TRS We Really need some social features in this game


I cant believe that i paid 60$ for a game that depends entirely of stupid F***ing steam for all its social features. I installed crappy steam only because i wanted to play Evolve and because of this almost all my social features including sending friend requests are limited by steam.

Why the hell would you devs have enough time to make everything but no social features ? Evolve is mainly an Online game and solo mode is pretty much boring. Evolve is more or less a Buy2Play game and all those DLC skins, whats the point of em if i cant even add friends to show them off ?

I am simply outraged by the fact that i need steam to invite anybody to my game, i need steam to add a friend and I FUCKING NEED TO BUY CRAP FROM STEAM to do this, really ?

You got time for everything except social features.
@macman Y U DO THIS ?

We need an ingame Friend List / Ignore List.
A proper lobby based game joining system.
A global chat that can be used to talk to others n join their games.’’

Balance and Bug Fix can wait, we need social features for this game that makes this game MUCH MORE FUN !

Stop depending of shitty steam for everything goddamnit…

(btw my steam id is zyfe3rx , since i cant add anybody to it… this pretty much sux)


Though I dont agree with your tone and the fact that you consider steam “shitty”: I do agree that social features where you can add people in-game would be fun! Having a global chat would be a “Meh” thing to have but if they can implement it in a timely and orderly fashion then why not.


only thing i would like is that u can easly rightclick on someone in the lobby to addhim to ure steamlist


There a lot of people who havnt used stewm before / those who dont want steam. I am one of those people. Limiting my functions because I havnt brought anything from steam is bs and trs wants me to use steam to add people in their game is amazingly stupid!

I used the term shitty because steam wants to limit social features because I havnt bought anything from steam…


Not being a PC player myself, what are your gripes with Steam? It’s free to download right?


I…I honestly don’t know what to say at someone calling Steam “shitty”. Steam is hands down the best thing on PC if you’re any kind of gamer.


Yeah, it’s free to download. It’s also well designed and has insane sales all the time (I’ve gotten AAA games like Skyrim with all the DLC for 5 bucks, 16 bucks for every single Tomb Raider game ever made, including the new one and its DLC, and many other amazing deals…80 games worth in fact). So really idk what his gripe is. He might just not like nice things.


I dont like steam…

But thats not the point… This game needs its own friend / ignore list… As I stated above I have never bought anything from steam and therefore I cant even add a damn friend…


Honestly, idk how to help you because I’ve never had issues adding/playing/communicating with friends on Steam. If you need to own a game on Steam to use social features, you could always just check out the Steam store and see if there is something you like. Heck, Portal 2 is on sale for 5 bucks right now.

Anyway, don’t hate on Steam for TRS’s oversight. Spend a little time on Steam, and you’ll be eating your words in a week.


a lobby like diablo 2 would be nice.