TRS stance on God Domes?


Anyone know what TRS’s stance on God Domes is?

Early on in this game’s life they were fairly infrequent and accidental, but now in ranked matches I can count on having to deal with a god dome in every other match I play.

It feels really cheap and unsportsmanlike. If TRS say god domes are here to stay then I’ll suck up and deal with it. Otherwise I’d like to know if there are any plans to fix/remove them. I find intentional god-doming to be an extremely toxic style of play to force onto the monster.


God domes where you can still get shot from outside or just domes that sometimes leave openings Hunters can run through that stops the Monster?


Despite what the topic seems like, can we please not rehash the same discussion that has been had on this topic in the past? We know how much people that identify as hunter mains like to fight with people who identify as monster mains on this kind of issue, and it’d be nice to keep this civil. Ideally, unless you have an actual answer to the question (I personally can’t remember TRS having a stance in terms of their future plans), it may not be worth getting too involved :wink:


im pretty sure (not 100% however) that he means where theres loops for hunters but not monsters.

@Kruel im pretty sure it isnt a big issue directly becuase as the monster you have a large say in where you fight. sure the dome changes that but either avoid trapper (move/traversal speed, smell range, jukes) or when you know the trapper wants to dome you then do a ranged attack to mess up positioning on the trapper or even hang out.

way easier said than done and of course time is against you but if there was any suggestions in regards to that i wanted to try and give some input


So if a God Dome is at a Relay point then I think it’s poor map design. So the Monster has to go to the Relay, and if a God Dome can be thrown in that area, it really makes the Monster’s play harder.

Now God Domes thrown pretty much anywhere else on the map to me is fair game. Similar to @Lmk’s point, the Monster can mitigate in a lot of situations. Part of Monster play is learning Good and Bad spots to fight in and to @TheHermaeusMora’s point, you have a large say in where the fight occurs. Now of course at the Relay you have no choice, which is why God Domes there shouldn’t happen.


Quick question, what’s a god dome?


Just to provide a bit of context here… God domes are incredibly hard to ever completely stop just because of the maths of it all.

Take this image for example, it shows a hypothetical dome in top down and side on view;

Top down:

Side on:

All fine, right? there’s a loop in the dome around the L shaped outcrop, wonderful for the monster. Now let’s do nothing more than move the dome.

Top down:

Side on:

Now it’s a really bad God Dome, the monster trapped on one side of what would have been a loop, with the hunters able to fire in from the sides while the monster can do nothing but wait the dome timer out.

So, this is just a case of “poor map design” in certain areas, right? Wrong, IMO.

What can you do as a map designer (short of ensure that no blocking wall is taller than the monster, thus eliminating all cover from the game but ensuring that nothing can ever be trapped)? Maybe make the wall shorter?

Top down:

Still a God Dome of sorts, though one where hunters can unfairly mitigate rather than one where the monster is trapped. So maybe it’s a case of making the wall longer?

Top down:

Well… you can trap a monster, and unless you have a cabot it’s basically just a stand off. But… what if this new geometry just saw the dome move again?

Top down:

Side on:

Ah, yeah, God Dome again. Damn.

The reality is that map design won’t stop God Domes, not without walls that never exist as being taller or wider than your monsters, or are by contrast always as tall as the dome could possibly be and wider than the dome could possibly be so that at the very least if a monster gets “trapped” it means the hunters are either trapped in with them or trapped on the other side of the wall. In either case this makes for very strict and ultimately unrealistic map design.

Edit: You can, in theory, do things like make a relay completely clear of obstacles so that there is zero chance of God Domes, but then there’s no cover for either side to use in a fight, especially hard on the monster who may be trying to force the monsters to get close by attacking the relay. Look at Aviary for an example here of a fairly “un-God-domable” relay that’s a pain for the monster to fight at. However I’d also suggest that actually if the hunters could bait the monster off to the side of the relay enough that there is likely to be an exploitable position not far from the relay area that they could God Dome a monster in to. I don’t know for sure, but I just really wouldn’t be surprised

So… if TRS are going to do anything about God Domes, and I’m really not sold on the notion that it would be a fruitful use of the resources for the department(s) that would need to tackle it, then it’d be a case of making it so that domes weren’t always a sphere, that there was a proximity detection run around it’s entire surface to “collapse” areas of the dome where there would be the creation of pockets that a stage 3 monster would be unable to enter or exit from.

But, and this is the massive bit, it’s SO not as simple as that when it comes to the coding, the mechanics, the VFX… the idea that it’s even possible on the budget TRS would have to put time to it is, most likely, completely unrealistic an expectation.

So… long story short… map design won’t solve it, only complicated maths will, and I don’t know that for the times it happens, as frustrating as those times are, that it’s a realistic prospect for us to hope for.


God domes are hard to fix since its geometry based.


A possibility, not that I’m too keen on it, is to have set domes in the world. Similar to how Arena domes work. As long as you are in that 'dome sphere, you can throw a dome and it automatically builds the dome. So you wouldn’t be at the center when you throw it. This way they could break down each map into viable dome spots and then tweak dome positions based on telemetry. However, not the best of solutions but it would be the most logical outside of tons of map overhauls.

However, this takes out a lot of skill throwing domes which, with the 1 second domes, is already not a great thing imo.


Honestly, now that I understand the concept, I don’t really see the problem as long as it isn’t at a relay. Seems like it would take a decent amount of skill/luck to land a dome like that and although it sucks that the monster can’t do anything about it, it doesn’t seem inherently unfair.


In that case, couldn’t a Monster simply avoid going to that area and always avoid a dome? Short of putting all the wildlife in the dome areas, there would be no way to make sure the Monster went into one.


God domes are a terrible thing for this game. If the monster could do a similar thing the outrage from hunters would be insane. I won’t rehash the same arguments and reasons that have been brought up in other threads although one person here with his posts being flagged should go and read through those threads as they obviously don’t understand the issue.

TRS have said that patch 9.0 is going to help stop flee to 3 and that god domes will have less of an impact. We don’t know any details.


100% of the map would have a specific dome assigned to it. So no matter where you threw a dome the dome would go up. The map could show where each dome placement is so wherever the trapper stood would be included in that dome.


Rockwall lol

But in another way of looking at it, god dome is the opposite of flee till 3.
Constant running, to can’t run. If a monster just runs like a spotter all game, I’ll try damn hard to give him as little room as possible with my dome. Like 1/2 sized, standing by edge of map domes. Especially if the wall curves in so its even smaller


For as much debating people do in here, I have an answer to your question.

They are fine with it.

And before everybody jumps to my throat, listen to this.
For as long as they are not condoning it, for as long as they are not saying it’s not fine - by definition - it’s fine.
Call it un-sportsmanship, call it cheap call it bad for everybody, call it whatever you want. It’s still fine because there is no official statement saying otherwise.


Really? Threads like this have really gone down that road in the past?

I’m a Hunter main but consider it laughable for anyone to excuse God Domes as some kind of legit tactic. Obvious exploit is obvious.

If this is supposed to be a valid approach to playing Evolve just because “it’s in the game so it’s ok”, then I guess the following is okay as well just because it’s possible;

  • Bob cheesing with Rock Wall to attack the Relay instead of fight the Hunters.
  • Downloading hacks.
  • Playing… Kraken?


I’m 99% sure that it is in EULA saying it’s forbidden. Please, don’t make me look for it.[quote=“Rick, post:19, topic:84128”]
Bob cheesing with Rock Wall to attack the Relay instead of fight the Hunters.

Why are you mixing up “hax” with “cheese”?


I should hope so haha.

Although to be fair, A tournament in which a team of hacking Hunters faces off against a hacking Monster would be quite the livestream to watch.


Yeah, there’s no conceivable way to design a map such that God domes don’t happen and the maps are still fun. Maybe if it was a giant, flat surface with no walls except for the edge of the maps, but that’s only fun for one team.

Since OP wanted TRS’s opinion, I’ll tag @Insane_521 to see what his thoughts on this are.


They are so uncommon and hard to pull off that there is zero reason to make this even an issue. It is entirely situational and can be easily avoided by the monster.