TRS, Thank you!


I’m sitting here watching a Kala game play twitch channel and it got me to thinking. This is the first game in nearly 15 years that has got me this hooked. Last game that I was this into was Soldier of Fortune 2 on the PC. A long time ago indeed.

TRS, you’ve done such an amazing job with this game which is why I made this thread and am thanking you. In this day and age of social media, and how easy it is to connect to one another, I feel you all at TRS have handled this game so well!

I appreciate the dlc and adaptations. The trailers, teasers, and game play of new characters. Not only because of the idea behind the game itself, but what I just listed is what has me hooked. Keep us guessing, theorizing, and most of all…keep the hype!

Cheers to a tier 6, or Evolve 2 :slight_smile:




I feel the same I haven’t been hook on a game since the first Dota years ago you guys have done an amazing job in fact if trs was a woman I’d make that sweet sweet love to ya:D anyway ya you guys rock


While I wasn’t with Evolve when it first came out I was watching with great intrest. It was also one of the big reasons why I got myself a monster gaming PC.
The game caught a lot of flak for the DLC buisness at the start and I think it suffered for it but I haven’t this much fun with a game in a long time.
I honestly think Evolve is better than Fallout 4.

Thanks TRS


Last games that had me this hooked were RS and CoD:MW


and 9… and 10 etc


Although I haven’t played in months I still regard it as one of the best MP games around. Fantastic game and I’m sure I will return again to it at some point, there are just too many great games to play. ")

Maybe I’ll return when tier 5 pass is on offer. Nearly purchased it yesterday but I’m in the middle of a few other games at the moment.


Don’t get the hype with fallout 4???.. Anyway… Evolve will always be in my game rack!!


I’ve NEVER followed a game this closely before. The last game that gave me hype (not even close to the hype TRS has given me) was Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Wii. All I did was wait for I to come out, buy it, and go home to play it locally with 3 friends. I’ve made a lot of aqaintances and friends (online) because of this game and am quite grateful.


Agreed also hooked on game. When Im not playing it I’m on the forums, this game is addicting.


Loved that Desert Eagle!!


I agree! Since evolve release, I’ve spent countless hours on the game and of course playing new titles like fallout 4 and halo 5 etc. But I don’t keep up with ANY of those games like I do with evolve! Hell I made this forum page into a short cut on my phone and I spend more time on here than facebook or any other Social media, not to mention I always watch the live streams while I’m at work! thank you TRS This game truely magnificent.
I’ve been on the forums every day since I made an account, the community is amazing and the game itself is beautiful and ADDICTING AS FUK! love evolve like hell gonna get goliath sillhouette tattooed on my left shoulder blade here soon, stay tuned. :smiley: