TRS please nerf all Tier 5 Hunters


Let’s just get the bitching out of the way now. Please make absurd nerfs to T5 3 hours after release. No need to change game play at all, let’s keep this one build monster thing going.


Better idea, lets nerf them before they even hit the concept board.


Don’t forget… Nerf the monster too


Yea, agree. Why even bother… whatever is planned just nerf to 50% of the proposed idea. Don’t bother fixing the broken kraken though.



Might fix a few problems. ^.-

Maybe if we made them useless, they would ask for a buff for once instead. :smile:


they might just ask for a nerf on the amount of nerfs


Maybe we can make a group of hunters/monsters that fight each other by nerfing each other until one is too weak to do damage and merely quits…

Then everyone will be happy


crow doesn’t need a nerf. switch directions to get out of LoS of Gobi and his CC requires skillshots.

sunny is getting a nerf. be patient.

torvald, idk. it’s not that hard to do well with him, I just think they need to get rid of the aim straight up if the monster is focusing you thing.

slim needs to be at least relatively close to teammates to heal and his bug is only useful to those who need it the least. he’s good.

all in all, 50% of the hunters need nerfs. and they are getting them. chill.


You do realize Nerf bitching only works when a hundred new people join the forum to make a hundred different Nerf threads right :stuck_out_tongue:


Ummmmm, you do realize the sarcasm right? The point is that all the nerf bitching from both sides needs to stop and just maybe people need to change/improve their game play instead of crying for nerfs. JUST GET BETTER…i


Forward thinking? I like it.


They don’t “nerf” or “buff” anything , they are balancing the game , which is good . They need all player’s feedbacks , to make their game , competitive , balanced and fun to play.


W/L ratios don’t lie, TRS gets all their information from the servers, if they see or feel that something is unbalanced then they will act accordingly. The “just get better” crowd are the only group that have no place on the forums.


I would expect this from evolve920. Truth is this was supposed to be a humorous thread, relax nick.