TRS recycled Nest mode this time


At least it is better than other map variants… cuz Deepest Dark is co-op exclusive so it dont bully Hunt users :slight_smile:

TRS makes me say again… NEW MODE is much more important than useless map variants.

People will be bored at playing Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt and Hunt.


When at a restaurant, managers have to be careful because they know people come not for dessert or hors d’oeuvres, they come for the MAIN dish. Hunt is Evolve’s main dish. They shouldn’t concentrate on additional modes until the main one is as good as it can be because if the main dish sucks, no amount of smaller courses will change that.


Enough concentrating on Hunt even now. TRS making on new hunter, monster, and adjusting balance based on Hunt constantly. It is polished and completed game mode. And developing other game mode do not make Hunt suck. It is not a food bro.


I just insist that developing map variants is waste of time. Doing any other thing is better rather making a new map.


So you would rather have more game modes with very limited maps than, cool map variants that add more variety. This isnt Halo or CoD where they can just toss out a game mode and it be balanced. Not to mention the people doing maps isnt the same that is balancing makeing new characters etc…



I am so using that gif.


I think its pretty cool that they revisited nest mode and made it co op. Makes me wonder if we will some day see evacuation revived as a solo mode for monster.

As for new game modes, as mentioned by @sidewinder, id rather enjoy a good main dish that a hundred undercooked desserts.


That would be awesome!