TRS, my eyes hurt looking for hunters with spore gun >.<


can you guys get sued for hurting monster players eyes on purpose? jk

but seriously it hurts >.<


I smell a lawsuit.


its hard to keep track, and you have to use more eye focus and it kinda hurts >.< my eyes were not ment to zoom in and out


It’s likely because you’re forgetting to blink often enough which causes them to dry out quickly. If you can’t consciously make yourself blink every now and then, try to get some eyedrops or lay a wet towel over them. I had this problem during both the alpha and beta because I played for some 12+ hours each day. It really affects your eyes XD.


i blink, and i play a healthy 2-4hrs a day mr addict XD , i’m sure other monster players have the same problemo, btw its fun as hell blinding monsters cause when i choose slim sometimes monsters CAN’T see us for shit, im assuming it hurts their eyes too lol


I don’t even have eyes.


oh you :smile: , let me guess, your family was murdered in front of you at age 5 and the murder cut off your eyes out and ever since you swore revenge… did i get your back story right?


It actually has a responses. About Slim being OP.

About spore grenade range being too big.


too bad we monster players gotta wait a month for a patch soo for now im on team hunter XD sry gotta go where the fun is :grin:


I’m doing the same. I actually got a video recording program now so I can “back up my claims”.


I’ve played monster a total of 5-6 times now, and out of those games I only played 3 full matches I think, (all 3 ended with me rushing it at stage 1). From what little experience I’ve had vs the spore cloud (2 rounds), it is doable. I use sound more, you hear the hunters talk, especially if you hit them. They shout out for help or whatever. Also worth noting that I’ve played against plenty of monsters who ignore the spore cloud pretty much, fighting as if it was never there.

You just need to get used to not having your targets lit up like a christmas tree and you’ll do fine. Without the spore cloud Slim is dead in the water. An easy kill. Even with the spore cloud the monster can get you quite easily at times when they do a chain attack and you get caught. Or just play against Kraken. Most monsters just spam attacks, not looking.


yes!!! BUT, it still hurts dah eyes :stuck_out_tongue: in the long run


No you don’t :wink:


I really hope they aren’t going to touch Slim too much. People still needed to learn how to counter him, now they do. Ever tried focusing the shit out of Slim? Good bye Slim. He’s winning this much because people pick T4 only like 50% of the matches. Getting telemetry now is not reliable. Caira is SOOO easy to play, a noob knows what to do right from the start. Slim doesn’t. I actually think his spore gun radius is exactly right. It’s still easy to move out of and it is the only reason he can actually heal the way he does. If the monster cannot see, he can get people up a lot safer. Try playing without his sporegun and see your team get wrecked. Slim does shit focus healing and very bad self healing. He either needs health-regen as a buff or he needs a support that can actually protect him. Because there will be a point where a monster will find Slim and break his little insect spine.

The way I go for is hearing. If you have good headphones or surround sound you should be able to hear exactly where he is by searching for his gun. A gun that he fires 80% of the time. Look for visuals from his heals. Once you find him, go for him. Strategy is the same with and without Slim. Only way to take someone down is to focus them.


yeah, but he still hurts ppl’s eyes, and yes i take advantage of that too, but yes he still hurst my eyes and i assume a shit load of ppl as well :stuck_out_tongue: soo aslong as it hurts my eyes i will also use the over powerness too just like you XD


The problem isn’t slim, it’s his synergy. Being shielded shuts down your tactic, especially by sunny’s shield drone while she’s nuking you.

Sadly, I also only have a 19" monitor. so no matter how much I squint, I’m really pressed to see graphics if I’m playing behemoth or kraken.

Personally, I think the spore gun shouldn’t remove people highlight over hunters, but merely change the coloration so that you can’t tell which one is which.


Sunny is like Hank. How do you counter Hank? By killing Hank. Sunny however can be shielded by her own shield so you need to knock her away and out of sight. Another thing is to use your strongest attack on Slim, hit 1 teammate and then use your 2nd strongest attack on him, with little to no health left he should die very soon.

Same here, no problem yet. Area’s with a lot of bushes and trees become really hard, open terrain doesn’t. Try to avoid those bushy area’s, although they are as hard to fight in as for the hunters. Try to go for sound as well. This game actually has a pretty good sound engine and with a surround headset you can almost point where sounds are coming from.

The spore gun does the exact thing that Slim cannot do. It removes names, outlines and health bars. The trick is to jump out of the cloud, smell who’s health is low and focus back in. You keep doing this, brings extra evasion to the table and it forces the team to move a lot more. The moment they move they are much easier to spot. This is how your brain detects non-stationary potential dangers, once very useful for hiding predators. Because Slim cannot focus heal, it’s really good to take the monsters ability to search for players with low health. If he doesn’t have this power, he will be worthless.


It has too large of a radius and is too spammy. It doesn’t take any skill to use at all.


Thanks. I appreciate the tips. I’ll add that to my mental list of opportunities :smile:

Every little bit helps. But really, I’m enjoying the winning spree I’m getting from being a hunter right now. Not quite as exciting as being a monster… but oh well, I’d rather have fun.


According to Macman, they used to have a smaller radius, but it hindered slim healing too much.