TRS muzzling us is wrong when it comes to the on-going PS4 issue


So it’s now weekend 7 in the ps4 unable-to-play-online saga-in-a-row now - where PS4 players are unable to get a coherent period of play on evolve (if any at all) on the weekend.

Since getting back at 7:30pm, I’ve had this screen up (see image) on my console screen for the last 2hours and 15minutes, continuously searching…the pic shows a point in time where it’s managed to find all 5 players needed - but yet it still can’t launch the game for us.

What I consider to be even worse though, is TRS’s stance of muzzling us by locking every thread that is brought up regarding this. This muzzling of the PS4 player base has happened because AuPair has stated in the main thread, that she cannot emotionally deal with us customers complaining. That is extremely unprofessional and non-existent customer management. If I ever invoked the “emotionally-can’t-handle-this” card at my job as an excuse for not meeting my company’s customer’s expectations - then I would get fired and replaced by someone who could. End of.

I do not care if you play Ps4 also and are having a sucky time. I did not, when purchasing the game, consent to getting emotionally involved the developer’s personal stresses of being unable to fix a problem they have responsibility for. I simply want to know, as the customer for this product:

A) What is the reason I am not able to play the game I have payed for
B) What steps are being taken to resolve the issue
C) A timescale for when this will be resolved, and the reasons for this.
D) Will there be any compensation for not getting the service expected.

I want to hear solutions, not “we can’t deal with this”.

The current requirement for us to “shut-the-fuck-up-for-weeks-on-end-until-a-solution-is-found” stance by TRS has got to change. The thread locking has got to stop - at least have 1 thread open to allow us to vent and another thread to update us. Try to MANAGE the process. Don’t ditch it! It’s only going to make things worse.

From this saga it’s clear there is something fundamentally wrong within TRS. There is no doubt you have incredible creative talent, but somebody within the organisation - either at the top or bottom, is simply not doing their job and letting everybody down.

It reeks of the head of the company is basically a computer geek without any business management skills - at the end of the day, they have overall responsibility for company’s performance.

After a TRS policy of denial on weekend 1 and 2, where i quote aupair saying, “I can confirm, this is a PSN issue”. So you confirmed something to your customers that you were not 100% sure was actually true? That is shocking.

After TRS only admitted there was a serious issue on weekend 3.They had to wait to “capture” the error file on weekend 4 that is causing the issues. But some jobsworth within TRS said “lets move the live ops desk” and nobody stopped to think that that may mess up this resolution process. Which it did. Sounds like a total break-down of communication or any appetite in the first place to resolve the problem.

So we waited till weekend 5 - so error file capture attempt no2 could get underway. Then AuPair “cannot-deal-with-this-complaining-kicked-in-but-i-promise-we’re-working-on-it-and-we-will-update-you-when-it-is-resolved-thus-all-threads-now-on-will-be-locked-dicussing-that-are-discussing-this-issue” so we thought…

“…okay…that’s fine so we should get an update within a few days now that they finally got the error file.”


What would be 10x smarter is updating us at least every 3 days, on exactly what is going on, what is being done. EVEN if no actual progress has been made. Customers will forgive the proverbial “shit-hitting-the-fan” if we’re integrated in the process also. We can be patient if you give us reason to be, locking threads is not one of them.

P.S. One person replied to a previous post I wrote, “Do not provoke the devs”. Wow, so are the Dev’s some version of the SS where anyone who talks out of line gets punished? Or so insecure they cannot handle someone telling them the truth? How about growing a backbone, putting yourself in our shoes and meeting the criticism head on, instead of taking the easy option.



TRS is not muzzling anyone. There are no updates yet, Tara is a PS4 player herself.