TRS just wants to destroy its own game?


HAs anybody already seen the latest patch update 2.3.8. TRS is just stubborn on hitting monsters with nerfs while upgrading already strong hunters. They really do not want to keep their gamers?

Let’s start with the Wraith. It’s already enough that they drastically reduced his abilities and did not care. The Monster is already a slow bug compared to Goliath. Now they are going to reduce his warp blast damage, which they supposedly gave to compensate for having taken his speed and decoy away.

The Kraken will now descend when hit with a trang. Goodbye Kraken. I play with Val a lot and know you can crank up trang shot like crazy, especially with the quick reload or extra ammo perk.

The know back value is now being changed so that monsters can’t juggle hunters.

The general outcome of these latest patch. Continue to **** over the monster player who master the role and continue to reward the hunter. I realized that wasting your time on mastering this is pointless. The moment you master juggling, flying, jumping, evading with monsters, TRS comes around and punished you for it. I guess they just want a game where people can buttom smash and not focus on whether they are doing the best or not.

They label the latest patch a micro patch, but it will make a huge difference. It’s like they said on youtube. The game is dying the developers are the hand that forced it.

What are people opinions on this patch.

Well, At least it wasn’t like Netherland Studio who sold you a $180 premium package and not deliver what you bought. If I want the new character which came with my expensive package, I have to pay again. At least Evolve didn’t do that to me.


That the knockback nerf needs serious revision.


dont worry

they will buff them soon

3 weeks ago monsters had like 75% w/l ratio in esl

now its 75% hunter

its gonne change again

but yeah the knockback nerf was silly every good team could deal with that


All I’m going to correct is Wraith is a her. The rest I can’t argue against except the point you’re trying to prove is wrong because they’re trying to improve the game but it requires patience and testing.


:unamused: that was because krakens CC was broken, they should have just fixed his CC and let the % balance out THEN should have made adjustment if the numbers where still high -_-

how do u guys not see this :persevere:


no it was the same with the other monsters.

sure kraken was mostly picked but the other monsters did not have a lower winrate


I could’ve sworn Goliath was 50/50, no?


Maybe they should cap all hunter CC at 0.75 seconds too Kappa


OP, I think you’re exaggerating things greatly.

Jetpack fuel takes longer to recharge, Torvald’s mortars take longer to reload, and Val’s tranq duration was reduced.

While some hunters did see buffs, there are hunter nerfs as well. Also, I don’t know if I’d consider the hunters that got buffed (Slim, Val, Markov) to be the ‘strong’ hunters; I honestly thought they needed the boost.

As for the monsters, I’m seeing a lot of Behemoth buffs (which I also saw was necessary). As for the other monsters the patch affected…

I always thought Wraith was quite fast; I haven’t had any speed issues using her. Also, I think you are confused. Warp Blast’s damage wasn’t touched in the patch, only its radius:
Continuing the discussion from Patch 2.0.8 (PS4, Xbox One) & Patch 2.3.8 (PC):

So as long as you’ve got good aim, Warp Blast still hits just as hard as ever. Unless you have issues aiming or smartly getting hunters to use up their jetpack fuel, I don’t see why anyone would have an issue with the Wraith change.

I’m unsure of where this doomsday attitude comes from. Kraken was always affected by tranqs, stasis, and harpoons; it was only when Kraken suddenly wasn’t (when he was immune to CC) that was Kraken considered broken. So the patch rights a wrong, so to speak (it fixes him).

Honestly, Kraken was always strong. Then when he accidently became immune to CC, he was broken. Now he’s back to being strong. The only major differences I’ve noticed from Kraken at launch to Kraken right now are that his two strongest moves (Lightning Strike and Aftershock) have been buffed (they’re easier to aim / more mobile), at a cost of a slight decrease to health and armor. All things considered, I’d consider Kraken better than ever.

I’ve never really needed to rely on heavily juggling or stunlocking to down hunters, so I can’t really say this change has affected my monster play (or at least, not in a noticeable way). Some people certainly think it’s the end of the world, but not having relied on it myself I can’t see the importance of it.

From what I’ve seen:

  • hunters that needed buffed got buffed
  • hunters that needed nerfed got a small nerf
  • monsters that needed buffed got buffed
  • monsters that needed nerfed got a small nerf

From my perspective, that sounds like balancing the game - not destroying it.


Because Wraith is 50% abilities that don’t work reliably and barely viable even when they work. And TRS’s response was to nerf her even further.

Astonishingly, other people play the game (although not many anymore Kappa), people who can (could) actually use the monster CC. Don’t even bother talking about balance if your view is “I’m ok with it therefore it’s balanced”.


The tone of this topic’s title is rather off-putting. The developers love their game, and are working very hard to balance it. It will take tweaking here and there but they are working at getting it just right.


Warp blast has to much range, it is basically a guaranteed hit, though i agree the other abilities like abduct and super nova need tiny damage increases to compensate. The wraith right now is completely dependent on warp blast to do any real damage. kraken always staying in the air and taking no damage is shit, they need to hide like every other monster at stage one, not be high flying around taking no damage, because they never land.


We are the testers and the changes TRS are making are more or less just arbitrary shots in the dark.


The nerf to War Blast’s radius was in response to Warp Blast’s strength, not the strength of her other three abilities.

I do not think a reasonable person would think that Wraith’s less effective abilities were the cause of the nerf of her most powerful ability. It makes much more sense that the powerful ability is slightly too powerful, so they brought it down a little bit.

Also, Macman has stated that they want to start making changes one at a time so they can better gauge the effect’s impact. This time around, it was Wraith’s Warp Blast; I would not be surprised to see the next change affect (improve) one of her other abilities (with all of them being touched on at some point).

I am well aware that other people play the game - other people who can actually heavily use stunlocking and juggling and all that. It’s rather interesting that you try to insult my skill level with monster, as it brings up an interesting point.

I don’t consider myself the greatest monster. Hell, I don’t even consider myself an ‘expert’ or ‘very good’ monster. I’d consider myself ‘decent’ or ‘good’ at best. And yet I seem to do just fine against premades, groups in custom matches, etc. If I can do just fine without having to rely on heavy stunlocking/juggling, why should I expect people who are more skilled than me to be worse off? Do better players really need to rely on something that I do not? I don’t think they do.

Also: if you continue to speak in absolutes like ‘actually use the monster CC’, please make note of my use of the term ‘heavily’. I do not know if you just didn’t see it or if its importance escaped you, but it does note important distinction when discussing this topic.

Lastly, I would appreciate it if you would not put words in my mouth. “I’m ok with it therefore it’s balanced” is not my view. What I said and what you thought I said are not the same thing. Please re-read the post I made to see what my view actually is. (If you need me to explain my view further, please let me know.)


That is quite wrong interpretation of a big nerf to a LS. Now you can’t recuperate if you happened to put your aim far from the hunter, since its aiming speed is constant and easy dodgeable now, especially by a pro teams (the real reason Aftershock now has bigger plays instead of LS, with LS being picked mostly at S3 now). And as well your LS can’t be used as effectively as before when aiming at close range, simply because hunters dodge it and your speed at moving the LS is not high enough to catch up with them.


You look at this too unecessarily harshly. They test these patches before release, but they can’t play on the same scale as we can. We provide feedback and they use their data and telemetry to figure out what is best to attempt a sound balance.


Really? I hadn’t noticed; then again, I did do my best not to play Kraken while he was broken (which was for a decent length of time), so perhaps I didn’t remember just how fast LS aimed.

Even if that is the case, I like the current Lightning Strike. A constant aiming speed is nice in its own way, and I never thought that LS should be undodgeable just because one has good aim (hunters should be able to dodge it if they’re fast enough) or that you should be able to recuperate if your aim was way off.

Perhaps saying it was buffed was saying too much. Even if it was, though, I think it’s in a better place now, and it doesn’t change my view that I think Kraken is better than ever. (Perhaps even too good - I’m still on the fence on whether or not I think Aftershock needs changed.)


That’s because the monsters had the win-rate advantages in pubs and in the ESL…

Almost everyone was saying how weak Markov, Val, and Slim were pre-patch and Caira was the most picked Medic by far. On top of that, Torvald got a needed nerf. Jetpack remains about the same (slightly longer recharge, but no drain while falling). I agree that the knockback is too much though.

You mean they moved her strengths/weaknesses around. They actually buffed some of her abilities.

Wrong. Again. They reduced her radius slightly, they didn’t touch the damage.

Do you even read the patch notes? I think you are just making up things to be mad at. Kraken was supposed to already be brought down with tranqs, stasis, and harpoons. It was just bugged before, allowing it to fly endlessly. If you are honestly complaining about this, then I don’t know what else to say. A good kraken can still stay airborn for almost the entire time by using abilities and traversals wisely, even with a tranq in it.

Yep, they only screwed over monsters. None of them got buffs or anything.

Yes, the hunters do have the slight advantage right now, I won’t argue that. But you’re making it seem like they just ruined the entire game with a few small changes. On top of that, most of what you said was just flat out wrong. If you are going to complain, please check your facts first. Nothing is worse than complaining about something that doesn’t even exist or never happened.


Sound balance, that’s the problem. You can’t cater to casuals and “pros” at the same time, thus the reason why Evolve suffers. Telemetry is the most laughable thing, but yet that’s what TRS uses for “balance”.


The only ability that was buffed was warp blast but at they same time they nerfed it so it was more of a balance. Decoy, supernova and her traversal were nerfed to the ground and abduction was mostly untouched, overall Wraith is severely up now.