TRS is looking for UI Artists!



Woah, that a lot of requirements :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright folks, let’s stay on topic. This thread is to let others know that there’s an open spot :smile:


pretty much. there’s a lot of talented people in the forums. i would apply myself but i hadn’t done it in like 5 years because of computer issues and me not having the programs anymore. plus i never bothered to do a portfolio during highschool. lolz.


@skills4u2envy you should do it! You’ve got most of the qualifications right?


Yeah, I meet all those requirements and most of the Preferences.

I thought about it, but I’d much rather work in a 3D role than in graphic design. I could only do that for so long before I got bored lol I could work in Maya all day, every day. Oh wait! I already do.

Might apply anyway, I’ll see if I can put together some sort of portfolio.


Darn my left side of the brain dominance shafts me again.


And I’m just sitting here, cursing myself for not taking this kind of course in high school when I had the opportunity.

brb jumping off a bridge.


You can always take classes if that’s something you’re interested in. Even if you’re a bit late to the party it’s certainly not too late. I actually went to college with a guy in his 40s who was just then getting into development.


Well, the thing is, I graduated high school last may and I had three years in computer engineering, without thinking graphic design would be useful.

In any case, I’m joining the military in spring. Maybe I’ll apply after I get out with my fancy IT skills, though.


To be fair, I went to a fancy art college and they didn’t teach us any of the Adobe Suite programs. It was more like, “if you want to use them, learn 'em.”

You just need the program and then copy tutorials online to learn the basics, then you can start doing your own things. That’s how I learned Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Flash lol


thats how i did it too. however, after i graduated highschool, i had no more access to the programs cause i couldn’t afford them or didnt have a computer that could run them


Can confirm, went to art school and they don’t really teach you in-depth on how to actually use it. It’s mostly up to you to learn the programs yourself. At most they’ll show you the basics in some sort of intro course in your first semester, but that’s about it. In my experience I paid a lot of money to learn about theory and other stuff.


Knowing how a certain software works doesn’t make the outcome look good.

You can be an uber pro in Photoshop and know every single button, but your work still looks bad.
Or you know just the basics, but your work looks awesome.

When making art some things like color, light/shadow, composition, timing and movement (when making videos), ect are more important than knowing which button to press in a certain program.
And those things are what a good art school should teach you imo.
My school did and I’m happy about it.
The software you use to achieve a result is just secondary.


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