TRS Kracken's too much in pubs please tone her down!


I’m really getting sick of playing try hard Krackens all the time,it’s like wraith at launch again where you think shall we just never play her again if they pick them.

Why is she so much bother you may ask ok here’s a few issues I have:-

1-Only monster that can mitigate pretty much all damage
2-Healths too high for a flying monster that you can hardly hit
3-All Kracken’s abilities have the best combo burst damage
4-Lightening strike has way too big of a hit box that you can’t dodge it properly
5-Can pretty much stay airborne whole game rendering Assault obsolete
6-Virtually all maps are in favour of the Kracken apart from BHM


The Kraken is already undergoing changes for the next big patch to help fix some of those issues you’ve stated.

You can read about what is actually known about so far, and not just speculation, here:

And straight from the Balance Wizard in Training himself:


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