TRS should buy Shadow Realms....js xD


So a game i was really looking forward to (Shadow Realms) got cancelled and it was a 4v1 basically EA are assholes xD all i was thinking was how different it would of been if TRS was making it :blush: (I know EA were not making it but they cancelled it)


It was cancelled? I’d heard about it some six months ago and had a very slight passing interest in it. Any idea why it was cancelled?


Yeah was cancelled just over a month ago, And basically EA just decided to stop it and sack/move people that were working on it. After it got cancelled a dev that was working on it released details and it sounded amazing. Was free to play, Had a’lot of character customizations and i think they were even going to release an online fantasy series with it. It didn’t get a good reception but tbh it was early alpha and they only showed early footage. Apparently the devs were oblivious to the possibility of it being cancelled. People were complaining about it being mutiplayer only but EA pushed them for that. One of the devs said EA gave them the tools to fail.


This video has all the dev info after it was cancelled


Sadness… I would’ve loved being that evil overlord and murdering a bunch of people. It does sound strikingly similar to fables title (just a bit more modern and dark). If only I had a PC or Xbox One… damn mac.


Yeah me too, Well EA have trademarked something called Unravel so hopefully they reuse things from shadow realms. And yeah i have a ps4 but want an xbox one aswell for more games :smiley: btw is it true that macs never get viruses? Why was that a thing xD


There are viruses for mac, but they’re so few and far between that I’ve never had one for over five years and don’t have any special anti-virus program.


Thats awesome :slight_smile: I’ve ways wanted a mac but always had pc


I love my mac but there are so many games I want to play but can’t. I mean I could if I used a program called bootcamp to partition my harddrive and install windows on it… but I’m lazy.


I had hopes for that game, but looks like EA made a good choice to not release it and waste their bucks.


Don’t get why games don’t support mac.


Tbh i think they should of waited a’bit before showing it, Most people that tried it said it was really good. And most the details weren’t told to the public. That plus everyone just wants ME4 even though it’s a different part of Bioware that makes that xD


Coding. At least i think that’s why most games cant be used on mac…


Yeah, they simply understood that this wouldn’t bring the attention they have wanted. :smile:


Lol I had a Mac, soon as I switched to PC, “warning you have a virus!!” I didn’t but you know how scareware, adware and malware goes… :unamused:


I heard Shadow Realms was getting rebooted aswell to have single player etc so weird that they cancelled it…Then again it is EA xD


God when I heard about BioWare cancelling Shadow Realms my heart shattered. It looked so good, they teased at it so much.
That’s like waving a raw steak in a dogs face, semi-cooking it and then throwing it in the trash before the dog’s eyes.
[Crying intensifies]


Same here. I was checking for updates everyday and eventually they said it was gonna be rebooted with a bigger budget so i was sad but thought “Least it’s gonna come out” Then EA goes and cancels it :frowning: