TRS Read this please. Ranked Hunt Kick/Lag issue- an idea/solution?


So, Tbh Idk if im in the right category so if someone wants to change it go for it, and that goes for the title. I couldn’t think of a better title.

The other day I was playing a tower Survival in Warframe and I got DB’ed (dashboarded) and I got kind of butthurt cause I was in there for a good 40 minutes and I “lost” all the credit and experienced I earned. when i got back to the game, and went into my nav system, a message popped up that said something along the lines of “You were unexpectedly removed from the game, would you like to rejoin” Idk if you can implement this cause of… things but, It may be worth looking into. Id prefer that than losing points over a game i didn’t intentionally quit.


I’d change “problem solved” to “solution” if I were you, it’s a bit misleading in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:


Does that work? Hope you don’t mind @avatarkorrazula - tried to make it a little more understanding :stuck_out_tongue:


Not at all and yes!, Thank you both @ToiletWraith @xPredators


Maybe it could freeze the game with a message saying the person DC’ed and if they join back up or the freeze timer runs out first the game carries on.

This would prevent DC’ing monsters from getting an auto loss.


[quote=“CptBoomBoom, post:5, topic:83173”]
This would prevent DC’ing monsters from getting an auto loss
[/quote] it’d prevent either team from receiving an automatic loss but yeah, something along those lines.