TRS Please Stop!

Almost everything in the last 3 patches were balance adjustments and bug fixing though…




I do believe TRS are by pass the game’s spine,such as matchmaking,standard feature,content polish and generally balance around character
I just think they don’t have enough manpower/resource for an AAA game like Evolve

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I don’t really understand your reasoning. Like @Trollogrefey said every patch has balance changes and bug fixes. You can even see the bugs and balance refractors on Trello


The people that make content and the people who balance and bug fix are different departments in the gaming industry, so they happen simultaneously.

I get confused when people make this common request because they think the studios are choosing content over fixing what’s already in the game :thinking: You’re basically telling an artist to sit at work and do nothing lol


Also, if you want to know about how they balance stuff and what they think about certain aspects of the game, then feel free to check this AMA (ask me anything) thread where they answer many questions that the community had. :bucket_cute:

This is also proof that they are definitely listening to the community. :bucket_salute:


Well, yes and no.

Bare in mind that while the teams are technically different, yes, when content creates something such as a map adaptation - just for the sake of picking out a wildly inane decision on the part of TRS to make during the BETA of an entirely new platform for the game when they already are trim on content - that content adds additional complexity and actual man hours to the balance teams’ workload, meaning they have less time for other more critical updates.

For as much of a fan of Evolve I am, I definitely can empathize with OP and from the outside it strikes me as perplexingly difficult to understand why they made their lives so difficult for so little gain over Shear Madness. Yes, it’s in the past, but I’m quite sure anyone who’s been with the game for a while could’ve predicted how that would go if we knew what was coming.

That all said, it seems as though things are back on track. Quality of life, balance, legacy map revisions, characters and adaptions - all seem to be back on the priority list and the last few patches have shown as much.

As much as I agree with most of what was said in this thread, keep in mind the game is free. If I was a game designer I certainly wouldn’t be happy about working and not getting paid for it.

And the patches were so succesfull in balancing, player base plays 2 hunter comps and 2 monsters. Well done.

You can’t just stop adding content just because the game has balance issues.


I ran this idea through my head once. Like hey! “We need all hands on deck for Balancing and Bug fixing, but wait some people at TRS aren’t getting paid while focusing on this”


Not really what ran through me head but hopefully you get the idea

You just wake up this morning and tought: “omg i want to use this meme so much today”. So you used it now. Or what was the point? Tried to be funny or something? Any constructive opinions? Wait it doesn’t even have to be constructive.

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I’m just genuinely curious what makes you believe that only two comps and 2 monsters are actually viable.

P.S. Although I do admit that my meme choice might have been a bit overboard, so apologies.

What makes me believe is what I see every day I play this game. I tought it is obvious where my opinion is coming from. Or maybe I am playing in wrong times, but I don’t think so…

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Doesn’t help me really see the way you see it.

In competitive tourney I see at least these monsters appear: Gorgon - Goliath - Meteor Goliath - Elder Kraken with the once a while Bob or Kraken.

As for Hunter comps, Hank-Slim is strong, but I also see Papa-Cabot/Sunny or sometimes even Laz-Bucket.
I’ve even seen Laz-Babot (Battle Cabot) work or even EMET-Bucket. Not to mention that the beam team Val-Hank/Sunny is still strong as well.

Recently I played in Hunt Beta against experienced players who were doing a fantastic job with Qaira-Bucket-Waggie and Torvald.

So I’m just curious wat makes you think that only two comps and 2 monsters are viable.

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Everyone is caring about competitive. Srsly how many competitive pro players are out there? Not that much. No one gives a damn about the bigger part of the playerbase, who are not competitive players.

Hunt Beta? No thanks, don’t want to wait for a match for almost an hour what is the same as pubstomping, or get matched with “pro players” who are winning with abusing the current unbalanceed circumstances, and they even admit it.

Arcade? Slim + Hank or Slim + Sunny, doesn’t even matter, because monsters have to use the same strategy. Sometimes comes an annoying PaPa comp and thats all. The rest of the team doesn’t even matter.

I can’t remember when was the last time I fought vs a Kelder. Maybe a little bit more than a month. OG and Bob all the time. 10/1 games Gorgon or Meaty.

When I finally find a hunter comp with Val/Caira/Laz/Bucket/Cabot, or just not including Slim + Sunny/Hank, I don’t even care about winning or losing, because I am so happy and just having fun fights.

I mix things up so I main Kala when I’m support :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the twitch stream for the last Community Cup that happened this past weekend. Just to show that it wasn’t all Slim+Hank/Sunny running the show

Once I was listening to this guy’s voice for 6 hours in a tournament video. It won’t happen again in my entire life.

Maybe my bad experience is region specific… I don’t know. Btw it is still a cup. Not everyday’s gaming experience which I am talking about.

PS: Only 1 Kelder game, rest OG and Meaty. All games stomping hunters without Slim+Sunny/Hank comps, mostly with double claws. So, like I said…lacking diversity.

Though I do run into my fair share of Sunny+Slim or Hank+Slim I also run into a fair share of variability. Perhaps it is just the region or skill level you are matched against but I don’t have problems “only seeing” those comps.