TRS We Need Skins And you Need Profit


TRS You Need to Add in more skins

You guys added free skins in the past that were Only for that specific day Can you PLEASEAdd in the Old free skins from the hunters and Monsters for purchase

I really love the Gold Skin for Wraith and now when New players see those skins they cant get them anymore!
And it costs so little to implement these skins in the Game I know TRS You are not making much profit so Adding these cool skins back for purchase is a GOOD IDEA for the fan base AND the company itself

And if it does cost a lot then give them to use then for Free Please.

_This including Wraith Voodoo, All gold skins, and any past free skins released for specific days.

_If you are reading this TRS thank you :slight_smile:

More Skins PLease

I believe that, apart from the gold skins, most of them will be available at one point to buy. But don’t quote me on that


Nyooop. I just had to rummage through some quotes to fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind…


I believe it was said that no challenge skins will be put up for purchase, and no purchasable skins will be given via challenges.


I just want those damn cool skins and plus this is a good opportunity for TRS to make some profit as well. We have new players in the game that don’t have these skins and its a shame :frowning:


You’ll probably get the chance to get the skins again. Here’s another old dev quote.

So far, the only actual exclusive skin is the Goliath gold skin.

Also, welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:


Some challenge skins have been put up more than once before. The only skin that almost certainly won’t be given out again is the gold goliath skin. That’s because it is a thank you to the people who have been there from the beginning. I’m sure we’ll get more chances at getting the other challenge skins again. :slight_smile:


Tis Le Punishment (for lack of a better term) for not being here from the start.

You wanted the goods? Ya had to be here for them!

It’s like working at a job for three years and getting some raises only for the company to raise the minimum wage just barely above what you are currently making and then a new guy comes in and they are making as much as you even though you’ve been there for 3+ years.

In that scenario it’s bullshit. The same rule applies here.


I understand both sides. I’ve been playing evolve since before release, but I miss one challenge weekend due to family emergency, so I don’t get that sweet skin. Talk about getting your jimmies rustled. But people shouldn’t get the skins for challenges they didn’t help with.

Edit: that’s not to say they won’t reoffer most old skins again, in a new/repeat challenge. That way new players can help.


There wasn’t any challenge for the Goliath Gold skin? I’m confused.


there was the first month of evolve but they arent giving it out only for new players


That’s sad though. Thank god I have it when it was on :stuck_out_tongue:




There was a very heated thread about if any of the gold skins should be given out again or not. They settled on just Goliath being exclusive to that challenge in March 2015.

BUT let’s not get into that here in this thread.


i have it so if they release it again ill be salty


Most, if not all, of the weekend skins will be given out again at one point, EXCEPT Gold OG. That’s for people who have played from the start.

Even though I played from day 1 and don’t have it.


I would give you my golden Goliath if I could.


I read the other post you made and here is the problem
#evolve is not owned by nintendo nor is it on a nintendo console!
I am sorry but pokemon skins would never come to the game no matter how cool they would look :sob:


I once talked about it with a friend, but imagine Hunters fighting against a Charizard O.O


I once had a dream about that lol