TRS maybe your next community challenge could be CABOT...?


As we all know since nerf at least on ps4 not many choose Cabot myself included,Cabot has been put on the back burner so like what you did with bucket let’s get Cabot back into force by doing a challenge w/end for him.

I don’t think you will choose a support next, maybe a different category but oh well Cabot need’s more love or buffing and maybe a w/end challenge for a skin might just dust of the cobwebs for him.


I like Cabot as he is, Sunny is just so strong that shes the only thing people will choose.
But I do think a challenge would be awesome, I love teh Cabbage, I want more smexy skins for dat Rail Cannon


haa !! yeah in support category you can’t compete with hank or sunny really that’s why they should do cabot so people play him and learn to like him like they have now with bucket.


Lol I actually think Bucket is more hated than ever tbh, but he’s always been a bit on the “disliked” side. Cabot is just a bit harder to come to grasps with as he requires better coordination with your team, so pubbies struggle to use him, making him less popular. Anything that requires skill is generally unused by randoms, and Cabot is kinda skill-requiring


lol i like him but my team always want shielding which means hank or sunny all the friggin time grrrr


Yep, Hank is always my pick for pubs cuz my shield skills are enough to idiotproof the team, but if I play with other people usin mics, my Cabbage is terrifying


lol i’m going on evolve now i’m missing it already ha !!


I’m trapped at school ;-;


Yeah I think there are less Cabots, because Sunny is just the best. There really isn’t any reason not to take sunny.


Unless you recognize the cheese ezness of her and pick Hank cuz you can sympathize with monsters. I know all them not so Sunshiny feels


Oh yeah I mean I won’t take her right now when I play hunters, because I know I hate her when I play monster. I would say most people don’t care, and really just want to try and get an easy win. I mean it was like when the wraith could really pub stomp. that is all the monsters would take since it was just easy to destroy pug teams.


I prefer picking sunny because of the jetpack booster, honestly, i do not like the drone and that weapon gives me nightmares.

Hank is still the most reliable shielder, he does his job well.


Well, we just had the chance for a Cabot skin and lost it. Trappers have had a challenge, Goliath has had a challenge, Hyde (an Assault) has a chance this weekend, and Wraith also has a chance this weekend.

That leaves Kraken and Medic as the untouched roles thus far, and I’d prefer the Kraken challenge happen after some balance changes are done to him. So, hopefully Medic is next.


Well it was mainly focused around bucket, but I did want all supports to get that camo,saying that I was a bit disappointed in it to be honest,not as good as I thought.


I guess we’re gonna have to figure out how to get the rest of those Predator Support skins somehow now…


IMO Cabot requires more skill on the part of your team because they don’t have the safety net of shields and the rail gun was nerfed so now you need to use damage amp and your team needs to use it effectively.

I think that Hank has a higher personal skill level for the timing of your shields and when to save your shield and let someone die cause their health is to low and the incoming damage is too much for you to shield through.


I agree, Cabot is only good with a semidecent team, Hank is the idiotproofer for competent players. Hank is that guy you can carry a team with ;p
(Which I did once, most intense match ever. 3 orbitals, saved the always out of position medic countless times, and damn does that laser burn)


I don’t think I’ve ever won the game for my team but I have definitely changed it from a tight game to a stomp as Hank.


Damn right, Hank is godtier, specially with dat beard.


Hank and Cabot are propably better then sunny imho.

Sunny is just extremely defensive meaning she can make up for the Assault going parnell (All in damage) and the Trapper going something like Abe or Crow and having them go balls deep damage as well.

The only thing that has to remain consistant regardless of team comp is Caira.