TRS is Balancing Wrong


The effect of stasis in this game is an absolute joke. Crow’s stasis gun is totally broken vs Goliath since the slow is infinite and incredibly strong, and Abe makes it impossible for Wraith to win. That’s not an exaggeration, they all just stand as a group, chuck down a stasis grenade and now you’ve lost the game. Abe already has assault level damage and the best tracking tool in the game, why the fuck does he need to cancel out the wraith too? However, against other characters should as Gorgon and Kraken, the grenade is almost useless.

Honestly, I think that TRS needs to stop balancing hunters against every monster and start changing how they affect each monster. Abe should have reduced slow on Wraith, Crow reduced slow on Goliath, but lower the Kraken’s altitude, Lennox’s plasma lance should do reduced damage on Behemoth and so on…

There is not a single MOBA game on the market that is balanced because they do what Evolve is doing and change how each character interacts with every character, but they have to because they have hundreds of characters. Evolve only has 5 monsters, TRS could easily change the hunters a bit so that they don’t hard counter certain monsters. Hard counters have no place in a game that is all blind pick.

TL;DR TRS needs to start changing how hunters interact with each individual monster, not every monster, or the game will carry on being a frustrating lucky-dip of hard-counters.


Sounds like you need to learn to combat stasis a little better.

While yes, Abe is generally a good counterpick to Wraith, you can still win with a bit of ingenuity. Using Abduct is a great way to pull them out of the stasis. Once people are displaced they tend to start getting a little panicky. If you can get him behind cover from the rest of the team, abduct Abe and take him out first.

As for Crow his stasis is not anywhere near infinite. It only lasts for about 6 seconds I think (may be more, I don’t remember) and on top of that he has to hit you directly with it. Goliath is one of the most mobile monsters there is. Things like charge and leap smash not only deal damage but also keep you moving so you stay on the hunters. In the event they manage to get space; you have the fire breathe and the rock throw.


I disagree entirely. If you’re facing these problems so many times, then use a traversal recharge perk. Stasis completely ignores all traversals and gives you the freedom to run or chase to your hearts content. I have no issues fighting those comps unless they try to roach.

As for roaching, every Monster has an approach to it. You just need to find it.


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That said, currently Monsters have already been buffed a bit and hunters already toned down. You can see the latest balance changes here:

In fact, Goliath has been buffed by a lot and is therefore strong. Granted, slows are very annoying (both as Wraith and Goliath). But that’s why there is a perk system in place.

I always take some perk with climb speed (Or like @Maitri mentioned, traversal is good too) for monsters that need to follow hunters wherever they go. That said, it isn’t impossible to win against those trappers.


How about you make a better effort to understand game mechanics before you make such a bold claim?


Just because my account is new doesn’t mean I’m new to the game. Been playing since closed beta.

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He meant new to the forums, but yes, welcome! :bucket_salute:


I understand that.

But what I meant was that I welcome you as a new forum user. Hence me also providing you with a thread to our community guidelines.

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That’s funny.


You should watch some streams @Ryke676 is streaming this very moment. They have Crow on the team and they are playing against a Goliath. The Goliath player is showing just how ineffective stasis is.


Being aggressive is not going to get you anywhere on the forums. Lets calm down here. If you want any conversation to happen here you cant be so angry to others.


I think you’re overexaggerating quite a bit. Stasis isn’t anywhere near as good as you say it is. I quite like it, but its incredibly easy to get around. It doesn’t affect any traversal in the game. Also, Abe’s tracking dart is arguably the best, but it really depends on the scenario. If you’re trying to FIND THE MONSTER like trappers are supposed to, Abe is the only hunter with no tools to do so besides planet scanner. Once he’s found it might seem like gg…but the monster is still incredibly fast. You just have to pick different routes and book it.

Stasis affects Goliath, sure, but Goliath has 2 ranged abilities, and 2 movement abilities not affected by stasis. The only thing stasis does is slow his movement. Wraith is probably the most mobile monster in the entire game. You can abduct hunters out of stasis fields, use her warp blast, and her incredibly good traversal to avoid it.


Problem with nerfing a slow vs goliath is the fact the goliath HAS to be constantly slowed/cc’d or he will focus any hunter down way too easily. The goliath has one of the biggest and hardest to dodge burst rotations because he is almost always literally on top of his target. Its the reason why if you manage to stop even just one part of his dmg rotation he gets so easily punished. Because if he can reliably land the whole thing it is pretty much gg you dedzorz to almost any hunter. Even an assault with 4 active can be killed if the right medic isn’t present.

Btw I do agree crow stasis is kinda dumb atm. The reload is just too fast. There is no do I slow or shoot desicion to make. It is just slow spam until monster isnt focusing anyone and then ignore armor for easy hp dmg.



Abe and Crow are currently probably the best Trappers vs Kraken because of how much Stasis effects him. They ground him hella fast and make assaults job so much easier, while reducing Kraken’s ability to effectively aim abilities.


This is so counter-intuitive it hurts.

What’d you want him to do? Name call and bash your opinion?
I think you’re trolling at this point.


Maybe instead of being so rogue and indenial, how about you try and understand the things people here are saying to you?


goliath lost 50% in the first dome… not sure if thats good for your point :stuck_out_tongue:


I just got done playing a pretty darn good crow team. Lots of slows and what not. Would you like me to post it so you can see how I handle that kind of stuff? I’m a pretty good Goliath. The team was on a 13 win streak and I managed to end it. Not your average pub team. They were well coordinated and I was slowed almost the whole game lol.

Let me know if you want to see the footage.


I’d like to see it. Any chance of sharing me the link to the footage?