TRS really fooled us with Tier 5


Think about it

Assault: well, people thought it was mech
Trapper: A viking/pirate lol
Monster: 50% Ant and 50% spider
Medic: A genie if i recall
Support: A plant hunter

They pretty much got us!


No. People were silly (I must say) because the they actually believed that:

Assault: Robot
Trapper: Plant Human
Monster: Ant/Spider Based (majority believed it was an Ant :no_mouth:)
Medic: Robot with healing fire
Support: Alien.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but the two things I guessed I guessed right >:} :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The only characters I thought I was accurate about was Gorgon and Kala

But yeah

The silhouettes were crazy

Im just wondering what that little fire was on Emet’s finger.


I think it was just smoke from his finger gun after firing it.

Although I remember the speculation of a healing flamethrower :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty much :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re the only characters I guessed and I guessed right so yay!

P.S This entire tier was basically fan service when you think about it.

  • People wanted a female Assault, TRS delivered with Lennox.

  • People wanted a melee Assault, TRS delivered with Lennox.

  • People wanted a Hunter with forcefields, TRS delivered Jack.

  • People wanted a Medic, TRS delivered with EMET. (They actually wanted healing flamethrowers… and a healing machete but those just make no sense :stuck_out_tongue:)

  • People wanted teleportation, TRS delivered with Kala.

  • People wanted an “alien” Hunter, TRS kinda delivered with Kala.

  • People wanted a more monstrous Monster, TRS delivered with Gorgon.

  • People (including myself) wanted a spider-like Monster, TRS delivered with Gorgon.

Seriously, have I mentioned how amazing they are? Because the people over at Turtle Rock who work day in and day out to give us this amazing project are, in my opinion, some of the best people on this planet.

They deserve a cookie. :cookie:
######(Sorry I took a bite, don’t hurt me)


I don’t remember that one :open_mouth:


I believe it was @Chloe who when talking about the theories for Emet brought up how some people thought his machete was his healing device and that he would stab people to make them feel better. I mean, if the demon core took over then maybe he’d think he was healing the Monster. :joy:

@Trollogrefey Found it!


Oh THAT, now I remember.


oh yes flamethrower medic


Also wrong on the two other things. XD Toot your horn when you’re 100%


Other three things thank you. :stuck_out_tongue:

######Never actually guessed anything on Jack, Emet, or Lennox to my memory.


I also wanted a Hunter with Dual Pistols :stuck_out_tongue:

My guesses were:
Old Lady in a Mech Suit
Samurai inspired Trapper with Pistols
Guy with missing limbs in a suit -> Robot -> Remote controlled unit -> Both
Monster Human Hybrid -> Lady with a telekinetic glove (what ever happened to that?)
Also, did somewhere in the development of Kala her arm change sides?


I remember that one theory where people thought trapper was a man-plant hybrid because of a badge leak on stream xD


Also, people wanted another robot and they gave us Emet!!! :smiley:


I’d like an healing flamethrower… )=

By the way, people never dared to dream about a Daisy with flamethrowers…like Hyde’d say.
Yet, they gave it to us ! x)

(yeah, it’s not missile launcher with flamethrower on it… but, wait for third adaption !)


And just for those in the know.


People actually thought the support was a plant hunter ?


I also remember @GrizzleMarine calling it like a floating spirit (something like Slim’s healing drone)


haha I don’t think I ever said that. Although I have said some strange stuff.


Skip to 5:33 Seconds, you didn’t call it a Spirit I guess but you did say it was some type of drone like Slims
(P.S. I was waiting for the breakdown all day when I saw the teaser that night)