TRS what are you doing?


So since this recent patch, I can’t outrun the hunters. I even sneak, and juke around them, but because of the planet scanner, they get right on my trail literally right after using the scanner. It’s nearly impossible to eat too since I never get far enough away. TRS, even though the changes were small, they had a HUGE impact. Please revert them if you can. Or buff up the monsters’ movement speed to compensate. Please and Thank you.

P.S. I would’ve written a long story explaining every possible detail, but I’m leaving personal experience of people who encountered this themselves do the talking for me.


It’s fine as it is. Now pubs can actually be challenging at times when playing monster.


resisting urge to post git gud meme

Or you can pay attention to when the Hunters use the Planet Scanner. The game even tells you when they use it. Use it to trick them, to juke them.

I have personally never had this problem as Monster, you’re still faster than the Hunters and you have your Movement abilities as well. Break line of sight and keep going.

Pretty sure most people agree with the fact that the game is much better for the changes.


And I’m a competitive player who verses competitive teams. It’s not fun dude. I’d seriously outplay them, counter their movements, and still lose now. I’m not exaggerating either. I’m being completely honest with you man. It’s just not fun playing my favorite role when it’s balanced to make pubs players have an easier time killing me. I might have to quit evolve until they fix this. I don’t like feeling robbed of my skill to please pubs. It sucks :frowning:


While you may think it’s funny git gud and stuff like that are banned on the forums usually because it makes people angry


After a dome it’s almost guaranteed that the trapper is going to use planet scanner to try and keep up with you, I’d advise going in a direction that is opposite to the direction you’re intending to eventually go, and then when their speed boost is out, turn hard and make distance with traversals you’ve saved up. Play smart and you can keep ahead of the hunters.

The changes recently (last patch) to the hunters add, at best, something like 0.25m/s (IIRC) to their speed so they’re only gaining an extra meter every 4 seconds compared to how fast they could run in the last patch.

Well against competitive teams they aren’t going to be getting the buffs you’re (I think) talking about.


I know, but I see threads complaining about stuff that can easily be solved by training. I don’t think it’s funny, I think it’s the easiest way to get my point across.


I’ve been playing this game since Alpha in 2014 ( I think it was 2014). I know what I’m doing.

No I do. Hell I even wait to juke after they use it to throw them off.

I’ve been man. This is all self explanatory to me. But I appreciate you trying to help me out. Means a lot man :slight_smile:


Yeah I know I am just saying while it is easy to do stuff like that it is banned :yum:


I’m one of the people from back before Stage 2 who suggested a TRAINING segment in the game. I don’t need to be told what I already thought of >.<


Competitive teams do not have any buffs,competitive teams are weaker than ever before.


Then I don’t get what your issue is. You’ve juked the Hunters, they don’t know where you are until the Planet Scanner comes off cooldown, you have peace to feed in, Stage up and wreck their shit.

Or just take a Hunger perk and go home happy.


So you’re telling me my role is going to be only good for pubstomping? I might have to hang up my claws then…


No, he’s telling you that competitive teams don’t get any solo buffs, because they’re teams.


No, I think I’m telling you the opposite if anything. What do YOU believe is happening, because right now I think the people in this thread are confused as to what your actual issue is, could you better explain what’s happening, and against who?


But that’s the thing man. All those LOS and the time used to feed is wiped out once the team you’re versing is consisted of more than a casual player. Just wait till you run into them. Wait until you counter every movement, and land every ability on the best target to hit, and yet you still lose.


But what does all that have to do with the recent patch?


I verse a bunch of competitive teams. They ask me to challenge them and I do. I’ve seen competitive play from the lower end to the high royal players. I’m about in the middle, but seeing teams that are worse still outdamaging me and never seemingly lose their LOS with me is irritating >.<


Surprisingly, I find it easier to play as the monster rather than as the hunters…


Then I think you might be approaching Monster wrong. If all four Hunters play perfectly, the Monster is by definition absolutely boned. You have to put pressure on them and make them make mistakes, and then ruthlessly exploit them.

I have been up against good teams before, and I haven’t ever had difficulty getting away from them after a dome or the like. Heck, just about everyone falls for jukes these days, competitive or not.