TRS vs Prodigy tomorrow?


Just saw a facebook post about it. after the roastfest everyone had watching him play and make up excuses. how do you think he will do? His older gaming days he was really good. and he wasnt TOO horrible at being a monster. he was very uninformed of all the little mechanics.


He’s going to get wrecked I assume, unless he got WAY better during the beta he was fairly weak during press release. He deff improved while playing with TRS members but he seemed to plateau fast enough.


I assume its going to be an evacuation match. hopefully the masses dont boo him off of monster like they did to jparty lol. coach to save the day again. id like to see a full evac with coach to be honest. but even he lossed.


This is for the live stream they do at 3pm or at a different time on Prodigy’s twitch?


He’s not as good as he likes to think he is and is also partially crippled by using a pad. Going - to get - hammered.


it says the livestream. so yeah at 3


I think he will do okay in hunt mode but the other modes he will struggle.


Wait which TRS team is he playing? I assumed gentleman’s club?


they pretty much play every week. although when jparty and company attempted to talk and play at the same time. they did pretty good. I liked that stream better for some reason.


Are we talking about ProdigyX?

If so he’s got a bit of an ego and arrogance to him which I don’t like. Prodigy hasn’t shown he’s fully grasp of all the mechanics in the game because I’ve seen him do simple mistakes when he’s playing Hunter or Monster such as not using shield projector as Hank or just setting birds off more frequently than he should.

Also putting Best Monster NA in your twitch stream title at one point and then getting stomped didn’t do much for his reputation. I never even heard of this guy until two weeks ago when they gave streamers a press build to stream.


Awwww, I thought this was about TRS having a match against the band “The Prodigy”.

If so then this song would have made perfect sense!


he used to be big like 5 or 10 years ago. he was killer in a lot of shooter games. he participated in that ultimate gamer competition that had justin wong and that crazy good fps chick (forgot her name but she won the competition). i believe he came in second to her. she RAPED him in halo. like not even a close match lol.


Seems like he’s holding onto his old glory days which explains his attitude. Thanks for the explanation.


he acted the same way on the show too. hes super confident and when he performs bad he blames it on it not being his strength or not knowing all the mechanics to the game.

it was a pretty cool series to watch regardless id check it out if you have time. they played all sorts of games. then the gauntlet at the end was ridiculous lol.


Prodigy who? can someone gimme a background on this guy?


I would love to shit on TRS when the games out


I expect him to just roll Wraith and decoy spam into supernova, unless they use a build where they added the nerfs to her.


hmm if its evacuation…wraith first. then hell pick kraken next. then people on the stream will be shouting out what monster they want to be played. his cockiness will accept the challenge.

btw the dev team destroyed wraith. 3 different type of wraith players. with ease. so he needs to do more than that to win.


They should of gotten @3bx as the Monster who beat the devs in the Alpha I think 3 games straight or even Sacriel.


Not knowing all the mechanics to a game you compete in is a worse excuse than just saying your aim was off. If you walk into a games comp without knowing the games inside out, you are an ignorant fool. It’s like a soldier who walks into a battle with absolutely no intel, gets his men killed, and blames it on not knowing that there were snipers there. Idiots.