some console players are royally pissed off by all this as well.

(going back into lurk mode…)


First off I’d like to say I completely forgot about that “Month with a J” bologa. It was entirely insignificant to me so that I’ve completely forgot, my bad :sweat_smile:

Secondly while yes they did say that that didn’t really be anywhere near as specific as they should’ve been. I don’t fully blame console players for getting their hype up; I just blame those that are irrationally mad. There’s nothing saying it won’t arrive this month for them and there’s honestly no details on it at all. So given that I’d say I have no issue with console players being upset, just the ones that are upset and lashing out.


And how is that exactly? When a lot of console players say they’re going to try to get a PC to play on and are basically jumping ship until the update arrives how is this unreasonable and even more so a cause to be pissed?


There are different bugs on each platform.


Doesn’t necessarily mean the bugs are related to the source code of the game. Wouldn’t surprise me if some bugs can be traced to Microsoft or Sony software, and thus they would be rather difficult to solve/circumvent.


because dear little Shredder, whilst some will make the jump (and already have making LEGACY even more worthless to play on console) some are not and some can’t make the jump. For them the frustration is no solved by PC Players saying or telling them to go buy a PC. Its as obvious as saying if you stand up you will be standing…Stage 2 is on PC only so buy a PC to play it…yawn

Irrational anger in this case has been caused by the lack of communication either by TRS being gagged by 2K (most likely) or simply TRS or 2K not fully taking into account the level of backlash this exclusion being revealed at the very last moment would create…and the same gagging order meaning the chance of it coming to console at all is based on numbers and factors we cant be told of and a time frame that has no scheduled expiry date on the evaluation process.

So as I have in another thread tried to calm the ranting and raving and to use to a more considered and respectful manner in which to explain this frustration, those able to enjoy it on Stage 2 need to do some common sense thinking when it comes to those unable to.

On that note, I am most definitely out…again.

Tatty Bye all


They could atleast balance EK and Miley meanwhile, so it would make less painful to the hunter to wait for like 2 more months, just saying…