TRS should punish monsters whom purposefully abandon matches


It’s becoming a fast trend to abandon matches right before you lose in order to keep your leader board record spotless. 2 weeks ago I had no idea this was a thing but since it’s been brought to my attention however I am noticing it more and more and it’s spreading like the plague. I think TRS should nip this in the bud to keep the integrity of Evolve and keep the matches interesting and fun. Also I believe they should clean up the leaderboards as there are monsters with 500+ wins and 0 losses, hunters too. I am currently ranked in the top 15 with WLM but it’s hard for me to get excited knowing there are some people weasling their way to the top.

It may be harmless but it lessens the overall enjoyment of the game. Maybe add the number of disconnects? Anyway just a thought


The expression is nip it in the bud.


I think this would be better in suggestions. :slightly_smiling:


You still get a loss, you just don’t get a death. The leaderboard is sorted by wins not deaths, so yes they do get punished.


How would the system differentiate between the types of disconnects? If someone (like myself) suffers from crap internet, for any number of reasons, we’d also be subject to this “punishment” if our connection gave out or couldn’t keep up, then we disconnected.

I’m all for some type of reprimand for people who use it to fudge their rank stats, but I don’t think there is any way to gauge whether or not the disconnect was intentional, or if it was due to any other reason that the player can’t control.


If a monster has a low W/L ratio but close to 0 deaths, then you know he/she is a quitter.

Imo they can keep quitting if they want. Makes them look rather worse on the leaderboard. Not “spotless” at all.


This is false.

It’s an argument in favor of the system I keep seeing thrown around all the time but it’s simply not the case.
When I play Evolve, get kicked from the lobby and see the error “DEVICE_HUNG” or whatever, then that error message right there is proof that Evolve was able to tell the difference.

As for disconnects… they’re hard to differentiate, yes. Did the player lose connection or did he pull out his ethernet cable? Perhaps he Alt+F4’d out of rage?

But for a good start, I would say it’s definitely very possible to detect whether or not someone got kicked or whether he left via the pause menu.
If someone clicks “Leave game” then bam, right there, both a loss and a “death” should be counted.

How else can someone quickly leave a match?
We got both losing connection and deliberately shutting down the whole game.

As for shutting down the whole game with Alt+F4, I am 99% sure this is detectable as well with most game engines.
A crash that instantly shuts down the whole game is obviously undetectable. Neither is losing connection in any way.

I think it would help if TRS at least made it so that if someone clicked the “Leave game” button, it’s counted as not only a loss but also as a death.
And the leaderboards were due for a clean up anyway, I don’t understand why the obvious cheaters that fuck up the global average numbers for every weapon are still on there.


Ok, I’ve played other games online that shared a “no logging out mid-combat” rule and my internet had gone out or some other crap and I got punished for it. Even got banned from a couple for it. While it’s true that it’s possible to see a pause menu quit, an Alt F4 cannot be registered, as it closes the program and ceases communication with the server. It looks no different than a power failure or total internet loss. Punishing that has an adverse effect on people without the means to prevent it from happening.

Don’t give me that false argument bullshit.

That is my argument. Seriously. If there is a penalty for quitting, good, fewer people will quit. If a loss of connection is punished, that is not OK. Everyone with a bad connection takes that hit.

If you think it’s fair, get your internet from a satellite and wait for inclement weather. Then tell me it’s fair and perfectly fine to accept that disconnect punishment. Know what? I’ll save you the trouble: It’s fucking not.

Like I said, I’m fine with a punishment for quitting. I support it. That tactic is unfair to other people that work for their rank and needs to be eliminated. I do not support a punishment for losing internet or connection. I even said:

Let me reiterate because you didn’t seem to understand me the first time.

We haven’t disagreed on ANYTHING. I WANT the cheaters to be punished. What I don’t want is for people with poor connection to suffer because of it. And that was the entire point of my post. It’s literally the only thing I said, but with more words.


My apologies for the confusion, all but the first 2 paragraphs of my post were aimed at the OP, but I cannot effectively split my post up to make this more clear.

The only part aimed at you was the paragraph where I suggest it should be possible to determine the cause of disconnect like manually leaving or shutting down the game (no solutions for connection-related kicks), and the reason for this is because I’ve seen this being handled in different game engines and know for a fact that UE4 even has a predetermined standard event that’s called on game shutdowns, like PreExit().
This function wouldn’t be called if the game crashes instead of being forced to shut down by the user.


You can tag the person to indicate a change of topic or ideas. Paragraphs are too common to properly show a subject change on a forum. It’s what I do. My bad for not taking context, though. I went overboard with my post.


Lol thsnks. I figured it was after watching better call Saul with the subtitles but thought it was a typo


You’re right. The play that goes to the pause menu and presses leave game should count as a death. This’ll drastically cut down the number of cheaters. No body wants to keep disconnecting their Internet before every loss.


That will not make them play anymore . They have invested 1K+ of hours just to get there . It not fair to clean it up . Old players would be treated like fools

Like You have 6k+ wins . You know what let me take it away .

It doesn’t work like that

Taking away the old hunt 1.0 leader board . Some people were against it in the first place .

Currently :

In ranked . They will get a loss in leadership - points if they disconnect .

In pubs . I think it doesn’t count as loss not 100% sure


The total amount of wins would still be visible for that player on the ‘Profile’ tab, just not for everyone else because it’s unnecessary information.

To be honest, I’ve always liked the idea of a monthly, perhaps even weekly leaderboard.
It would take away any sense of urgency or pressure that some overly competitive players suffer from with leaderboards like these. Gotta stay #1 and all that.

The only problem with that are the problems you can expect by implementing it now, instead of having it been like this from the start.
The argument you make of feeling like you lost progress simply wouldn’t apply because:

  1. They can still see this data on their own profile tab anyway.
  2. If the leaderboards were periodically reset since Evolve’s launch this problem would never be a thing.


No they can’t

Only wins /most played characters / hunters & monster kills… ect


It will still be a problem

Because players would waste their time for nothing

Bravo …
Not the only 1 problem though

The game has no rewards . Why shall we play it

Yes off course it does … common sense

If they clean up the ranks per monster / hunters

How can I see my progress in the ladder


Because we enjoy it?


I’d be happy to continue this discussion, but please just admit so right now if you’re just playing this game to be on the top of meaningless leaderboards and expect to be rewarded for playing a game, because then I got no more words for you and really don’t feel like wasting time here.

I play the game for fun. I don’t expect the game to award me. I don’t play this game to continually climb huge ladders. I play the game because I like the gameplay and the little information offered to me by my own private ‘profile’ tab (total wins, total hours, most played character) is more than enough information for me.
For you it is obviously not.


It’s not meaningless . People would be proud to reach that ladder . People would be proud to be called the best monster in Evolve

Best team … that is not meaningless . Players like to show off their state

Joyment is not good enough reason to play / do something you like

You wasted your time anyway by making illogical argument .

You ask for it (Discussion) . Easy way to get out now

What is meaningless is playing for no goal to achieve .

If you were at a job … and the state of worked you have done . Thousands of hours you have wasted . Many objectives you have reached

And you climbed up the promotion ladder … is it meaningless ?? Do people think its meaningless ??

What if the manager take all your progress and put it in the trash … what would you feel ??

Meaningless ?


Sure it is. That’s why I do anything I like. For the pure enjoyment of it.