TRS Gold skin weekends


“Just jump online and get into an Evolve match between 9:00 PM PT on Thursday, March 5th and 9:00 PM PT on Sunday, March 8th”


So my previous games this morning have not guaranteed the skins yet. I must wait until later today?


You would needs jump into MultiPlayer to play with/against them.


Not likely, as there are two different >word that I don’t know goes here< for online and solo play. I heard that from a post talking about modding.


9:00pm PST/12:00am EST


And how do we do that? What’s the likelihood that we would face off against the Devs? Those are some seriously unbalanced statistics, if we must fight with, or against the Developers. I honestly hope they mean anyone who plays a match with anyone/vs anyone.


This is why we should stop breathing down their necks for updates and news, they’re all very busy behind their keyboards and defining what is already a balanced game, on the most part of course… They’re aware of wraiths handicap!

But, they listen, interact and give back to the community… Even if some don’t deserve this it’s still available to grab and an incentive to keep playing!
Plus these guys actually post and are active amongst us, blending in and watching over us…
@SlabOMeat @MacMan Part of the community part of the crew!


Yup you just need to play, not necessarily against the devs.


And now, a quote from Sony:
“New skins, eh? What a perfect time for @KingInfect’s PlayStation Plus to expire.”


I wonder if it will be like a zombie-infection deal, where players who fight directly in a match WITH the Devs get the skin (not right away, but in code they have it unlocked). Then anyone who plays with or against those players get the skin too and it spreads like wildfire (supposedly). I would just hope that anyone who plays gets it. The real question is: How do we get the Golden Behemoth skin!?


I would be seriously pissed if I don’t get the skin, I played every day since the launch.

And I played Alpha/Beta.


I imagine that they’ll have more of these in the future judging by TRS’ opinions on exclusives.

Plus PAX is on this weekend so a lot of people would be missing out on them

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Yes, and I wish to obtain them all. So I honestly hope they intend to give it to everyone who plays for these 3 days.


Only a mulitplayer game on this days is enough?


ANd do you need to play as a hunter or as a monster?


Guys, see it as play a usual game of evolve and think no more of it.
Hunters, monsters or daisy… No matter what you do, as long as it’s online and you are on your 2K account.
They didn’t have to give us the skin so don’t get too upset if you don’t get it straight away, just play!
Within the time zones of course!

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Sweet, wouldn’t mind getting myself a Gold skinned Kraken :grin:.

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Looks like I’ll need to create an account. Just in case.

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I’ll get my Gold skin, and then I will completely not use it until I have actually learned how to be at least an average monster. Farewell gold skin, I shall never see you again.


I dunno. The player pool isn’t that big at those hours. As an example, my friends and I have met King like four times now.

NOW, the question is: Will we face the devs as hunters or as monsters? I hope both.