TRS is being silly behind the scenes


First of all, this all goes down on twitter. But they just finished a smash tourney and now they show us their score board.

which team are you rooting for?

  • Zombie Bunnies
  • SassSquad
  • Hard / Pass
  • The Blue Shells

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I am actually torn between SassSquad and Zombie Bunnies.


Silly? This is serious business. Team HARD PASS is going to dominate.


It’s actually a hidden message in code with leaks about their new project.


I don’t know who is on Sassquad but I’m voting that for name alone.


Thats because blueshells are cheap items :smiley:


It’s obviously Sassquad.


Hey… I am a fan of silly!


I’m going with blue shells because they custom designed their card which is kinda dumb and a massive waste of effort but shows they have style.

Actually, all of them seem somewhat custom designed.

Is this the new dark fantasy project you guys have been working on?


Zombie Bunnies FTW I feel like I always pick the underdogs…

YOU CAN DO IT! I believe IN YOU!


Nah. Bunnies are closely related to hares and we all know what position the hare came in compared to the tortoise.

It’s also a zombie which is probably bad but I won’t judge.


Oooh, round two happened today! We have yet to update the scoreboard but I believe zombie bunnies pulled into the lead by a single point!!!


I don’t know who is on what team, but for best team name off course that has to go to Sassquad. Big fan of bigfoot and camo, so that’s where I’m at.

As for best logo though, it has to be the Blue Shells, because I’m all the way a TMNT fan and seeing Turtle Rock Studios take on that logo gives me sweet belly chillies.

However, I suck at Smash Brothers and never quite understood the concepts of the game, so sadly I can’t get too personally invested.

The former mod in me agrees with @MaddCow …there is more than meets the eye here and you will not convince me otherwise.


Woo hoo! Zombie Bunnies… you did it…uh huh… oh yeah… woo hoooooo


Today’s event was trivia btw (categories were Turtle Rock History and Video Games) and it was pretty tough! Nobody was allowed to use their phones, etc. Had to jot down whatever answers you had in your head.


Oh sweet jesus, everyone under 30 would’ve had a tough time with that. lmao hell I’d have had a tough time with that.


Dirk the Daring. That game is an essential element to my path . Don Bluth… Thank you. Late 1982 in the arcade near me in Colorado. Dragons Lair and the rest of the country got it the very quickly after.

[Arcade near me always got beta cade units]


Lots of old people here…

I remember when I was the youngest in the studio (not TRS).


Wasn’t Dragon’s Slair accompagnied with games of horrible quality? NES, Super NES, etc…


The nes version was horrible control but if you could manage it was a decent game.
You can still play the old laser disc games too… all online.