TRS is probably going to have to make ANOTHER video explaining pre-orders and DLC


It’ll help to clear up confusion and deception, and help sales in the long run. And it will also help us trying to explain it.


While they’re making it, we can use this one to clarify stuff:


Yeah, he made a couple of mistakes though.


I seriously don’t get why people’s pants are in a knot on this. I’ve seen other popular games get away with marketing 10x more aggressive and complicated, and nobody said a thing…

anyhow, if you are confused, I made a post that shows everything side by side. you can read it here:


Yeah, but it doesn’t explain the actual model and whatnot.

Besides, it won’t get out to enough people until 2k/Trs releases something that explains to people, “no, that isn’t how it is.” as some form of video that’s widespread.


I just read the comments, people are too stupid to understand. Thats the only term i can fit in.