TRS I love Evolve but please


I really loved Evolve during the Big Alpha but please stay out of my dreams. I know you are good at making us want Evolve more and more but invading my dreams to get me to want to play it more really goes a step too far in marketing!

Anyone else had their dreams invaded yet? :smile:


I like to imagine the TRS devs are just going to while you’re asleep and just whispering sweet words of evolve into your ear and that’s why you’re dreaming it


Beta will be soon… SOON.


Yeah, for xBox u_u… I play on pc, i can’t acces the beta in january…


dear god i feel the same, dreaming about evolve 0.0…beta will be soon, if only us pc players get to play it too i’d be absolutely happy.


Holy cow, so I’m not the only one!??! I honestly don’t remember what it was, but it was last Wed or Thur after those couple of days of news after news. I have NEVER had a dream about a video game before it’s release, ever.

And I’ve been gaming since Telstar Combat !!


You should see a doctor then, before it ‘evolves’ .


I’ve had 2 or 3 dreams about Evolve. Can’t really remember them, but still, this night time advertising needs to stop. It’s not that I don’t enjoy these “ads”, it’s just that I dislike the practice and I’ve woken up crying because I knew it wasn’t real. Hi everyone, my name is Brandini and I’m addicted to Evolve, and it’s not even out yet.


I will admit, after working on the goliath costume for a while or seeing a really awesome reveal, I do have dreams where I am either Goliath or Kraken doing the whole “hunt or be hunted” bit. They are such fun dreams: especially when I can go at least semi-lucid. They also built some of my more effective tactics that I used in the alpha :stuck_out_tongue:

The weird thing is the surreal environments that my brain generates. It’s like if hunt mode was in an Escher environment with jungles attached. I also am slightly excited and slightly worried that my subconscious actually generates hunters that come after me. The really fun part of the dream is seeing how my sleeping mind competes with my lucid mind. I wake up both excited, and with a better understanding of my own subliminal thought processes.


Yeah I’ve had some pretty darn weird dreams about Evolve too, glad to see I’m not the only one! Try and see if I can remember them though and I’ll get back to y’all.


Man, after reading the original post in this topic, I though it was a bit weird. Then I remembered how stuffed up my dreams are. Now I feel left out.


i had a dream as golaith and hyde


No joke here, but:

A. I dream once every month or so.
B. EVERY one of my dreams is a nightmare, I’ve never once had a pleasant dream
C. In those nightmares, I’m always killed. Usually instantly, nothing drawn out
D. No, it doesn’t seem to have any impact on me. By the time I wake up and brush my teeth, I’ve forgotten every detail


Well no worries, you can have Lazzy bring you back in your dreams…


I dream about work all the time. Different type of dream though, me thinks


We do NOT want to know! :wink:


My dreams usually resort to me seeing…certain things…over and over.

And I remember every second of my dreams. Not anyhow pleasant.


I’ve had a few dreams about Evolve past week, Every day I watch so much gameplay and think of strategy at work… I think I have became one with the Goliath at this point…inbe4 Goliath win streak.


That’s scary, tbh, maybe you should see a psychic lol


You mean a psychologist, right? I don’t really believe in psychics.

Meh, I think I’m well adjusted. It’d be interesting if there was some logic behind it, but I’ve always told myself, “What’s the point in fretting over something you don’t have control over?”, know what I mean?