TRS is Best Studio

I just want to take the time and say thank you to TRS for making such a great game. The time and effort behind it is astounding, and the fact that they got voice acting made for hunter teams before the public even knew there would be other hunter teams, and that these teams dialogues all work with the original and other new hunters, is incredible. Thank you so much for being awesome, and keep it up.

Oh, one more thing, Jack totally has a thing for Sunny ;D



The dialogue and character interactions in this game are honestly up there with the best. The game is great to put it lightly.


Evolve is a low pop game for a multitude of reasons, including but not limited to…

•Lies and misinformation spread about DLC

•Idiots who wish that the game was more like COD

•People who don’t know the difference between their A Button and their Left Trigger and assume something is OP/UP when their feeble selfs can’t function against it

•Bugs, of course an unfortunate downside in games all players must sit through. Although, Evolve did have considerably more at launch than others I’ve seen

I’m not saying the Devs did nothing wrong. Still, Evolve is an amazing game. You can’t judge the worth of a studio on the amount of people that play it’s game. You have to judge it on the quality of the game itself. And I’d say, Evolve, for what it is, is pretty amazing.


TRS, is a good studio, though I do think they have alot to learn, I like that they actually listen to the player base and make changes like the change to Wraith on release.


It amazes me to this day how powerful a misinformed, puerile opinion about a trivial thing like DLC could sink this game so low. It’s something that really can make or break a game. It’s also sad to see how the gaming press can echo such a shallow opinion and empower it by repeating it, creating some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.

I don’t agree with the whole DLC criticism, and I think it comes from either a naive view of the gaming industry from the perspective of some “cheap” gamers, or at best from lack of information. But certainly I expect those who write professionally about games to be above both stances, and check their facts before badmouthing a game just because it’s the only thing they’ve heard rumours about in forums.

The sole bad strategy I see TRS did was to allow Steam reviews of pre release (alpha and beta) content. Nothing hurt the game more than to go to its store page and see Mixed to Bad reviews, which the non-discerning user will take a as sign to avoid buying the game. And it’s really a shame because it has nothing to do with the actual game, which is really good.


Yeah the steam reviews thing was a bad decision. But on the dlc thing it’s completely unfair. Trs gives out free skins just about once a week for doing challenges, so you really don’t have to buy the skins. And in my opinion all of the best hunters and monsters were already on the game, so you don’t even have to buy the other ones. I might be wrong about this, but aren’t the maps they made free too? The broken hills ones? You don’t have to pay for a thing on this game and you can still get the full effect. People are just whiners.

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Evolve is a really good game an as Druid said, its neglected only because of bad reviews that complain about DLC content. The game is really good, most games I’ve played have really low quality with their audio. This game, I have to adjust it before starting it because I KNOW its loud, not because its a fault, its because the AUDIO QUALITY ISH SOH GUUDDD. Seriously you can hear a multitude of things in this game, down to wildlife cries, or even the monster sniffing or breathing. This game has so many tiny details put into it you can see the effort, and it makes you appreciate its art. Alot of people don’t play the game enough to see good it is.

Most of my friends drop the game because its “Too hard”, but alot of my friends play call of duty or battlefield and expect to be able to solo. This is a team game, its rather obvious that it is. I’ve shown people this game and the ones that have stuck it out after a loss, and kept playing, love it.
I think if these reviewers would play with company, and have a monster play with them as well. (All new players by the way, 0 experience) Evolve would get a better rep. I believe most reviewers just play the game solo. This isn’t a solo game.

I tip my hat to TRS, for having a good community on the forum, keeping their ears (or in this case eyes) on the community. Giving us awesome events to get a chance for a skin. As well as continuing to give us content, that in my opinion was worth my buck, I enjoy this game alot. Its just a diamond in the rough that gets unnoticed. Its truly a piece of art.


A distinction must be made before plunging into details or opinions about Skin DLCs. The original, pre-release “controversy” wasn’t even about skins, as they were revealed to be buyable at release. It was because of the season pass bundles.

Apparently someone considered them to be too expensive (wrong, being the best deal for the whole content at the price the company chose to sell them), and mistakingly considered them to be “Day One DLC”, that is, content that was cropped out of the game just to make money. Of course, it’s wrong too because anything besides the 12 initial hunters and 3 original monsters was still in development when the game was released, and thus, not finished and not at all “cropped” or “cut” from the game.

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I want to believe this is everyone’s feeling when they received the new content, AND MORE!

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He’s still keeping his options open lol

In short, yes :smile: they’re a great studio and their game is rather amazing. I enjoy it greatly, and yes. Jack totally has a thing for Sunny, I heard a dialogue where he asked her how she made her shield drones and was impressed and I’m pretty sure intrigued by her.

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