TRS Nerfed themselves?


The developers have already nerfed their communication with the community. Just look at how active they were pre launch compared to post launch. Their passion and love for the community lasted about as long as it took to get that £60 out of your hand/account.

Am I serious? Is this a joke or a genuine criticism ? Be sure to vehemently defend them or attack me in the comments you toxic forum avengers you! :slight_smile:

How can you say this community isn't toxic?

Actually before launch the devs explained that after release they wouldn’t be able to catch up with all that is happening here.

You could also think of their absence as that they actually are busy with the patching this game so much need.

We are the community and we should be able to handle ourselves without the devs hanging around. It is actually an luxury being able to communicating so closely with them.

Have a nice day op


Shaku hit the nail on the head. I would rather them fix all the bugs and OP stuff rather than them having an orderly chat on the forums. There are also tonnes more threads which they read, but do not have the time to respond to.


they devs are busy … they said they would be spending all our money lol


“Do more work fixing bugs!”

“Why aren’t you talking to us!”



I clicked that…

Anyway.Its good that they ain’t talking so much.Ofc they are all running and stuff.So many things to be fixed.Actually not exactly so many.There are like 4-5 things.But they need to locate them.
Yeah yesterday we could fly in the game.Or Goliath doing that slide.What procs those things?Matchmaking got into a black screen.Why?

Just let them be.


Simply saying that they are busy just wonr cut it, k?

If you want a good and efficient game/community, the devs need to find time to talk / communicate with the players…

A simple they are working is an old crappy joke



I wasn’t around her pre-launch, but I can say that without a doubt, they are still FAR more active than any other game forums I am on… Ever try to get the attention of a dev on BF4? ROFL…


Don’t worry, two other peole did as well.


“Am I serious? Is this a joke or a genuine criticism ? Be sure to vehemently defend them or attack me in the comments you toxic forum avengers you!”

Yep its that easy to get some negativity or denial of your opinion on this forum. Toxic Avengers Gooooooooooooooooooooo!


Really?I mean i haven’t seen in any forums any dev talking like they do here.And its a problem now that they are not communicating instead of fixing things?

I mean which other game their devs even go to their forums.

But that’s the reason they don’t actually.People get spoiled

Naa people are joking as well.They don’t attack anyone :stuck_out_tongue: .Anyway in my opinion just let them do the first patch.I actually don’t need them to talk to us about future skins or how the development was 2 years ago or what other ideas they had etc etc.(Because that’s what people are asking nowdays in the forums)


I know!


I’m outta here now, can’t get more confused.


Quick note. I love you all and harbor no ill will towards any of you. All of your opinions are rooted in a validity which is undeniable as it is a part of you and your cognitive processes . I would never deny someone that. I only wish others could see to act this way also.


It’s been said before but I will say it as well. The Devs here are super communicative. Yes, they aren’t talking right now, but that’s because they are trying to fix the bugs and game issues… like we asked them to. It can’t go both ways. You can’t expect them to be all chatty on the forums and working on coding and such.

I only wish more development teams were as friendly and as in touch as Turtle Rock seems to be.


Uhh, what? I just got flagged with that?

How can anyone even think of that as offensive? I mean, where have I been serious on threads for that to seem anyhow serious on my side? :frowning:

I’m sorry if that offended anyone… I really wasn’t serious. It’s not like I ever am that serious anyways.


Made an argument based on fact, complains when people disagree because it is not respectful of personal opinion.

Nothing constituting an opinion was stated.

Fun fact, opinions are things like saying you like or dislike the game.

Saying some one doesn’t talk to you is making an empirical statement, you base it on objective observation. This is not an opinion and the bases of your statement can be disagreed with.

If you dislike people disagreeing with you why are you posting statements like this on a forum where you know people will disagree with you?

What is it those sa trolls always say when people do this “g8 b8 m8” or something?


I agree that they haven’t been super active since launch, but at the same time, I take that as them spending more time trying to work on the game (yes, it may be an old “joke”, but if that’s what they’re doing it’s not really a joke.) Would you rather them spend more time on here talking than trying to fix the game? Am I defending them? Yes, and I’m not ashamed and I’m not insulting anyone. I’ve spent almost a year on these forums and it has been said you can develop a sense of who people are within 3 months of knowing them and I have yet to see TRS do anything to intentionally screw over their customers and have seen them offer large amounts of their time to helping people, particularly during the alpha and beta.


They working on stuff ATM and they still do check when they can. For example I got a message this morning telling folks to tone down on the vitriolics. They check when they can.


I think you might be projecting a bit one this one, friend. Lagger’s response was the only one with any negativity to it and I’m pretty sure it was to parody your post for humor’s sake rather than a genuine attack.

I agree the dev activity has been noticeably scant since launch and I wonder why myself. Is it because the forums have become so nasty and messy? I hear people saying they are busy working on patches. And I’m no game developer, but if that were truly the case wouldn’t making and finishing the actual game have been more time consuming than releasing patches for it? To me, by that logic we should have seen less of the devs before launch and more of them afterwards not the other way around.

Either way, I don’t feel owed any explanations and still got mad love for TRS and this game. Though, I do think they need to they need to stay vigilant in order to insure Evolve becomes what it deserves to be. I want to be able to play years from now and not be the only one. I want the investment of the PC Monster Race Edition to pay off instead of leaving me feeling ripped off like it has upto this point. I’m holding strong and holding out hope though. Godspeed, you glorious SOBs!