TRS + Mods - Twitch Streamer using Evolve Artwork to sell merchandise - Advice?


Remember when I made the Planet Tamer badge for people to use? Link: Cabot's Planet Tamer Badge - Re-Created + Monster Badge

Well a streamer on Twitch is using the same exact one I made (but edited slightly) and is using it for his merchandise, such as t-shirts which can be seen here:

I edited out his name to avoid any flaming. I had no intention of using the artwork for financial gain since the design was mostly based off of Turtle Rock Studios, and I assume if I wanted to utilize it for business use I would need to ask permission of some sort.

Any advice on how to deal with this?

@MaddCow @Shaners

Edit: Forgot to provide link to the store image


Sue the bastard!!

#####don’t hurt me I’m jk


Damn, I watch him stream a lot of games. I believe his fiance makes the art for him and his channel.


I don’t know. I actually agree without the bastard part


It’s technically TRS (or 2K more likely) they’re infringing the IP on, so I’d just pass the details on to someone like Shaners and they can help get it where it needs to go, if it needs to go anywhere.


Yeah, I was just confused cause he’s using my file which is a design based off what TRS did. I only made it for the community so people can use it for fan art and misc things, not making money off it.


My god they don’t even know how to move the chapter text around so it’s centered. Get them reported



lol Slewey removed the name that’s in that blank space, it IS actually centered


Correct, I took out some of the text because it had part of his name in it, that’s why it looks off centered.


Well first off get some proof that it is in fact yours then go over to the site to get it taken down and if you want to take it further (sue) than do it. And as other have said take to someone from trs about this. Because not only are they using your stuff to make money for themselves they are using evolve’s name to make money


Good point. Ok then I can lambast them for the kerning that they obviously haven’t even attempted to fix.


Gonna inform @MacMan and @SlabOMeat because this might be stealing. im no law/business expert by any means, but that image belongs to TRS and 2K. For someone to make profit off it could involve some legal issues.

Edit: @Chloe, and @LadieAuPair might want to know about this as well. Again, im dont know much about this kind of stuff, but unless he got permission to make profit from something that he didnt create, there is probably going to be some major problems here.


@Slewey you mind if i change the “my” in the title to “Evolve”? Its not technically your artwork.


IIRC it’s his, but based on the Evolve IP/universe. He created it even if he doesn’t hold the property rights.





ah. well, i learned something about copyright. if thats true, then how does the monetization of the logo stand in regards to the streamer using it?


Edit: Nvm misunderstood.


Ok so if I am remembering correctly, said streamer could legally sell the shirt with permission from 2k and permission from Slewy. 2k owns the Evolve IP and all logos, characters, etc within. Slewy created a version of said logo that wouldn’t exist outside the game (unless released by 2k/TRS).

So this person is profiting from Slewy’s work and 2K/TRS intellectual property.


So therefore he still cannot use it if he has no permission from the both of them, Correct?