TRS. We need to have a talk. Those IGN first reveals


Were horrible. I would not want that display of incompetence advertising my product. It was like the guy had never played a video game in his life. At no point did he do any of the skills justice for either hunter. Can we get some quality game play showing them off. If I have to watch him play the 3rd monster. Yuck.

Introducing Caira the medic

Well, we get the livestream which is generally good gameplay. I view the IGN thing as just telling us the basics of the hunters


Well it was obviously 2k doing the Ign Firsts I don’t TRS had much to do with it. I think they were filmed awhile ago so not sure how much prep time they had to smooth out the edges of any of this.


Yea, I realize it was 2k, but I would really like TR to remedy that shit show.


Yeah, lets have someone who clearly has little knowledge of the game to showcase character mechanics of a something we’ve never seen before to educate the playerbase. Derp.

The guy who played Cabot was horrible and shouldn’t be involved.


Pretty sure it was the same guy who played Abe. I couldn’t be bothered to go check.


I was rather disheartened when Cabot broke completely from the team while we could hear the others being pummeled in the distance, Cabot doing his own thing. I was sitting there like…“Um, he’s gonna go back to the team, right? Oh man, what’s he doing? Where is he go…what?! Taking the egg out by himself!!! WHHAAAA-Hey! Hey get back to your tea…OH NOOO! Oh there goes you. Well, serves you right! Good going, your team needed you!”

I especially liked how he spam pinged the map when he was in the tyrant pool. I mean, you didn’t give less concern for your team when they were getting incapped but here you are, pinging away.
My response:

I think us forum members are just a little bit upset at the last two IGN videos of gameplay revealing the new hunters. We were still thrilled to see them, of course! Especially the new game mode! BUT, we’d really rather see them given justice at the hands of the folks at TRS or at least a knowledgeable player who has had their hands on the game a few days. My apologies if this was not a new player but one trying a strategy that maybe works in some situations but just didn’t go down right this time…I don’t intend to be mean towards a new player playing Cabot. We were almost all of us new playing the Alpha, after all. I want as many folks playing Evolve as possible and loving every minute of it…I just found the video frustrating and wanted to see him perform more like a teammate and his abilities to the fullest. On the plus side the other video of someone coaching somebody else just how to play as Cabot and what the weapons do was better for this. And the livestreams are full of everything we need and then-some…but random peeps don’t tend to see those.

I think we all can agree that we just want TRS to have its prize game shown in the best light is all…especially due to those “not enough content” folks. We forum groupies understand more about the game than randoms looking into Evolve for the first or second time in passing, and we want newbies to get an awesome picture of it from any official video made to showcase it. We love the game and it just hurts to see it shown poorly.


Aye. Well said. Now I missed that new game mode, was out hunting all week.


Now that I think about it, it’s probably not the fault at all of TRS but of IGN. I mean, they are the ones that choose the videos they show from their play times. The first video instructional of the coaching of a new player of Cabot…superb! Got me pumped for the gameplay vid, especially it being a new mode, and ESPECIALLY seeing who the monster player was!..and then I was just let down.

Also, why does IGN put their videos the way they do…the first few times I went on there I thought the first video was always an add and the video in the body of the article the main one. Boy I hope people saw BOTH videos of Cabot and Abe because the explanation of the characters and abilities are better than the actual gameplays.


Ya the gameplay that has been shown on IGN first reveals are doing more harm at this point… I want this game to be great with a strong player base, but if people are going by what they see on IGN i dont think they will pick up the game.


It is definitely that IGN has no idea what they are doing. Re-watching today videos, after I got past the face palming, I was sitting there going “Get 'em DB! Get 'em!”. I think the lack of understanding of the material makes IGN’s reveals weaker, and oddly spaced. The content is still amazing, and I for one love it! It’s just a shame that they botch the delivery so badly.

We have the livestream to show us the real business, and it will be sweet when it comes.


Yea the live stream is great and all, but that is for us. IGNs shit show is mainly for bringing in new players.


can’t spell ignorance without IGN


Now that new people are watching these IGN videos of some guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing, people will think Evolve is a joke.


LOL im going to start using that line now :smiley:


Exactly my point. I had to explain to a friend that I have been trying to convince to buy the game, that those IGN reveals are the worst representation of the game I have seen, and to avoid them. Now he is even more skeptical.


This is what im afraid of… i don’t have a lot of money and i pre orded the game and now im worried the player base will die off in a month… IGN’s first looks are hurting this game.


It won’t die off man. The game is a blast. Fun, well crafted games will always have a player base. My only concern is will it have a competitive scene on PC. The way they have been fawning over the shitbox has made me skeptical.


I hope you are right. I love what i have played so far but I try to only buy games i plan on playing for a long long time and if there are not people playing for a long time i will feel like i should have bought a different game.


Good news everyone! The Egg hunt game video has been taken down from youtube… lets hope it stays down.