TRS Reddit AMA Condensed Responses


Here are what I believe to be all the questions and answers given during the Reddit AMA from Dec. 4th, 2014. If you see any errors please let me know as there was a lot of text to copy over. I wouldn’t doubt that I pasted something twice when an extra response was given.

Hi, Turtle Rock! I played your game at Gamescom and thought it was great and the alpha was really fun. When the game gets released, will it be continually supported with new maps, monsters, hunters etc.? Another question, will it be possible to mod the game on PC to create custom maps, game modes and those kinds of things?

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
The plan is definitely to support the game post launch. New maps will be free. Monsters and Characters will be available as paid DLC, if you don’t want to buy them you can still play against them. We’re also thinking about game modes and community features as well, a lot depends on what you guys are screaming for! ;0)
As far as modding goes, we’d love to support it, but there are some significant hurdles to get over for us to get there, mainly because we don’t own the engine that Evolve is built in. (CryEngine)

Hey guys, I’m super excited about the game, love almost everything about it. I played the sh*t out of the alpha for those few days, and I had a 54 game winstreak as monster, so I can’t wait to see how far I can push it… All that said, here’s the questions :
What will the pricing be for the monster/character DLCs be, and how long do you plan to keep adding them to the game? And with what regularity?
Could you explain a bit more about how the rescue mode is going to work? I get the basic gist of it, but how exactly will the survivors act? Will they be like AI-controlled hunters without the gear or what?
This one isn’t a question, but I think it’s really important - The little in-game achievement things ( HELLA TRACKING - FOLLOWED DAISY 1000 FEET etc. ) are displayed over the squad healthbar circle in the lower left. I think we can universally agree that not being able to see your team’s health at any moment in a glance is bad, because there’s a fair amount of stuff people would use the moment they notice their teammates drop too low on health ( area heal, stealth, whip around to shield 'em, whatnot ) without constantly keeping them onscreen.
And finally, the most important question
Who are the best monster/hunter players around the office? Who’s got the best winrate going?

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
" For Rescue, Hunters win by rescuring the majority of survivors during the match, monster wins by killing the majority. There are 9 survivors in the map total, spawned in over 3 groups: a group of 2, another group of 2, and a group of 5. Alternatively, hunters can kill the monster player, or the monster can kill the hunters, so what players choose to do depends on the situation.
When a group of survivors are all revived (or dead with at least 1 alive and well), the extraction ship comes to pick them up. It takes 45 seconds for the ship to arrive. Once it arrives, the survivors run to the extract point to then teleport up to the ship.
Only 1 group of survivors is spawned in at a time, and where they spawn is procedural based on the positions of the Hunter group and the Monster so that there’s a bit of distance from each team.
As for AI: survivors will follow the hunters and use evading maneuvers to try and keep distance from the monster. They have weapons (SMGs) and jetpacks like hunters, and have HP like hunters. However, their damage output is lower than hunters." – Clancy, Designer

Do you expect this game to be played competitively and may even be played at E-Sports events?

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
It’s possible! Evolve has shown a lot of potential in the e-sports arena. It’s very competitive and really entertaining to watch. At this point we’re taking a wait and see approach. If the community demands it, we’ll support it!

Are you guys going to actually work on the ps4 version or just focus on xbone because they give you a little more money?

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
Platform parity my friend! Evolve runs great on the PS4! :0)

Loving the game. Played a ton of hours in the alpha and have been craving more Evolve ever since.
Just a few questions:
If the Monster dies in Nest, is the round over or can it respawn from non-hatched eggs? If so, will it retain its stage from where it died?
Can people quit during a game of Evacuation? Will people be able drop into the game too?
Any chance of an exclusive closed beta on PC and PS4?
Thanks in advance and I can’t wait till I get my hands on the game!!!

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“Yes, the round is over. In every game mode, if the monster player dies, the round is over.”
“Yes, players can quit during a match. If that happens, AI will take over until players drop into the match in progress.” -Clancy, Designer

Earlier in the year, you stated that there was only one of each monster (One Goliath, one Kraken, ect), and now there are hordes of goliaths, but we only see one Kraken and one Purple-thing in the trailer? So what is the explanation on all this? Super excited for the game btw.

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
There is only ever one player controlled “Alpha” Monster, and that’s you. When there are multiple monsters, they are lesser soldiers. Smaller, more red colored AI controlled Goliaths that have less health and armor and can’t stage up.

Probably concerned over nothing but from what I’ve seen it seems that the most recent Hunters outclass their ‘earlier’ counterparts. Do you think we might end up seeing teams of the same Hunters all the time?

[–]MrStrategioSenior QA
Probably. Several people in the office only like 1 character of a class and like another character of another class, so they’ll stick with the same choice and when you mix those people, they generally stick to the same type. There’s also skills that don’t necessarily translate to other hunters. Hank for instance is very defensive in protecting allies, but Bucket is very offensive throwing out multiple sentries to provide additional fire power. They offer different tactics so people tend to gravitate towards specific ones to support a strategy they like.

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
We have a really good spread of character selection internally even though people have their own favorites. Just depends on your play style, or which character you like the most for other reasons. Some people play Bucket just because he’s a cool robot. The characters are all zero sum. We try to balance them all to 50/50 win/loss ratio even though they all work differently. And we’ll continue to update the game with balance adjustments after release.

Absolutely not. I think you may see trends from individual people, due to play style and personal preference, but as far as a player base-wide trend to only stick to the last four hunters, I would be really disappointed if we saw that - because it would mean players were really limiting themselves. Each Hunter has their own utility that completely changes the strategies you’ll use in the fight (not to mention the myriad of strategies possible in different modes).
For example, I love playing Markov, but depending on who I’m playing with, what mode and what Monster I think I’m up against, sometimes I’ll choose a different Hunter. I typically choose Maggie on Rescue, but if we have a Lazarus on our team, I’ll choose someone else. I like playing Bucket on Nest, but sometimes I’ll play Hank instead and he could be a better choice if I know my Medic is new to the game or our strategy requires us splitting up and I need to protect my partner.

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
If we get to a point where certain hunters have a clear power discrepancy over/under other hunters, that’s a candidate for a balance tweak. The idea is that all hunters are equally valid.
We may indeed see favorites and certain hunters showing up more than others, and in that case we’re going to be looking very close at that to figure out why, and fix it if possible.

Well, Daisy’s super power on Rescue is being able to run ahead and revive survivors. If you have Lazarus on your team, he can pick them up without strikes (giving them more health and making them harder for the Monster to kill). So in that situation, you’d want Laz picking up everyone and Daisy becomes a lot less important. But hey, that’s just my preference, we encourage people to make up their own strats!

Well, at least /u/necroscar268 got his/her answer. Some people will just want to play their favorite character no matter what.
I’m sorry, I will only play Maggie, unless we play together, and then you can play Maggie. Deal?

Why does it seem like the hunters win most of the time? It seems if all Hunters are user controlled in “Evacuation” then the monster will prob never win?
Also, what is the average length of one Evacuation match?

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“There are a couple reasons for Hunters seeming like they win the majority. Players can bring their FPS skills and knowledge from other class based shooter games into Evolve and immediately start taking advantage of it, while Monster players don’t have that kind of reference point. Monsters need to not only know what Hunters can do, but also how to sneak, when to engage, when to back off and feed, when and where to stage, etc. There’s a lot of variables to consider, so the learning curve for Monster is a bit steeper. However, once it clicks for the Monster player, the matches are significantly more even. We see plenty of both Monster and Hunter wins in Evacuation internally.
The second reason is general tuning. It is possible that the numbers could be adjusted for Monster and Hunters, and we’ll be continualy monitoring the telemetry and adjusting those accordingly after we have sufficient data.
As for average length of an Evacuation experience, it’s about an hour long.” - Clancy, Designer

Does Mike Booth still work at Turtle Rock? When are you guys gonna buy the rights from EA to make a Nox 2 game??

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
Mike is no longer with TRS. I would loooove to work on Nox2. :0D

[–]mattcolvilleEvolve Writer
I loved NOX, my friends and I LANed the shit out of that. SO WEIRD to be sitting around talking to you at work and Nox comes up and you’re like “You know I worked on that, right?”
“No! What!?”
Small world. :smiley:

will there be more than 3 monsters?
will we able to have a party of 5 with freinds and rotate who the monster is?
will there be a mode that has more than one player controlled monster at a time in game? ie . 4 vs 2 and so on?

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“Q: will there be more than 3 monsters? A: 3 monsters at release, but more to come afterward.
Q: will we able to have a party of 5 with freinds and rotate who the monster is? A: Absolutely, in Custom games.
Q: will there be a mode that has more than one player controlled monster at a time in game? ie . 4 vs 2 and so on? A: Not at this time.” – Clancy, Designer

Is that a penis? Do other monsters have genitals?

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
Hahahah! That’s a crowbill sloth, one of the more dangerous denizens of Shear. Wildlife, not monster. And yes, that’s the sloths junk.
Monster have no visible sex organs, it’s unknown whether or not they have gender.

I knew that screenshot would end up on here somewhere. Good job :wink:
And welcome to the crazy mystery that is Monster gender studies. We’re open to wild speculation, but until Caira gets to dissect a few we really won’t know!

What are your thoughts on future expansions and DLC for Evolve? And on that topic, will you consider just adding new characters and monsters in through free updates (which might be more balanced) or purely through DLC?

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
Right now we’re looking at maps, monsters, characters, some community support features. We’ve tried to come up with a plan that we as gamers felt good about. As much as we’d love to give all of our DLC away for free, end of the day it costs a lot of money for us to make it.
New maps will be free, community features will be free. Characters and monsters will be paid DLC, BUT, you’ll still be able to play with people who bought them, even if you don’t purchase them yourself.
The main idea is that we don’t split the community. We wanted to set it up so that if you don’t want to buy DLC your experience is still enhanced by its presence.

What are the biggest things (ideas or mechanics) that you had to leave out of this project?
Seems like guys are hugely interactive with your community of fans and followers (especially on the forums), what are some valuable insights you’ve gained from your feedback thus far?
Will there be a memorial for the beards shaven when the game gets released?

[–]mattcolvilleEvolve Writer
1: Man we had to cut a lot of stuff, but the core design never shifted.
We originally had a much more ambitious plan for the wildlife, for instance. Like, the planet was almost a third team and it wasn’t unusual for one side to win because the other got destroyed by the wildlife.
But we pretty quickly dropped that. It was very unsatisfying to be running through the world, looking for the monster, and get HEROES WIN out of nowhere. You won, but you didn’t cheer. You sat around wondering what happened? It was a huge letdown.
So we scaled the wildlife back to make them more situational.
2: I can only speak to my department, but I’m constantly surprised at how much the community is about to tease out about the setting and background of the hunters, with very little information.
It’s heartening as a writer. It means I know I can take this little piece of information and stick it somewhere obscure and people will find it and share it.
3: I think there’s a whole ceremony! With like prizes and shit! Man there better be, I got this thing on my face for 10 months now, I want fireworks when it finally comes off.

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
We had a lot of hunters and monsters that we had to leave on the table. More ideas than we had time and budget for!
It’s always good to see how people react to what we’re doing. Whether they respond positively or negatively to whatever we’re talking about that week. It keeps us honest and humble. In the big alpha everyone told us our progression system was too grindy and they were right. There are so many small things it’s hard to make a list. We love our community, some of the guys on our forums have been flat out awesome.
Haha! That would be cool. We’ve got some really cool prizes for all the folks in the office who participated.

Hi TRS! Was wondering about the sound design of the game.
First of all, who are the voice actors for the game? Some are more obvious than others cough ZOEY uncough but could we get an official list?
Second, in regards to the monsters especially, how did you find sounds that properly encapsulate the spirit of the monster? How much foley work did you do on the game?
As an added question, why is Jen Taylor in every game ever? I’m far from mad, just curious. Left 4 Dieded, Halo, Dota, Evolve, hell, she’s even Princess Peach. Her and Nolan North.

Hey! These are great questions. Let me see if we can get our fabulous audio guru to take a look.

First of all I’d like to say thanks! I have so many memories playing Left 4 Dead for hours and hours with all of my friends and am really looking forward to Evolve! Now, my questions.
What aspect of Evolve are you most excited about?
Will there be split-screen play (online or offline)?
I got to believe you guys are big fans of horror movies after games like Left 4 Dead and Evolve. So what are your favorite horror movies?

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“1. When the game goes live! That’s where the real fun begins. We get to play with the community, continue to improve, and release awesome DLC to enhance the experience. 2. No split screen in Evolve. 3. 28 Days later inspired Left4Dead!” – Jess, Community Manager

In Evacuation Mode how are the number of colonists saved/killed determined?
Can you ever have more colonists killed than saved, yet still lose more than 3 matches as the Monster?
In Evacuation Mode is the winner determined by Colonists Saved/Killed or Matches Won/Loss?
We know that you can play around with the Map Bonuses in Custom games, but can you disable advantages altogether in a Custom Game Evacuation setup?
In your Rescue Mode do Civilians leave bodies that the Monster can eat? Does downing a civilian grant evolve meter similar to downing a Hunter?
Voting is heavily influenced by Hunters if everyone gets 1 vote. Is there a way to randomize without the need to vote, perhaps in a custom game option?
What are some of the Custom Game Options that you currently are able to tinker with on Launch?
Wraith. It’s been slowly creeping up everywhere despite your best efforts. (My hats off for keeping it quiet for as long and well as you did) Are we able to know what the abilities and playstyle of it are at this point? If so could you elaborate? If you can’t, are we allowed to know when we would get this information or reveal/trailer?
Could you describe all the different Map Bonuses? Their names and what they do.
What are some of the Dev’s Favorite Hunter/Monster?
Can we get more details about the Beta in January?
Are there going to be any more open/closed public playtesting before and/or after this event in January?
What is the winning name of the 4th Monster?
What can you tell us about the 4th Monster? Abilities, playstyle, etc…
Do you currently have any plans for a Collector’s Edition? If so, what can you tell us about it?
Are there any modes that we haven’t seen that will be included at Launch?
What is the expected timeframe of the 4th monster to be released?
What do you think will be the biggest hurdle for you come release? Balance, servers, matchmaking etc…
How well do you think Evolve has been received across the digital medium?

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“Q: In Evacuation Mode how are the number of colonists saved/killed determined? A: I’ll need to take a look at the math used to know for sure how exact values are determined. However, you do get more saved / killed if you win as Hunter / Monster, less if you lose.
Q: In your Rescue Mode do Civilians leave bodies that the Monster can eat? Does downing a civilian grant evolve meter similar to downing a Hunter? A: Monster can eat Surivors, yes. And yes, they give evolve meter.
Q: Could you describe all the different Map Bonuses? Their names and what they do. A: That’d be a very long answer. I will say there are 12 maps that give a set of Hunter and Monster effects, so there are 24 map effects total from those 12 maps. The 4 Defend maps have effects specific for Defend mode: extra turret damage if Hunters win Day 4, or monster minions spawning in with armor if Monster wins Day 4.
Q: Are there any modes that we haven’t seen that will be included at Launch? A: All of them have been revealed now: Hunt, Nest, Rescue, and Defend. These are played in Skirmish (Hunt only), Evacuation (the campaign experience), and Custom games in solo, co-op, and PvP formats.” – Clancy, Designer

Game Mode and Customization Questions
Will there be a 4v4 Hunters vs Monsters mode a la Left 4 Dead (basically, Evacuation mode but with multiple Monster players)
Will there be something like 12 Hunters vs 3 Monsters or 8 Hunters vs 2 Monsters - anything where you can have multiple player Monsters against an appropriate amount of player Hunters?
Are there any other character customizations we can expect like changing armor color, Monster spikes, etc?
I like playing the Monster but it’d be way more fun if my friends were other Monsters at the same time and we could get together to take out a bunch of Hunters!
Thanks for getting together to make another awesomely fun game!

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“Q: Will there be a 4v4 Hunters vs Monsters mode a la Left 4 Dead (basically, Evacuation mode but with multiple Monster players)
Will there be something like 12 Hunters vs 3 Monsters or 8 Hunters vs 2 Monsters - anything where you can have multiple player Monsters against an appropriate amount of player Hunters?
A: Not at this time.” --Clancy, Designer

Which Youtube star due you enjoy watching playing your game the most?

[–]mattcolvilleEvolve Writer
It was a lot of fun watching Sacriel play. That dude has a good Twitch channel.

[–]MrStrategioSenior QA
I enjoyed playing with Sacriel. Was super cool to see him playing and talking with us & then talking on his twitch channel to the viewers. Good multi-tasking skills.

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
GhostRobo does it good as well.

When will it be released?

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“February 10th, 2015” – Clancy, Designer

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
The 13th outside of North America. Most of the worlds retailers release new games on Fridays. Friday the 13th!! OOOoooooOOOOOoooo!

Hi TRS! Was wondering about the sound design of the game.
First of all, who are the voice actors for the game? Some are more obvious than others cough ZOEY uncough but could we get an official list?
Second, in regards to the monsters especially, how did you find sounds that properly encapsulate the spirit of the monster? How much foley work did you do on the game?
As an added question, why is Jen Taylor in every game ever? I’m far from mad, just curious. Left 4 Dieded, Halo, Dota, Evolve, hell, she’s even Princess Peach. Her and Nolan North.

[–]mattcolvilleEvolve Writer
Your hunters are voiced by;
Courtenay Taylor - Val
Dimitri Diatchenko - Markov
Cherise Booth - Maggie
William Salyers - Hank
Daniel Riordan - Cabot
Tom Mardirosian - Lazarus
Peter Jessop - Bucket
Matt Mercer - Abe
Fryda Wolff - Caira
JB Blanc - Griffin
Ben Crowe - Hyde
Dorian Lockett - Parnell
To my certain knowledge, Jen Taylor is not in our game.
I can’t directly answer the monster question, but we did bring actors in specifically to make monster noises at one point! That was pretty crazy, those guys have a legit unique talent.

Matt already answered your first question, so here are the other answers.
Response from Craig Duman (audio magician):
We recorded monster vocalizations once we knew the spirit of each monster and then tailored the processing and acting to work in conjunction with these other. We did several days of foley recording for your traditional footsteps and movement sounds, many more days of impact, metal, etc. for various sweeteners. We also did about 15 days of creature recordings too. We even recorded Chloe’s shoes. It’s awesome we have a VO booth/foley booth that we can jump into at a moments notice…experiment, try new things, record wild and crazy objects and see where they lead us.
Why are so many of the same actors in video games? Because they can nail a performance in a few takes, are consistent with their character’s voice, know how to work with directors and know and truly understand the specific requirements for video games and the process involved. When you have tight deadlines and a high quality bar to hit you need to get it right very quickly and move on.

Hi big fan of you guys. When will you officially announce wraith and what his abilities do?

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“Soon™” – Jess, Community Manager

Hey guys! Just want to start out by saying I absolutely love what I have seen so far. I Was lucky enough to participate in 2 Alphas thus far and Evolve truly feels like a breath of fresh air. I can’t wait for the Beta!!! My question is two pronged. In evacuation mode after the first match, the winner of that match receives a sort of modifier to the next match which potentially gives them some sort of advantage (for instance turrets being operation if the hunters save a power generator, sorry I forgot what you referred to this as :x ). Can you go into more detail about what some more of those modifiers will be? Also, how could those potentially affect balance decisions? Secondly, on a scale from 1-10, how much does Phil Robb LOVE peas?

It’s funny you ask that, because we will actually be showing a playthrough of Evacuation soon that will show some more of the win/loss modifiers. One of my favorites is when the Monster destroys the weather control tower so heavy rains make the chomp plants go out of control. We tend to talk a lot of trash to people who get caught in plants, even though we all do it, and it’s really entertaining.
Oooh, that’s a tough one, I’d say probably a 7, but he loves beards a big ol’ 10.

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
Nice! Glad you’ve been enjoying everything so far. Great to hear!
One thing we’ve been telling folks is that Evacuation is less of a hardcore competetive mode and more of a lets just get together and have some fun mode. The modifiers by their very nature give one team an advantage for the next round, but we’ve designed it in such a way that a comeback is always possible. In addition to the win/loss effect there is also an auto-balance that happens after each round to keep things tight.
On a scale of 1-10…I would say 7. I’m not much of a vegetable guy, but as vegetables go peas are the bees knees. X0)

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“Each map has a set of Hunter and Monster effects, so that means 12 maps give 24 different effects total. Defend maps have their own effects specific for Defend, such as extra turret damage for Hunters and minions spawning with armor for Monster.” – Clancy, Designer

No question, just wanted to let you guys know I met my wife on Left 4 Dead in a random match on No Mercy. She came into the middle of the game and needed a health pack so I healed her with mine. We have been together for 5 years now with a lovely daughter and another child on the way… So, thanks for that!

[–]MrStrategioSenior QA
Dude that is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

I found that the progression system in the Big Alpha required everyone to play as the same four hunters in the beginning and in order to level up/unlock new hunters, players had to rank up their special abilities.
However, I found that as I was playing, I would be more concerned with whether I was using, for example, Hank’s Barrage enough, or whether I was dealing enough damage with Markov’s mines, all instead of killing the monster.
Based off the fact that Evolve is about variety and strategy, how are things looking for the progression system in the final build? Can we expect one that highlights different strategies at launch, or will it be as linear as the Big Alpha?

[–]mattcolvilleEvolve Writer
As much as possible, the progression system is designed to reward you for doing what you would do normally. The idea is; just play Hank normally, and you will unlock all his shit. So you’re not required, for instance, to hit a monster with the orbital barrage WHILE jetpacking AND being healed by Val. Just hit orbitals and you’re cool.
That same system actually helps new players figure out how the character works. There’s a tendency among some players to start with Markov, for instance, and just run around lightning gunning everything. Never use the arc mines.
That player will look at his progression and think “Why aren’t I unlocking anything? Ohhh! MINES! I get it.” And start using the mines. This helps players understand what all the gear does and how its meant to be used.

some dialogue between Hyde and Val in the game has made mention of genetic modification, is this how the monsters came into existence? how else can you explain these hyper-evolving monsters suddenly wreaking havoc on a planet populated with humans? care to shed any light on this? :slight_smile:

[–]mattcolvilleEvolve Writer
Hyde and Val were talking about the Mutagen Wars. If you’re asking if the Monsters are a result of the Basilisk Nebula’s Mutagen tech, it’s a good question. Caira would probably know, though, if the monsters were some kind of terror weapon from the Basilisk Nebula. She would quickly recognize the use of Mutagenetics.
Plus, why would the worlds of the Basilisk Nebula attack Shear? Hub is their enemy.

Thursday, Dec 4 -- Reddit AMA with Turtle Rock Studios -- ENDED
Thursday, Dec 4 -- Reddit AMA with Turtle Rock Studios -- ENDED

I realize that this is an AMA thread, but can we really ask anything and get an answer to it? For instance if I ask about Wraith’s abilities, or the rest of the maps will I get an answer?

Hey Peirs, it’s “ask us anything” not “we’ll answer anything”… nice try though, go back to the forums <3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Will there be differant levels and environments? Maybe ones that change the whole gameplay , like levels in space and in low gravity or maybe underwater?

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“We have 4 environments / biomes that our maps use, 4 maps per biome. The Map Effects in Evacuation vary up the gameplay experience, such as perimeter walls blocking off access to certain parts of the map, or falling satellite debris entering the atmosphere that Hunters have to dodge or take severe damage.” --Clancy, Designer

Hi guys. I wanna say, I’ve put over 30 hours into Evolve already just from the first two Alphas on PC. I’m very much liking the game so far, and I can’t wait for the new modes.
My question for you is this:
How do you plan on keeping the game around long-term? Are you worried that the game could turn out to be another Titanfall, or do you have a plan in place to combat that?

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
Did you hear about Evacuation mode? If not, it’s worth diving into. I have probably three years of play time in Evolve and I still put 20+ hours into the Big Alpha, not because it’s a game I worked on, but because it was fun! I think fun is the most important factor.

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
We’ve got a live team to keep the game working smoothly. We’ll be watching balance and making tweaks as needs be. We’ve got some really great ideas and plans for DLC and updates.
We want the game to be successful, and of course we’re worried that it won’t be. You spend millions of dollars developing a game and the future of your studio rests on whether or not it’s successful…well, shit who wouldn’t be worried?
That said, we know the game is fun because we’ve been playing it for four years. Every time we take it out and show it to gamers at cons and shows the lines to play are long, and people seem to have a great time.
I think one of the things that can hurt a game is false expectations, I think we’ve done a good job of being transparent about what Evolve is and what kind of experience you can expect. If you peacock around telling everyone an aspect of your game is groundbreaking and the best thing since sliced bread, it better live up to that or poeple are going to be let down. It’s the main reason we show actual gameplay as much as we can.

Where did the inspiration for Evolve come from?

That’s a really long answer, you should definitely check out the videos that Adam Sessler did about the game ( I think you’ll find a lot of info in there on your question :slight_smile:

Can you change classes as you move into a new mode on Evacuation? Or are you limited to the class you pick at the very start?

You always get the class select screen before a new day starts, so you can switch around. We should have a playthrough of Evac up soon that will show what it looks like :slight_smile:

Can we expect to see a monster that doesn’t have two arms and two legs? I really want you guys to make the Velvet Worm, but failing that I want a monster that doesn’t move on two legs.

[–]mattcolvilleEvolve Writer
It’s possible, but tricky. There would have to be some huge benefit to be gained.
The problem is thus; there are lots of cool Monsters you and I could dream up with irrational numbers of limbs or strange locomotion.
But at the end of the day, you have to hand the controller to a player and let them play that monster, which means it has to respond the way characters in an FPS respond. If it takes two seconds for this new monster to turn 90 degrees because it has to coordinate its legs, that’s a problem.
That was one of the problems with the Velvet Worm. We could do it! We could make it so the thing whipped around instantly, but it would look stupid. It would look like something that could only exist in a video game.
So, does everything have to have two legs? Not necessarily? But all monsters ultimately need to move and respond in a manner consistent with the needs of an FPS.

Hi Turtle Rock, I have 2 questions for you; 1, I have this last year, been very impressed with developer Respawn Entertainment and they way they handled patches/title updates with Titanfall. What can we expect from you and Evolve as far as listening to the community, supporting the game and balancing/fixing things the community at larges feels needs to be resolved. 2, my birthday is February the 9th, what are my chances of getting Evolve for my birthday? Thank you and best of luck with the launch next year!

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“A: Community is supremely important to Turtle Rock Studios. There is a lot of value in the Community, as they are our core fans who can identify what we are doing right, and what needs improvement. We’re players too, so we want that to resonate with our players. We pride ourselves on being very community oriented!
Not to mention, the asymmetrical nature of Evolve means we HAVE to listen! By watching data, and listening to player feedback, we can assess balance better.
Similarly, at the end of the day Evolve needs to be fun. So, all the content that is/will be part of Evolve is built with “how fun is this?” in mind. In the beginning, we have to make guesses on what the community wants to play. After launch, however, we hope the community helps us shape DLC” – Jess, Community Manager

My biggest gripe while playing the big alpha was the unlock system, for two reasons. First, it seemed like I was being encouraged to play badly, for my own personal progression. A good example is when you need Daisy to revive x amount of people. That encourages you to not revive your teammates, so there’s a better chance of Daisy doing it so you can progress.
Secondly, it gives an advantage to players that is not based on skill. Giving players little bonuses like +5% damage, or +5% ability range is bad enough, but there are very significant perks that need to be unlocked and upgraded by grinding out levels. For example, can a group of level 1 hunters be expected to take on a max level monster, even if the hunters were more skilled?
I understand the desire for some sort of progression system to keep players interested, but that wasn’t needed at all for Left 4 Dead. Would you ever consider restricting level rewards to cosmetics only, or even cutting the level system altogether?

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
We have made some adjustments to the progression system since the Big Alpha. Lots of numbers adjusted (less grindy), and some of the requirements changed. You shouldn’t ever be doing something that isn’t useful for the team. The Mastery system has been successful at getting players to try all their gear/abilities. Learn how to use them effectively, and ultimately, that helps them become better teammates. In playtesting, for example, we would see a Markov player exclusively using the Assault Rifle and ignoring the more powerful Lightning Gun and never planting mines. You want an Assault teammate who is more effective than that.
During the Big Alpha, our matchmaking system wasn’t working quite right. It was doing a great job with role preferences, but wasn’t matching on rank. It will in the beta. So yeah, you might have a 5% damage boost on a weapon, but so do the people you are playing with and against. You all rank up together.

What are your thoughts on how the competitive scene will work? I have seen multiple answers on that you are looking for a fun game first and eSports later, but if you had to design a tournament, how would you?

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
Our initial idea was squads of five. Our monster plays against your Hunters. Your Monster plays against our Hunters. Play one match straight up. If our Hunters win and our Monster wins, we’re done. We move onto the next round. If both our Monsters win, we go into some sort of tie breaker.

Will players in a 4v1 game be matched appropriately according to skill/rank?

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
Yeah, definitely. We don’t want new players getting thrown into a meat grinder straight away. Match-making is there to make sure your playing people with roughly the same amount of time in the game as you.

How are you all planning on implementing single player? Will it be a “multiplayer-with-bots” ala Left 4 Dead, or do you plan on implementing a campaign-like version of the game with unique gameplay for the monster/hunter.

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
Check out Evacuation mode! It’s a dynamic campaign that you can play Solo, Co-op, or Versus! If you’re planning on playing solo, this is where you want to spend most of your time!

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
Similar to Left 4 Dead. There is more of a narrative that Left 4 Dead had, but Evolve doesn’t have a Halo/CoD style single player campaign. That’s not the kind of games we make.
I like the term ‘light narrative.’

Can you release a patch to replace all dialogue, wildlife sounds and music with TRS_Bambe?

Wow, um…you might just have to catch him on the TRS stream for that :wink:

Will there be weapon/character customization?

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“Currently, we’re planning to have skins for weapons as well as Monsters… more info coming soon! Be sure to join the join the TRS forums, follow us on Twitter, or Like us on Facebook so you can see what they look like as soon as they are announced.” – Jess, Community Manager

So I love the Evacuation mode and I think it is gonna be really epic, but sometimes during the Big Alpha I found it really nice just to play a quick <20 minute game and I enjoyed just having that single game mode.
Will we able to get into a game for just a single mode like Hunt, or do we have to do the entire evacuation every time?

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“You can absolutely play a single mode of your choosing. Evacuation is one way to play the game. In Skirmish, you play repeated rounds of Hunt until you want a break. You can also play Custom games as well, choosing whatever map, mode, and map effects you want.” – Clancy, Designer

Do you think it was a good idea to give the 4th monster to pre-orders? (aka, not giving it to normal buyers, but probably charging for it)
For me that’s actually withholding me from buying it, because the alpha was immensely fun, but I don’t like buying half games for full price.

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
We have three hunters per class, so if you like being a Medic, you have three to choose from. In the same vein, we have three Monsters to choose from. They all have distinct play styles. Different ways they move through the map. Different abilities, different health, armor, etc. They are different to play as, and they are different to play against.
We didn’t hold anything back from the shipping game. Everything that ships is everything that we could finish in the four years that we have been working on this game. There’s no funny stuff going on.
But we do think the world of Evolve has a lot more to offer. If you go to our forums, you’ll see the community also has additional ideas for monsters and hunters that they would like to see built. What about a monster that can cloak? What about one that can shape shift? What about one that can burrow under ground?
So we are all excited to see more monsters and hunters in the future. We wanted to show people that we are standing behind this game and will support it and keep making stuff for it after release. It’s something that Turtle Rock has always done, ever since working on Counter-Strike stuff. So we want to make another monster. It won’t be ready by the time the game ships. It’ll come later and we wanted to give it away for free when it gets done, as a thanks to anyone who believes in us, or Evolve, enough to pre-order the game. That’s all their is to it. No conspiracy. We just wanted to thank people in a cool way.
We are also making other stuff and a lot of it will be free. We have some awesome maps in the works, for example. Those will be finished sometime after the game ships as well, and we are working on other stuff that I can’t talk about yet!
Hopefully that eases your worries a bit.

Is there going to be a Left for Dead3?

[–]mattcolvilleEvolve Writer
No one at TRS has any idea what the guys at Valve are doing. We hope it’s cool, whatever it is! But we’re two unrelated companies at this point.

Turtle Rock, I love what you all are doing! Can I come work for you? I’m good at stuff.

“Good at stuff”!? That’s, like, the first thing we ask interviewees!
But seriously, if you’re interested, we post jobs on our website -
Good luck :slight_smile:

Yeah will there be an offline mode, with AI?

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
Absolutely! You can play anything in solo, as a Hunter or a Monster. You will still gain levels, unlock characters and perks and badges. I recommend Evacuation mode!

Yup, you can play the Monster against bots offline, it’s a great way to get comfortable before you fight real humans :slight_smile:

You all are doing great work on the game! I’ve got a bunch of friends interested in it too, and I’m anxiously waiting for February so we can all party up together and get hunting! Which leads into my first question…

  1. If I purchase a gift copy through Steam, will the recipient get the pre-order bonuses, the Savage Goliath and the 4th Monster? This will play a big part in how my group and I end up getting the game.
    And a more fun/technical questions…
  2. What’s been the most challenging part of balancing the game? It can’t be easy to balance something that is, by its nature, imbalanced, and having multiple modes with wildly different objectives must make that even tougher. How many different iterations of the game did it take to finally hit that sweet spot?
    And lastly… (for now ;D)
  3. What have been the constants throughout development? Watching the Evolution of Evolve videos, its clear that the game has gone through a number of changes to get where it is now. What were the aspects that were a priority to keep no matter what? Is there anything still in the game that was always there from the start, or did it, for lack of a better term, evolve into something completely different?

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
Waiting on an answer for that one…should get em though…
That’s a good question for Chris as he is very close to that aspect of the game.
Great question. We’ve been very pleased that the original idea, the core idea, has stayed largely intact throughout the entire dev process. It’s always been 4v1. It’s always had a player controlled monster. Always been on an alien world, with lots of alien wildlife. The process of the monster eating and staging up has always been there.

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
The hardest part is probably not what you’d expect. The hardest part has been making the game fun for entry level players AND hard core expert players at the same time! Very often what works well for one group does not work well for the other. We have found lots of cool solutions though.
A great example is Hank’s Shield Projector. It used to spend ammo any time you held the fire button down. Expert players would only turn it on at the second they needed to shield someone and they would conserve ammo by turning it back off. Novice players would shield their teammates all the time, spending their ammo before their teammates were in danger. So we changed the code so that ammo only gets spent when the shield absorbs damage. This made it effective for new players, and expert players still have an advantage because the gun recharges when you’re off the trigger. Now it works great for both groups of players.

I was in the ps4 alpha but I was sad because i wasn’t able to get it working, can’t wait to try it out!
What pieces of media (movies, games, books etc.) would you say had the largest influence on the design and creation of Evolve?

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
Tough call. There are lots of monster movies! But the one we kept referring to was Predator. That felt like the Evolve experience. But as far as Monster inspiration goes, probably King Kong.

I have a few questions which I’m not sure you’ll be able to answer. Feel free to say “you’ll have to wait and see!”
When the game releases, and you want to show off your skills to the thousands of us noobies - which will you play first? Hunters or Monster?
You recently released the Evacuation Story Trailer, which was awesome! How much of a story/campaign will be present in Evolve? Will it be similar to Titanfall? Or can we expect an immersive single player campaign?
Will there be more game modes than the one we’ve already seen? Perhaps two monsters vs 10 hunters? King of the hill?

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
Could go either way. We’ve got some great players in the studio on both sides. I keep telling them to enjoy their first week of dominance 'cause after that you guys will take the game to levels we never imagined.
We’ve been very careful to not give anyone the impression that we’re doing a big Halo/CoD style single player story campaign. That just isn’t what we do. Evolves story is there for gamers who are interested to hear and piece together through character conversations and some cut-scenes. We just don’t beat you over the head with it. The narrative is light, more than Left4Dead, but where not taking anyone by the hand and leading them through a linear story.
We’ve got some more ideas for gamemodes. The shipped game will have hunt, rescue, nest, defend, and Evacuation ties them all together into that light narrative that I mentioned in #2.

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
If I’m trying to show off, I’ll play the monster. But during the Big Alpha, I played the Trapper most because I wanted to help teach other Hunters how to play. :slight_smile:
You can play Evacuation in single player as Hunter or Monster. The story is pretty light, but what’s cool is that you learn more and more as you play the game longer. You’ll hear different conversations when you mix different characters.
Not for now. Four game modes (Hunt, Nest, Rescue and Defend) all wrapped up in Evacuation, a dynamic campaign with tons of cool environmental effects was just about more than we could handle!

Will you include Beta into a pre-order package or something? I would love to get my hands on this game before the initial release date.

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
We did that for Big Alpha, XBOne beta is open.

How was it decided to not have a single player campaign mode? Not even sure how it would work, but was it considered? If it was thought about, how would it work?

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
We worked on a two player co-op campaign for a long time. Didn’t really pan out though. We also had 15 tutorial missions at one point that were all single player. There was one for every Hunter. But tutorials aren’t generally very fun. So we abandoned those and put all our efforts into Evacuation mode. You can play Evac mode solo (or co-op or versus), as Hunter or Monster for hundreds of hours and never get the same campaign twice!

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
We did consider it. But Evolve has such deep multiplayer roots that we couldn’t come up with a way to present without completely changing the game. Everything we came up with was just standard…boring and distinctly NOT Evolve.
We decided to just stick with what we’re good at, stay true to our original vision and make the experience we were looking for rather than smash something we had no passion for into the box because we felt like we had to.
I personally have a lot of fun playing Evolve solo, especially in Evacuation. But it is more like how L4D did solo in that it simulates a multiplayer experience rather than tell you a linear story.

Is the campaign for Evolve more involved than the campaigns you had for Left 4 Dead? Or is essentially multiplayer missions with cut scenes in the beginning and end of each mission?

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
Not sure what you mean by involved. But our goals for Evacuation mode were to come up with a dynamic campaign that would be different every time. A place where we could play an hour long experience and have a beginning, middle and an end. And have a campaign where you could play versus, where you don’t swap teams (like we did with L4D), and where winning or losing would affect the world in a visual way. With 800,000+ possible campaign configurations, this is definitely the most ambitious campaign mode Turtle Rock has ever attempted.

Hey guys, what are some of the things you would like to expand on in DLC form as opposed to saving for a potential Evolve 2? Are there ideas that stray from the base of this game that you are tucking away for a potential sequel?

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
Hunters, Monsters, maps, modes. Free stuff and paid stuff. I think the door is wide open for future Evolve development if the community is willing to support it.

Since you (were) associated with Valve, I have 3 questions… Left 4 Dead 3? Portal 3? Half-life 3?

I wish I knew anything about those! Alack, those secrets are with Valve.

Will the game use dedicated servers?

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“Yes! It does.” – Jess, Community Manager

Thank you for your time in answering our questions, I hope I’m not too late!
I have to ask, what is the process of creating Monsters, how long does it take, what considerations do you have to take in, and what is the possibility of various different types of Monsters in the future for the game?
Also, what are the procedures for doing an Internship for your company? :slight_smile:
*Edited a few words

Monster creation takes a really long time. I know Chris posted about it on our forums ( and I think this video has some information about it -
Sadly we don’t have an internship program :frowning:

I loved the alpha. It was polished and the gameplay felt good.
I spent an awful amount of time running after the monster in a lot of games… I realise why this is necessary, but is there any change incoming to make the matches more action oriented?

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
"A: Well, one suggestion I would make is to use several different tracking methods. Tracks and Scared Birds are definitely the easiest, which is why they aren’t reliable on their own. Something that might help make the match more exciting is “predicting” the Monster route. You’ll find that it’s much more effective to try and cut the Monster off. In the studio, we often split the Hunting team into two parties to try and catch the Monster. This alleviates that drawn out Cat and Mouse game. " – Jess, Community Manager

Is this a true next-gen game? Visuals aside, are there any game mechanics that are simply too much for the PS3/360 to handle?

Absolutely. Phil and Chris had this idea for a game even before L4D but couldn’t make it because of the technical limitations. CryEngine is so good for creating lush, realistic environments, that in combination with the new generation of consoles and PC hardware, it was perfect for generating an environment where a 22 foot Monster could actually hide, which is sort of crucial to the 4v1 gameplay.

I’ve been watching Evolve from the day 1 development announcement and love how you guys have progressed so far. Your marketing has been especially intriguing, like watching a chess match over many months!
My question is what has it been like to work with 2K and how did it help expand the scope of development for you guys, if it did?
Bonus question: how many monster statues do you have in your offices?

You are so right about the marketing, they have been amazing. It’s been an emotional experience to see how people react to us and how excited our fans are to play the game. I’ve been at all the major cons and events we’ve gone to and our booths have been spectacular, I mean we have a 28 foot Goliath! Of course the game stands on its own feet and speaks for itself, but if people don’t know about it, they can’t love it. 2K has done an incredible job getting Evolve out there and showing it off for us.
Phil and Chris can chime in, I don’t want to speak for them, but from hearing them talk about it, 2K has been exceptionally supportive and has really had a lot of faith in us and our game. Making the decision to delay until February was difficult, but Phil and Chris wanted to make sure that Evolve was complete and had everything in it that they wanted and was the polished, awesome game they’d dreamed up. 2K supported them/us in that, so we’re really lucky :slight_smile:
Bonus answer: We have a couple of clay concepts, a fabulously painted up 3D print out that was given to us by a vendor we work with, but I think that’s it so far! We’re eagerly awaiting our Goliath from Triforce though, that thing is going to be so cool!

Evolve is my most anticipated game, really impressed by your work!
A few questions:
Was Hunt the “original” Evolve gametype? When were the other modes created during development?
Nest and Rescue seem to require the Hunters to split up in order to maximize their efficiency. In a game so focused on teamwork, how do you balance these modes with the “part of a whole” Hunter designs? In other words, how do you balance the emphasis on teamwork with the capabilities of each individual Hunter?
I’ve seen others ask this, but for the sake of repetition: how much power will the community have? Console controls, custom game options, dedicated servers, mod support, input on balance, etc.
I know this isn’t a question, but please let us ping / draw directly on the map HUD. Much easier to communicate team movement with a MOBA-style interactive map.
Evolve’s Alphas were my favorite gaming experiences of 2014. Really excited for the full release.

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“Q: Was Hunt the “original” Evolve gametype? When were the other modes created during development?
A: Hunt is the original and core experience, we well as the mode that’s been developed for the longest time. The other modes were prototyped later, after the characters and the game itself got more fleshed out. This way, the gamemodes play to the game’s core mechanics more coherently, rather than fight them.
Q: Nest and Rescue seem to require the Hunters to split up in order to maximize their efficiency. In a game so focused on teamwork, how do you balance these modes with the “part of a whole” Hunter designs? In other words, how do you balance the emphasis on teamwork with the capabilities of each individual Hunter?
A: From the mode design perspective: Nest is the one where Hunters split up more frequently, less so in Rescue. With Rescue, the Survivors in a group are close to each other, so there’s not a lot of splitting up required, but there is a lot of movement and needing to move efficiently. If a Monster and Hunter group race to a Survivor group, Hunters can put a Mobile Arena up and trap a Monster, and if it’s the first group of Survivors the monster is likely only Stage 1, which is a disadvantage for him.
For Nest, splitting up utilizes teamwork just in a different way. Hunters think about who they want going in pairs (or solo) depending on their team composition, when to split, and when to converge. “Part of the whole” teammwork comes into play with team fights, like during battling minions and Monster player. Individual Hunter capabilities comes into play with how well an individual can move, aim, juke, timing ability usage, etc. The skills players have in Hunt apply to Nest, with the splitting variable and multi monster awareness in addition.” – Clancy, Designer

I loved the kracken on ps4. Any plans to change anything with this monster?
I’d love to see a t rex monster at some point.

We did do some balance tweaks on Kraken since the Big Alpha. I think just minor adjustments like tweaking numbers on damage or how quickly you can move the lightning strike while aiming. I think there was also a minor issue with Vortex hitting people who seemed to be out of the way. All fixed now. It should still feel really good, but hopefully will cut back on the “Kraken OP” accusations :wink:

You guys should do an AMA from the hunter characters… I have questions for Hyde about what happened to his eye. At the very least, it would give your copywriters the chance to do some creative writing!!

Hey now, /u/mattcolville does plenty of creative writing. And I know our characters are dying to get their voices heard a bit more. A lot of people still don’t know our team of Hunters that well, maybe post-launch we’ll be able to get some of them on here to answer your questions :slight_smile:

Will we see a Leviathan Like Monster in Evolve

Here’s one everyone wants to know. What is the 3rd monster?

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
Hint: He likes cookies. ;0P

Hi there! Big fan of the game, I managed to clock over 30 hours in the Alpha and had loads of fun. My question to you guys is - what features will we be seeing in the upcoming Beta? I’m fairly up to date with the recent developments and I’m just curious as to which maps/hunters/monsters/gamemodes us guys on PC will have access to? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
We haven’t announced a PC Beta, but the XBox One open beta in January will have just about everything.

How do you feel towards map and mod making for pc? (My Goliath needs a top hat.) Will there be any sort of server browser for pc for unranked play?

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
I’m personally hopeful we’ll be able to open things up for modding, but because we don’t own the engine Evolve uses, there are significant roadblocks we have to clear to make it a reality. No promises, but if we CAN, we will.

Love the game. ! Also any chance for a insect like monster? Also what will the pc requirements be to run the game?

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
Bugs are icky!
We haven’t announced our PC min specs as of yet. Look for that in the near future.

Does this game a true single player, or a single player like left 4 dead had?

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
Single player Evolve simulates the multiplayer experience with some cool bonus features (like bot swapping.) This is an approach we have taken since Counter-Strike Condition Zero. I really enjoy Evacuation mode as a Monster in single player!

Game Mode and Customization Questions
Will there be a 4v4 Hunters vs Monsters mode a la Left 4 Dead (basically, Evacuation mode but with multiple Monster players)
Will there be something like 12 Hunters vs 3 Monsters or 8 Hunters vs 2 Monsters - anything where you can have multiple player Monsters against an appropriate amount of player Hunters?
Are there any other character customizations we can expect like changing armor color, Monster spikes, etc?
I like playing the Monster but it’d be way more fun if my friends were other Monsters at the same time and we could get together to take out a bunch of Hunters!
Thanks for getting together to make another awesomely fun game!

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
If you like playing on a team, Hunters are all about that. The monster is always solo, even when you have AI minions to help out.

Will there be challenges that unlocks weapons and Monster skins, aside from the Progression system?
Don’t you find the idea of allowing the players to play-test the DLC Monsters/Hunters before they decide to buy them interesting?
Have you thought about giving the third level of Monster’s skills a special effect? Such as branching evolutionary choices, or visual effects for distinctions? An example to that would be for the Goliath to have two options for its Fire Breath: One, a longer-lasting fire that burns for lesser damage but stays in the ground and objects. Another: Shorter range, more damaging, intense red-burning visual effect. Etc.

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
Good questions.
Not IN the game, but there will be some ways to earn skins outside of the game.
We do. And there are some interesting built in ways to do this. If someone in a server owns a DLC character and leaves the game, it gets taken over by a bot. And YOU can take over the bot. So you can play that character for the rest of the round. Similarly, during the Big Alpha, I saw someone join our game and take over an AI controlled Kraken. It was his first game as a monster. So sometimes you get lucky.
We looked at adding more monster abilities, but if we added one new ability to each monster, we’d almost have enough for a totally new monster. When we asked people if they’d rather have an extra ability, or another monster, the response was always “Another Monster.”

Will there be a Monster VS Monster mode? I would love to see this either at launch or after as an update.

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
Monsters were designed to fight Hunters. Their abilities are very low powered compared to their health values. And some abilities are useless against each other. How is Goliath going to Leap Smash or Charge Attack a flying Kraken?
We also wanted to ensure that you could always play the game with five players. And that if someone wanted to be a Hunter, that was always available in all modes.

Hey guys, stoked for Evolve. Would you ever consider adding game types with different player amounts (7v2, 9v3, etc;)?
And do you think we will see another L4D game for the XB1 and PS4?

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“We’re no longer part of Valve, so we have no idea! But if they were to make another, we look forward to trying it :D” – Jess, Community Manager

I’m not sure if this has been shown already, but in regards to size, how does Goliath compare to Colossus/Titan/Behemoth/whatever his name will be?

Sorry I’m being derpy and don’t know a better way to show this picture -
Those are actually the measurements that compare Goliath and [insert name here]. So you can see they’re about the same height, but mystery monster is much wider.

How many maps in total will there be, and how many do you guys plan on releasing later? Also, how many biomes will there be? (You mentioned there are 12 maps with effects, does that mean there are 12 maps in total, or are there more maps without effects?)

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“Each map has a Monster and Hunter map effect, so the 12 maps have 24 effects they give. The 4 Defend maps have Defend mode specifc effects: Hunters get extra turret damage, and Monster has its minions spawn in with armor. Each map we release later on will follow that rule.” Clancy – Designer

One of my many questions is if you have plans to make water-based maps, monsters, wildlife etc. with specialized underwater hunters or underwater suits for the existing ones?

[–]TurtleRockStudiosOfficial Account[S]
“We feel the most fun part of the game is above water. We do have maps with acid hazards, and we do put in water in the maps that isn’t too deep since Tyrants love the water, but we found that too much water can be quite frustrating. If we do see a compelling reason to make a water heavy map, we’ll for sure try it out, but for now we’re avoiding using too much water.” – Clancy, Designer

At the risk of sounding like a squealing school girl, I’ve got to say I LOVE YOU GUYS.
Ok now that I’ve got that out of my system, I can be a little more mature. I am more excited about Evolve than I have been about any other game in a long time, probably since Halo 2. I played the Alpha and couldn’t get enough of it. It’s refreshing and exciting in a way the recycled Call of Duty, Battlefield, Assassins Creed etc. stopped being a long time ago.
On top of this, the way you guys have handled the whole development process has been a breath of fresh air. From your activity on the forums to your activity here it is so cool to see developers like yourselves get involved with your community pre-release. At this point, the only thing that could dampen my impression of evolve would be a Halo: Master Chief Collection/ Battlefield 4 type launch.
Now that I’ve stopped gushing, I do have a couple questions for you guys.
What is your favorite hunter comp? Which pairing of hunters work really well together that you don’t think some people have thought of
Whats the timeline look like for the 4th DLC monster? How soon after launch can we expect to see the Behemoth? (Just throwing that out there)
For my last, and most important question, I’d like you to take a poll of the office and report back. Here it is: Would you rather have 7, 6-foot long nipple hairs that you could never cut OR an inch of fur completely covering both ass cheeks that you also couldn’t cut. The choice is yours

[–]PhilRobbCo-Founder TRS
I really like Val, Abe, Hyde and Bucket together. Between Val’s tranqs, Abe’s stasis grenades, Hydes toxic grenades and Buckets drones you can turn any given area into monster hell.
2.We’re not locked in on a date yet for monster #4.
LOL. I think I’ll take the ass fur. Keep my butt cheeks warm on cold days and adds a little cushion since I spend most of the day sitting on my ass in front of a desk! X0)

When it comes to balance, have you been focusing more on the “main” mode Hunt, or have you distributed time and resources equally across all modes? Because from what I’m gathering balancing so many different game modes will not be an easy task. I loved the gameplay I experienced and already pre-ordered the game, but I couldn’t get a grasp at how balanced the game actually was since I didn’t have much time.

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
Hunt Mode is where we balance all the characters and monsters. The other modes are all adjusted to work with those characters. For example, in Defend, if Goliath’s Rock throw does too much damage to the generator, we won’t nerf the Rock’s damage output. That would cause a ripple effect through Hunt. Instead, we would make the generator more resistant to the rock. Hope that makes sense. We always start with Hunt (and specifically four Hunters vs. a Stage 2 Monster) and work from there.


I’m a huge fan of the Left 4 Dead franchise. I’ve easily clocked upwards of 1,000+ hours between both games (“Versus” is entirely underrated). I was lucky enough to try out the Evolve beta and funnily enough I didn’t care for very much at first. It wasn’t until I really sat down with it and a couple of buddies joining me that I realized how fantastic it really was. You guys basically executed what I’d call the Counter-Strike formula where I can play on the same map a hundreds times over and will experience something new each time and just as exciting as the last. Fantastic work from you guys all around and your contribution to the influx of cooperative games ever since L4D is greatly appreciate. I don’t really have any questions for you, but my main concern I guess was the frame rate issues which I assume will be ironed out. Good luck with the launch of Evolve!

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
Awesome, glad you hung in there long enough to get Evolve!
At this point we are only fixing bugs and working on optimizations for the shipping game. Should be in better shape for you next time.

Do modes like nest end up being ‘harder’ for the hunters than the Hunt mode we’ve played? What with an extra AI monster running around n’ all.
When it comes to ‘Defend’, is it a question of just using different tactics, when there are lots of enemies to deal with?

[–]MacManInfiCo-Founder TRS
You do have to learn new strategies and tactics. That’s what new modes are all about. Changing the rules.
But, we balance the game mode in the mode specific mechanics. For example, you’re going to die a lot in Defend! So Hunters can’t lose by dying, and the dropship brings you back in 30 seconds instead of 2 minutes.

Will someone please get your writer to shave his crunch beard he is scaring small children.

Haha, you should see the rest of them. How do you think I feel?! I’ll be working with complete strangers after they all shave!


Thread is now open. If you can’t find something use the search function (CTRL F) and see if it is here. Please feel free to discuss. Also, please message me any issues with formatting, duplication etc… I will try and categorize these tomorrow, but no guarantees.


Bwahahahaha I posted in this thread!


Your not alone anymore.


MaddCow you have done a great job


Thanks, I need more experience with Reddit because I’m sure there was a MUCH more efficient way of doing what I did :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for putting this together. Was a fun AMA! (I’m Clancy btw)


Is AmnDragon a reference to the old Balldur’s gate?


Yes it is :smiley: BGII is one of my all time favorite games. I also play D&D and enjoy the Forgotten Realms setting.


Sooooo was there anything we (forums) found out? I skimmed through the questions but most of the questions that were answered were about anything other than unreleased features, hence why there’s not a lot new for us there.


Wraith info is ‘soon’. The rest is mostly what we know. A few personal insights on balance between hunters and whatnot.


It’s always ‘Soon’!


They still didn’t answer if there would be a Collector’s Ed. or not. Seems a little silly NOT to have one! People shelled out $300 for a Titan statue for Titanfall and that game is no where NEAR the game Evolve is!


Unless it’s next week I doubt we’re getting the reveal before Christmas; too many people will be distracted by shopping and the holidays, so the reveal wouldn’t produce as much buzz. I’m guessing early January.


I’m thinking that if there is no answer, it’s for a reason. I’m thinking that they are either working on one, or have one but tweaking/getting final permissions etc…


I’m thinking the same I asked at about 9:43am their time. I was like the 8th person to ask a question. I put it in bold and everything, waited 1.5hrs and decided to ask a different ? LOL


Which edition of D&D do you play? I enjoyed second edition and 3.5, but I never really liked the changes for fourth. I could just be a purist though :stuck_out_tongue: