Trs remove ranked hunt or add casual hunt as it own option rather then quickplay


Hunt 2.0 was a big thing i understand back when the players were there, but now as time passes the number of players in the game has dropped and is getting harder for those above silver master and so on to find matches quicker. The wait times are so ridiculous you would have to create a smurf account just to find matches. Either Ranked is removed or let matchmaking pair lower ranks to go up against higher ranks so that they may get more points. AS it is ive stopped playing evolve and moved to better things in the hope matchmaking times are fixed for those above a silver master ranking


I’d honestly rather have the old hunt 1.0 system ;-;


yea. and as if we need a ranking system when you can just get your team together and search. and find anyone regardless


Sounds good to me if they just remove it. All it does is make things worse. I feel like it would be a bit hard to ask for that though since they out so much work into trying to improve it just to have it removed.


but if you have a team and ranked is taking too long cant you just go into quick play and play hunt? its in there. if you dont get hunt then vote to skip… if its defend or arena then well just play really quick and move onto hunt. arena can get done pretty quick and defend nearly as fast. honestly if i ran with a full hunter team into quick play then a game of hunt would most likely only last like 4 maybe 5 minutes anyway…

you guys must be on pc :confused: for that i cannot truely understand but i guess i do since silver elite monster wait times can be hell. only difference is that i love defend :smiley:


Or instead of doing that they could remove Hunt from quick play or just add ranking to the mixed mode queue as well. The games I played in Hunt 2.0 were some of the best games I had played for the entire lifetime of the game, for those first few weeks while PC still had the population to properly support it.


nope sounds awful


unless it was like an everything mode except hunt and then a hunt mode as well for the 2 different modes


you most likely will get another mode you dont wanna play and cant skip after you all voted a map and mode off


console bro


Almost as awful as splitting the population between two queues for the same game mode.


but ranked is well for more skilled I should say I guess


Wrong, ranked is for everybody. It’s called ranked because it ranks everyone regardless of skill level and then tries to throw people of similar skill levels together. The perception that you have to be good to play ranked is probably its biggest problem. They never should’ve put the ranking information on the UI, because that just makes less skilled people sad that they’re not ranked as palladium mega-slayer 3000, even though the fact that they’re ranked as granite noob 1 means that they’re getting better games.

Of course, the whole system depends on there being a high enough population for any arbitrary comparison to be useful, so at this point ranked is just a bad scene, at least on PC.


thus which is why they should remove the ranking and just make it like hunt 1.0. when said and done the player population has declined to the point where high ranks can’t find matches (mainly monster players)


i completely agree. like im a silver elite monster and silver expert hunter but my buddy on ps4 is getting put into like bronze master. its hard as mid silver to think about such a low tier and think its populated but they are all on the same skill level which is good because then as they get better theyll move up.

then again he never wears his headset so thats also why he is in bronze master thinking he’s better when if you wont even communicate with your team you all will never improve… quite the vicious circle lol


yes there are way more bronze then mid silvers and golds. trs should at least pair the bronzes with a mid silver and up depending if they on a winning streak. and gain more points for winning


They do tho…there’s a lot of variables involved. All numbers aside, a lot has to do with the players online. If a 4 man team of bronze masters go on a winning streak then maybe they get put up against a bronze elite or destroyer.

you dont want to jump too many levels at a time especially on the lower end. on down talking people here or anywhere, but i as a silver elite monster on xb1, went to my friends house where he hasnt even played ranked monster yet but trust me hes bad. so as the first ranked game it put me up against bronze masters/elites… i outclass these guys by 5-6 ranks although different consoles. they were destroyed. my friend was trying to get wraith but only played kraken a bit in solo, and i got him wraith in that 1 game.

trust me, i wreaked havoc. it was almost not even fun. i couldnt imagine what was going through their minds that this DR was this good. ranks need to fight like ranks.


Frankly, I think pretty much all the problems I hear people talk about with ranking would go away with either:
A) a much higher population so the algorithm can do its thing
B) a change to the matchmaking system so that it prioritizes fast (rather than accurate) matchmaking when it doesn’t have many players to work with.

The point-award equation theoretically can handle any arbitrary matchup and outcome, so the only reason to prefer accurate matchmaking to fast matchmaking is to ensure the quality of the game - after a certain point though, any game is better than no game, within reason.

The worst part about the old Hunt 1.0 system was that we (a team of four level 40s) would semi-regularly get thrown in with low-level players (who often didn’t even want to be monster) - waiting 5-15 minutes in queue for a 3-4 minute game got really old really fast, and that never happened to us after Hunt 2.0 was introduced.


If they would remove ranked, with current PC population most well rounded premaids will just keep smashing the monsters.

I rather wait for a bit for balanced match.


Um. Part of the reason the above doesn’t work is that a team of hunters can’t go into quickplay. See a while back they made it so parties in quickplay can still be monster. That means with a group of four players prefering hunter roles, unless the random fifth prefers monster, there is a 4/5 chance that one of your teammates will be monster.
Its much easier to just mess around with two players and do weird comboes like laz bucket for quickplay instead of getting four people who want to be hunters together so they have a higher chance of being monster.