TRS: Ps4 performance has been amazing up until NOW


I just want to make sure TRS is aware of this problem. I have never ever had the game freeze on me on Ps4 and right after the patch hit, I’ve had most of my games crash in that people will randomly start running in place with the game effectively stopping. Not only that but loading screens have been buggy as heck too. Randomly seeing static, hearing noises etc.

You’ve done an amazing job with the Ps4 performance but DONT LET THAT STOP!

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Yesterday, for first time encountered bug that stopped the game. Everyone except me froze and kept running on same spot. I couldn’t do anything else that move around. Had to close game.


I’m also having the same issues since the patch.
I’ve bought a hard copy of the game, bought the behemoth, 1 set of skins and the season pass.
Up until this patch hit, I’ve had minimal issues with the game, nothing so heavily consistent that it deterred me from playing, up until now.

I’m getting the running in place glitch where everyone seems to time out, that I can deal with, as frustrating as it is. Now, however, I’m getting outright game freezes in the middle of a match. I don’t know if it’s from playing as Torvald? It happened twice today at the very least with that character. Once against the Goliath, the other against the Behemoth.
It is entirely crashing my PS4. The screen locks in place, I attempt to close the game and it absolutely cannot seem to close the game. Eventually it freezes my entire system to the point that I am forced to pull the mains out of the back of the machine.
As much as I’m enjoying the new content that brought me back from quite a hiatus from the game with a renewed excitement, I cannot afford to risk breaking my PS4 to ‘maybe’ squeeze in one or two games…

PLEASE! Fix this. I very much want to enjoy what I’ve paid for.


We had the same Problem in several Games. But it helps to Close the Game or the Match. Please fix this Problem!


They really, need to fix this. I can’t play pvp with friends because of freezing.


i had that bug pre patches lol (im on pc) so thats not a new thing just saying


I personally got few lags on PS4 after the patch, never happens before …


Just saying it was first for me, never claimed otherwise… Like post says this happened to me on first time on ps4 and I don’t really care what bugs you have on pc…


Hi , I came on forum today to address the same issue but I found this post , so I’m just going to pass on the same thing.

On ps4 the game worked almost flawless , it only had just the occasion drop out and some minor things but now it’s almost every 2 games that I play is a sort of a crash or freeze , session drop out , graphics bugs and load screen bugouts and many more…
I don’t know what happened but it’s frustrating , I have to unplug my ps4 sometimes cos I can’t turn it off whe the game freeze … Hate to say it but I’m play something else cos it’s really frustrating and like others said can’t risk damaging my ps4 :frowning:

TRS please sort this out as soon as you can.

Thank you


During a session when some friends and I searched for random monsters, 5 out of our 6 matches saw our party leader’s game crash during the character selection lobby. I’m also seeing a much higher spike in the running in place glitch.

We should think of a name for it…


Mine was working flawlessly too until the update and now I constantly get the running in place freeze/glitch. For me it seems to only happen when fighting the Behemoth. A couple times it’s happened in a tooth and nail stage 3 fight. Soul crushing.


Same thing happened to me last night.


Same here, I would rather like NOT to have the patch. I also had these bugs after the patch.

  • The sound bug when the map loads
  • The freezing bug
  • Points get lost when evolving
  • also the gamer profiles now flickers/doesn`t show the picture after the match ended as shown in this short video

A graphic bug on The Dam


Thanks for reporting the issues people. We’ll be looking into it.


Just to add, the loading screens have gotten funky too. At its end there’s usually a black screen for a few seconds, once I even saw static, and you can hear the people talking in the dropship afterwards. On wraith trap, I heard the wraith make a sound after the loading screen before character selection. Finally, in the dropship I see my health start from half health and fill up until full with Maggie. Yesterday, Evolve crashed twice. One was on that acid map against Behemoth (orbital drill?). It also froze when I dropped in as Hank into a game in progress. In general the game seems a bit more unstable.

Not sure which of those are significant.


since the patch there hs been loading lag out frezzing time out but it bare ly happens a few timezs a day and the searching times r taking a long time too


i had the prahic bug so bad i was seeing lighting strikes the whoole map keeps on turnig balck


Thanks for the video and info guys we will look into this issue.


An update, my game is constantly freezing whenever I drop into a match. Whether at the character load screen or game in progress, it keeps freezing.

EDIT: I’ve been trying for 15 minutes now. I’m ALWAYS FREEZING whenever the initial map loading screen is done.


Are any of you guys experiencing this in solo mode? If so, could you try setting up a solo game without any of the DLC characters and see if you still get this performance drop on PS4?