TRS Please fix your leaderboards

please please please… fix the freaking leaderboards, set it so people get a loss for leaving the game, because right now, every monster is so pathetic and fixated on score that they will leave any game they are losing, which forces another player to join and take that leave, its a really big problem, i say you should just reset it and then set it so leave = loss



So how is this destroying the game exactly??? The leaderboards are not the only aspect of this game. I would think having fun while playing it would be the most important part not some imaginary rank.

true had a guy do it earlier waited until ai got to level 3 wraith and then just took control and well you know demolished us with ease and 0 effort.

It isn’t destroying the game, nor is it as big as you make it out to be, but the Leaderboards are trash. They go off time played mainly, you can dodge losses by quitting, and they’re buggy as hell. A ton of high;y ranked players had theirs reset.
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i dont care 2 damn for the leaderboards, but most monsters do, they go into a game and as soon as it looks down for them they will freaking leave, just try to go to leader boads, i will bet you that everybody over 30 wins who have a 100% win/lose ratio have quit a game just not to get a loss, i am playing on pc and 3 out of 5 times the monster will leave.

I’m not much of a player that actually plays competitively anymore. So I could careless on what the boards say. I’m sure there are more like me that don’t think a bugged leader board is the demise of Evolve.

I think that’s a specific platform problem as i’ve been 3rd with val for a week now and the people around me have been the same since last weekend (Ps4). I haven’t left a single game but then i do play with a team of 3 or 4 most games as do the 2 ahead of me as they have been streaming all week with a team. It’s not 100% who ever has played the most as i had a few hours less than the people around me and was still 3rd due to a better win/loss ratio.

alright if you dont believe me, here is pc leaderboards.

15 out of 15 have a 100% win ratio

13 out of 15 have a 100% win ratio

14 out of 15 have a 100% win ratio.

do you honestly think all of these have played without ever quitting a game? hmmm?
the ones under 25 i will believe, but those over? hell no, i dont trust a person who have a 100% win ratio.

Yes i agree with that but the leader boards on the Ps4 are compeletly different people have 1 or 2 win/loss ratios which are legit. Seems that it’s a PC problem.

that might be true, i apologize in that case, since i have only played on PC and on here it is a huge problem.

Most of the bad players migrate to PC where that kind of stuff is the norm. Maybe you should buy a console and play with the adults for awhile?

Don’t be that guy…

A quit should simply count as a lose…wouldnt that fix the issue…

Please dont be a bighole…
Consoles have more kids than pc. Console games have more kids that slept more nights with my mom than my father…

Dont makeup unnecessary stuff,please. Every platform has its share of bigholes n noobs and consoles got higher % since pc configging is a bit harder than console’s, turn it on plug it in…play


That may help some but could penalize people with legitimate reasons for quitting. I would suggest doing a stacking penalty that after a certain number of quits it will no longer contribute your stats to the boards for up too 24hrs.

Some sacrifices should be made for a better n brighter tomorrow.
People who quit for legit reasons would be affectee but the same mechanics woulda save a lot of matchs from getting destroyed.

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I agree with you on that. Can’t please them all for sure.

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This thread would seem to indicate otherwise, wouldn’t it?

Let me guess, you are on a PC, am I right?

All i see is some guy trying to start a argument where it’s not needed or wanted.

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Kindly refrain from turning this into a Consoles vs PC Thread. This is hardly the time or the place for such debates. If you wish to continue this, make a specific thread, do it via PMS, or better yet, on a different site. In the meanwhile, please remain civil here. Thank you.

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