TRS - Unannounced New IP


So it looks like TRS has another title in the works, and since it says “New IP” that means it’s something other than Evolve. Repeat, it is NOT Evolve 2.

But no matter, you guys can just take my money.

That being said, I have no idea what it could be. I personally would love to see an open world RPG created by the Art team behind the creatures of Evolve. What would you guys like to see?

UPDATE: GameSpot just did an article on this

Turtle Rock working on a new IP
New TRS Game, New IP
New IP incoming soon?
Turtle Rock working on a new IP

No Evolve 2 as of now, but Metamorphosis is still a possibility.


I told people! I told them TRS would be working on a new game soon.


What does IP stand for?


Intellectual property


It’s become common to use “IP/Intellectual Property” to refer to a game franchise (CoD, Halo, Battlefield, etc) or just a single, new, original game with the goal of expansion (Evolve).



I actually kind of had the exact same thought run through my head. XD

I do believe it will be a long side project though and they don’t plan on leaving Evolve for a while.


Your saying you don’t want TRS to try new things?


They announced that they were going to do another new IP before a sequel so this isn’t really that new. They mentioned it way back last year.


Not new, still exciting!


Oh most agreed :slight_smile:


I bet this new IP will be…

#Bad Ass


Glad to see them working on a separate game.


So TRS will work on a new game ? O.O
R.I.P. my hope for a T6 -.-

anyway if still ppl play Evolve i will never stop playing it and i still hope for a T6 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’ve got to expect games development studios to make new games, that said the fact they are hiring is a great sign for Evolve as it means adding to their workforce rather than simply reassigning (assuming people haven’t left or finished their contracts earlier, etc, etc).

I’m glad that TRS are going from strength to strength, can’t wait to hear about what else they have coming up, Evolve or not.


This is awesome news. I’m behind TRS all the way so I look forward to seeing what crazy, unique new IP they come up with. :slight_smile:


Most exciting. I canr wait to see what TRS has instore for us.
Ive kinda got my fingers crossed for like a mutagen wars game. The backstories to the evolve characters alone cld make for an amazing game. Id love to see hyde in a war scenario.


I’m hopeing for something in the same universe too. Even if it’s not connected plot wise I would love somethig with HUB and ebon star and all the rest of it.


Hate to burst your guys’ bubble, but anything relating to Evolve is a part of the Evolve IP and therefore is not considered a “new IP.” So as much as you’d love an Evolve Universe game, this one isn’t it.