TRS Gold Skins/HQ Skins in Stage 2?


I’m a measly ps4 player who purchased both season passes and preordered the game. Solo I put in at least 400 hours. I haven’t played since last month but hearing about the new f2p setup thrilled me because I love seeing the game do well. My only problem is that people said they have lost their elite skins. So I looked up if the gold skins transfered over but alas no one has asked. So I have, because I’ll be pretty sad if we lose the gold skins. Also someone said they lost HQ badges. Is this true? Because hunters quest was pretty hard. Also the skin challenges to we keep the Arctic skins?


Arctic skins are definitely there, I checked that last night.

Edit: Gold skins still there too. Yes HQ badges seem to be gone which is a shame given all the effort people put in to that separate experience.


Thanks. I never got any but that gives me hope.


You only loose the Elite skins because they’re tied to ranking up, you’ll earn them again when you reach level 20 for that character/monster and then you get an ADDITIONAL Elite skin for rank 40.

As an Xbox player I can’t comment about the other points but hopefully the HQ items will be made available to all in due time though the games progression system. Didn’t the devs say no content would be 100% “exclusive” forever? Sounds like a good time to start doling out the goods, give everyone a fair chance at 'em.


I don’t think they had to get rid of the elite skins… however on inspection I’m wondering… I only elited Goliath, and Goliath is the only one I have the “platinum” skin for. Is this a replacement for the old elite skins, or just a new skin for Goliath @Insane_521?


I didn’t even know there was a platinum skin, I’ve got all the monsters maxed on Xbox so I guess I’ll find out… well someday when they get around to updating us.


I could care less about elite skins. I already got the trophies for them all (never got the sunny elite though). No I only care about the gold skins. Also do console players get some kind of founder status. I hope. Im not going to bitch about what is in it though because I got well over my moneys worth.


Once it comes to consoles you’ll have Founder status :slight_smile:


Nice. Can’t wait to buy the skins.


My kraken is lv20 in Stage 2 but I haven’t got my elite skin back.


What about the platinum skins?


Elite skin unlocks at level 35, prime skin at 40 I believe


At the time the information I had was wrong!


Can I take this statement as a confirmation that consoles will definitely get the update. I remember reading that consoles getting the update is very likely but not guaranteed and I haven’t seen it said otherwise anywhere.


I have my gold skins. Pc though.


Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

In all seriousness, I have no ability to confirm anything for TRS. Things are going well so far, let’s keep it going and make it look like a bad decision to not bring Stage 2 to consoles.


Lol right. I got a little too excited and forgot you aren’t a dev. I have faith that stage 2 will come to consoles soon enough. I mostly want to know if they plan to get the update to us before or after this wave of adaptations is fully released. I would imagine they will likely wait until they can get us the whole batch of variations at once and leave us with that until they finish balancing the next wave and fixing whatever bugs show their ugly heads, so I’m not expecting to hear any word on updating consoles for awhile, but damn would it be awesome

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