TRS released some fun Beta info


Click the image and then click it again to zoom into it :smiley:


@LaggerCZE @Morfistro_Morfistro @Cr0cDoc @Adam_Divis … check that. :blush:


So much for “monsters OP,” heh heh heh.


Priority info at it’s finest :smile:

Good to know. It’s actually very useful to know this stuff… also, Parnell is sooooooooooooo good.


I like how the categorize the monster playstyles. They are pretty fitting.


haha most damage at stage 3. that wraith be DIPPIN.


Parnell is my least favorite assault, which just means TRS did a good job fitting hunters to different styles of play!


Hey @MacMan does Cabot’s damage amp count toward his overall damage? if not then i think he might beat Bucket :stuck_out_tongue:


“Parnell, 2015”


Markov is like “Tier 2 is more effective than tier 1? Haha, that’s a funny joke, comrade!”


Ya, even though I didn’t play him as much. @Denny , who was our Assault, liked playing him… and was totally kicking ass as Markov.


Ye, Markov was my favorite character but vs. clever monsters who cares about mines will be bad. After that is Parnell going to be #1.


Yep, you got me. I just hate black people :wink: I just found the rockets to be unwieldy and the shotgun to be unreliable. Marko is just consistent which is why I love him. The mines are awesome too


I know mines are awesome but like I said, vs. clever Goliath are a little bit uselss. I remember as a Goliath like I burned 4 mines with 1 firebreath and then just won the game.


If a Goliath burned up four mines with one breath then there wasn’t a clever Markov :wink: even with fire breath, flight, and warping through to destroy them, mines are always a threat an never lose their functionality!


Fire on mines = less fire on Hunters as well.


I saw a dev playing with Markov on the stream and holy cookie. Dat mine placement! So sneaky yet covers almost all space inside the dome. Even good monsters are going to hit that me thinks.


never in a million years. bucket is an assualt in a support class. his damage is supreme.


Awesome stats! Thanks for sharing the infographic!


Wow what a hate on me.

That’s true but if you are going f.e. Charge 2, Leap smash 3, Rock throw 3, Fire breath 1 then you can use that only on mines without remorse.